10 Must-Pack Items For Paris In The Fall

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Paris in the fall is as magical as you’d imagine. The changing leaves. The uniquely captivating architecture. The rain. It’s all a vibe. *it also happens to be one of the best times of the year to score a deal on flights but that’s for another blog post*

When it comes to packing for Paris in the fall, there are a few must pack items that will make your trip more comfortable and have you prepared for any occasion. So today I’m sharing the things I packed, wish I’d packed and those that I ended up buying out of sheer need during our fall Paris trip. You can find our full trip day by day itinerary here if you’re looking for inspiration. For now, let’s dig in!

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10 Must Pack Items For Paris In The Fall

Rain Protection

I’m personally an umbrella gal but this is very much going to be based on your preference as well as your daily activities. Our itinerary included several days of mainly being outdoors – one that truly required rain protection because there was only a moderate amount of time spent inside. 

I wouldn’t say you need rain boots as it wasn’t that heavy. But you will want something to keep you dry whether it’s just popping in and out of shops or strolling through Monet’s gardens. Paris is known for having a rainy fall so it’s better to have this than to not.

Comfortable Shoes

If you’re a trending fashion girlie, you might opt for a sleek pair of Vejas or your favorite boots. If you’re older or really need extra support, you might go for a more traditional but less fashionable walking shoe (ie. my favorite running ASICS or a pair of hokas). The biggest thing here that you feel comfortable enough to endure hours of walking with the occasional brief rest.

Most of the tours we did in Paris were a few hours – at minimum – and offered little down time. Whether it’s the taking in the art at Lourve, exploring the depths of Paris with the catacombs or walking the cobble stone on the way up to Versailles, you’re going to want to protect your feet and ankles. 

Day Time Jacket

Given our daytime agenda, most of our activities were packed with people. This meant I often opted for layers that let me adjust my temperature as needed. This often looked like a thicker sweater but a mid level jacket. Add in warm socks and a few other bits, you’ll be comfortable, fabulous and functional all at the same time.

The other part of this being it’s truly nice to have the option to switch out jackets and play up a look for more decadent evening vibes and down a look for more casual daily moments. When in doubt, the two jacket rule always works. Bonus points if it also works for travel days. 


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I have become known for the fur coat I bring out every winter. The fur coat I bought in Paris because I did not know the things I’m sharing now and I was freezing. But she is my absolute favorite Paris momento. That being said, evenings in Paris is the time to be your most chic self. It could be living your Gossip Girl or Emily In Paris moment but it’s the time to pull out the dress & heels.

*my full packing guide will be out soon so make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter so you don’t miss it*

At the same time, you’ll also want a bit of warmth with your fashionable moment. Some of our evening activities included a champagne tour on the Seine River followed by an Eiffel Tour tour. And you will want to be cozy & chic when you’re looking over the city at night. If you feel underwhelmed by the selection available before you go to travel, this is something you can easily find during your trip. But if you like to plan ahead, an evening jacket is a must pack item for Paris in the fall.


These are often unique suited to the outfit and/or personal preference. But it’s worth adding these into your luggage as options given they don’t take up much room. A scarf and gloves are great for nights where you’re on the town doing tours. Tights are a chic way to add extra warmth to a day time or evening look. And a hat, a beret if we’re keeping with theme, adds a bit of fun to your look while also serving to keep you warm.


Paris is known for pickpocketing. It was the first and most frequent bit of advice I was given when planning our trip. Nevertheless, if you’re taking public transit or doing anything that involves leaving your hotel room, you’re going to want baggage that you can easily carry on your front or very close to it. I love a cross body for a bit of extra room. Tucked on my front hip so it’s still close.

However, you might prefer a waist pouch worn over the chest. I often opted for a pouch bag for dinner when I knew it could sit on my lap or would be in clasped in my hand. But you’ll want something that you can see and easily carry. Backpacks are not the vibe.


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Worth adding as a reminder, these are essential when going aboard. You might find that you hotel has outlets that work for the US as well, ours did. But you’ll want to be able to do the essentials like charging your phone, camera or other electronics.

The other note here is that not many hair tools are meant to convert or do so safely aboard. So be sure to do a bit of research when planning & packing. The one I most often see is the Dyson Airwrap as it’s not meant to be used with an adaptor.


Of course, you have your phone for this trip. However, I found that it’s truly nice to get photos with a camera and tuck the phone away. I used both my Canon g7x and my Fujifilm XT3 (upgraded to a Xt4 in the last year or so) for a good chunk of what I captured. And those moments really helped me to be in the present only snapping as needed rather than living my journey through my phone camera screen.


As recommended to me by someone in my lovely instagram community, there seems to be a lack of wash cloths offered in hotels. Truthfully, I didn’t bother to ask as I bought a cheap pack to bring with me. Something I wouldn’t do now as I’m a massive fan of clean towels (the eco-friendly wash cloth). I use these at home but also when I travel because they make for a consistent skincare routine. And they are so so soft.

I’m not a fan of makeup wipes but most hotels offer them as an alternative to having to throq out towels due to heavy makeup stains. Clean towels is a great alternative and works both at home and aboard.


Let me know in the comments below what you found the most helpful and what you’re most looking forward to doing during your trip to Paris this fall. If you are looking for must see places, you can find my full 7 day itinerary here. I’ll also be sharing a full packing guide on my Youtube channel soon so stay tuned. Or subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss it! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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