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Manifesting, or as I like to see it – the art of intentionally creating your life, has become a major part of my life in the last 3 years. It’s become my way of being. More on this in a second. But it’s also become a bit of a buzzword on the internet attracting lots of attention and often quite a bit of confusion.

Trust me when I say, I’ve been where you are. Trying all the things. Feeling stuck. Trying them all again. Wondering how I could possibly be failing a test when I’d been given all the answers. It was frustrating, confusing, and frankly avoidable but nevertheless, a lesson I need to learn.

So today is for the version of me 6 months ago and you, who I hope will find a breakthrough from today’s lessons. I promise you there is a way even if it feels impossible right now. Let’s talk about the 5 things everyone should know about manifesting.

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#1 If it’s not working, stop trying

I had an ah ha moment 2 months around my birthday because I was SO freaking frustrated. I had the tools. I had the guide map. And it felt like no matter what I tried I couldn’t get to the destination. Now of course, this energy is definitely not going to help me get anywhere. But I had to hit rock bottom to be willing to change. Here’s what I realized.

Just because it worked for someone else in the way it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s meant to work the same way for you. And generally, you will see some kind of indication things are changing. The universe will respond to you speaking your desires in a way that’s like thank you for letting me know you heard me even if it’s not exactly happening overnight. I often find there’s some little confirmation in world that I was heard. Maybe a random ad for something I thought but never spoke, a text from a friend, a book popping up on my feed. Just enough to let me know that the universe is hearing me.

Don’t Change The Destination. Get A New Map.

When you hit a certain point, it becomes time to question if your approach should be different. If there’s someone else you can learn from or there’s something you aren’t seeing. If you are trying the same approach over and over and over again, stop. Take a step back. And be willing to try a different way.

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#2 What do you need to ask yourself to be able to get the answer?

Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of words or how a question is phrased. And when we go back to the same material over and over again expecting new answers, we don’t find them because we haven’t changed the question.

After my birthday breakdown, I asked for guidance. I knew I needed an infusion of new energy. And like clockwork because I swear I think it and then Kathrin puts it in an email or caption, I found the Manifestation Babe. Now I could say a lot about Kathrin and her world but I think the most important thing I can direct you to is a podcast episode she put out last December called why your 2022 goals didn’t manifest. And this episode is GOLD.

What Do You Need To Ask Yourself To Be Willing To Hear What You’ve been blocked to accessing?

I spoke a bit about learning to have intentional conversations with yourself in my birthday video this year but she posed the questions that helped me see things in a more black and white perspective. Were the questions radically different? Yes and no. But they were most certainly the right ones for me to ask.

If you feel like you aren’t able to see why you’re stuck or not finding the results I want, pose the question to God and/or the universe: what do I need to ask myself to find the answers I seek? You’ll be amazed at what comes up (but give it time if needed).

#3 There is such a thing as TOO much information

I had a moment a few weeks ago of pure frustration where I – in a very low vibe moment – pretty much screamed it’s not working. It’s not working. I don’t know why it’s not working. And I’m never going to figure this sh*t out.

Cut to the next morning where again, Kathrin sends an email with my exact rant in her copy. Y’all I had a moment of laughter because God is funny like that. Now after what was a crazy few weeks of trying to sign up for the course that went with this divinely timed email – honestly it was the wildest experience, I landed at this moment now.

It wasn’t until I dug into the Manifestation Reset that I realize just how much noise and misaligned energy was in my world. It was woven in like the smallest details that you just miss it because there’s so much going on. 

Do You Need An Information Detox?

The power of doing an energetic and life detox (along with a dopamine detox – more on this on my tiktok) has been incredible. And at the time this is going live, I do believe you can still sign up. But there’s so much power in giving your energy and intuition a space to be heard. Whether that’s a full detox for you or streamlining in a major way the content and info you’re taking in, it’s so so powerful.


#4 Build your own toolbox

As we tend to do when we’re learning new things, we start by applying the success of others. We use their tools as our guide for understanding how things work and how we can achieve them. Of course, this is marvelous for helping us to believe things are possible which in turn makes us an energetic match for what we want. But over time, it becomes a part of our journey to understand what tools specifically work for us while ignoring/ditching a whole slew of others.

An example, we know I love and respect Amanda Frances. Money Mentality Makeover is amazing. But as time went on, I found myself more and more frustrated with how things weren’t happening for me – mainly because I wasn’t applying the tools I needed to become an energetic match for things I was trying to call in.

If you’re into human design, you may be a bit ahead of the curve but I caught up late. So it took me that much longer to understand that feeling the feelings as a 90 second exercise was overwhelming AF for me. Because I’m a non-emotional manifestor. I THRIVE in the space of neutral. And when I try to force my body to go through all the feelings, it ends up putting me in overload. Therefore this particular tool doesn’t help me get in a state of feeling aligned with my desires. It puts me in fight or flight.

What Tools Do You Need In Your Manifesting Toolbox?

Instead, I do significantly better with treating things as facts, working with understanding my subconscious beliefs and programming along with using detailed storytelling and visualization. These are things that help me feel safe enough in my body to be able to call in what I want. 

I could put all of us in a room filled with art supplies and ask each of you to tell the story of the Mona Lisa or show me your vision of her. But she’s going to be different every time because she should be. And even more importantly, we are all going to approach the task differently. I would go for writing instruments to tell the actual story and describe her in detail. You might paint her. Someone else might do an interpretation as a negative photo. Different tools. Different visions. And no right answers, only the right ones for each of us.

I can pretty much say with 100% certainty that my journey would have been a lot different if I stopped trying to use someone else’s chisel when I needed to use my own paintbrush. Understanding what tools you need to feel aligned is major.

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#5 The energy of your world is everything

Now as a fact, we probably know this. We’ve heard it said in countless ways in our lives. We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Your reality is a reflection of what you’re an energetic match to. But just as important, you are the energetic result of what your subconscious believes.

Read that again because I know someone needs to hear it: you are the energetic result of what your subconscious believes. And this messaging can be THE most sneaky because sometimes even we aren’t aware of what our subconscious has going on.

It’s only the last 5 days that I’ve begun to see how much of this goes under the radar until we finally find ourselves facing a version of ourselves that isn’t us. A recent example in my own life was the emotional equivalent of having a bucket of cold water dumped on my head. 

Don’t Assume The Energy You’re Embodying Is Your Own

The story: I as a human am very goal oriented. I focus on the goal. I look at what it takes to get there and I go for it. I don’t tend to pause and be the person who thinks of everything that could go wrong before the goal. I just see the goal and assume that the guidance will come as I need it. The universe will slow me down if I need to learn something to protect me. I will get the messages I need along the way. But it’s my job to see the goal, focus on the goal and get to work doing what I need to do to make it happen.

However, for the last 6 months or more, I’ve noticed there’s been a lot less action in my life and a lot more doubt. A lot less execution and a lot more excuses. A lot less faith and a lot of stories about why it may or may not work or all the things I should consider but never any movement.

This has never been who I am. But suddenly I was embodying this energy of someone I didn’t recognize. More importantly, I was embodying the energy of 2 women in my life who tend to operate this way. And I’d assumed this energy as my own. Even worse, it made me an energetic match for more of that energy and those kinds of people.

Now please don’t think I’m blaming someone else. Because really we all have our stories and journeys. We each get to navigate our paths of growing our faith and belief. But in this case, it was a lesson to me in just how sneaky energy is for my subconscious without me even realizing it.

Your Subconscious Is A Sponge. Don’t Forget To Clean It.

We will dig more into this in a future post on How To Maintain Friendships When You’re Leveling Up. For now, I’d encourage you to take a look at the energy of your subconscious. How does your community approach things? If you have TV shows on rotation, is there always drama or high stakes? Do the people around you take action on the things they say they are going to do? What language are the influencers you’re following using and does it align with the best version of you?

Do an inventory of your life and be brutally honest. Where do you need to create space or make a clean break?

Okay we’ve covered a lot today. But it feels so good to be chatting with you all in this capacity. Let me know which piece resonated the most with you. And I’m toying with doing a more voice note podcast moment. More so where I just chat with you about the week to week of things I’m learning and shifting. If that sounds up your street, let me know in the comments as well and I’ll get to work.

If you want to make sure you get the next post, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. Until next time, I hope you have a beautiful week. Xoxo, Savvy 


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