20 Affirmations To Help You Manifest More Money

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You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again: I love manifesting money. Seriously, this sh*t works. But when it comes to manifesting money more easily, I find that sometimes the trick for me is connecting to the right affirmation. Affirmations are a great way to feel supported in shifting your mindset towards new goals as well as for attracting things into your life.

So today I’ve rounded up 20 of my current favorite affirmations to help you manifest more money. Screenshot them. Use them as your wallpaper. Add them to your vision board. Share them on the gram or Pinterest. Whatever is the most high vibe for you. I’m so excited for today’s post so let’s get into it!

affirmations to help you manifest more money

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affirmations to help you manifest more money
affirmations to help you manifest more money
affirmations to help you manifest more money

Affirmations For Helping You Manifest More Money

Money Loves Me

When I first started healing my relationship with money, there were a few shifts I had to make. Firstly, money is a neutral resource (thank you Amanda Frances). It’s not bad or good. Its power is determined by the person who has it.

But I also had to decide that money loves me. Money wants to show up for me. There are a lot more layers to this so I’d highly recommend checking out my blog post on Money Mentality Makeover if this feels totally crazy to you. It’s a game-changing shift.

Cash Is Standard For Me

As a life & style creator, there are lots of ways for me to make money. But one of the ways I’ve been working on expanding my ability to manifest money is with cash aka the paper kind or anything that can immediately hit my bank account today. 

I am not required to feel guilty for having money.

Money solves a lot of problems. And it also solves very few if you aren’t willing to do the emotional work yourself. As I’m currently working to unravel my own codependent habits, I’ve found that the thought of having money made me feel guilty to a degree. And therefore I was blocking it.

Eventually, I realized that was bullshit and I get to be supported by money. But also that the information I have is available for others to use. They can choose to learn, grow, expand and attract their own money. Trust me it’s incredibly powerful when you can do this for yourself. However, it’s not my cross to bear for them. I am allowed to be fully and financially supported. 

Money Loves To Work With Me

One of the more recent features on the blog is the business of being influential. Essentially, it’s the space where I talk about what’s working for me as a creator. How I’m shifting. And the way I very intuitively run my business.

Listen. If you were to look at the numbers every month, things wouldn’t add up on paper. I manifest money monthly from nowhere simply because “money loves to work with me” is standard for me. I’m not concerned about funneling it in all though I do have spaces I’d like to see grow. But I am freely open to money working with me and it shows up.

affirmations to help you manifest more money
affirmations to help you manifest more money
affirmations to help you manifest more money

Abundant wealth is standard for me.

My current screensaver and one of my favorite affirmations to help you manifest more money. I’m a big believer in standards and boundaries. Standards being I am not willing to accept less than this. Boundaries being this is not acceptable or welcome in my life. Both are required for me when it comes to manifesting as much of the world has a different money mindset than I do. 

But leaning into this affirmation for me has also allowed me to draw new boundaries and connect with my next-level self. She’s a legend I can’t wait to meet. However, it’s also allowed me to attract things in bigger ways more quickly. Abundance is a vibe I can get behind friends.

I trust that money wants to find me & support me.

Can I be real with you and say: building a business is a million times easier when you trust that money wants to support you? Everything about how I run WSS changed when I was willing to lean into this affirmation. Because now instead of doing everything I’m supposed to be doing, I’m doing things I want to be doing. And I’m listening to divine guidance along the way.

Trust in the universe means that I can let go of things without the struggle because I’m not worried about the money. It will always be there. It will always show up for me. Time after time this affirmation proves me right.

affirmations to help you manifest more money
affirmations to help you manifest more money

I’m always available for more. More abundance. More success. More support from the universe.

Y’all this affirmation gets me hype. Again abundance is the vibe right now. But when it comes to money, it’s the vibe of what does it look like to live with more than enough. What is that number? How does that feel supportive for you? How are you using that to support you?

There are a lot of questions and journal prompts that go with this. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like a blog post on journal prompts to raise your financial vibes. But really when it comes to affirmations to help you manifest more money all that matters is that it resonates with you. And right now, this sets me on fire!

The Universe Is Dying To Financially Support Me

There’s a major shift that happens when you realize the universe wants to give you money. It wants to support you. It is waiting for you to chill the f out and embrace all the good things that you never believed you were worthy of having.  When you can believe things are happening for you and not to you, you can begin to embrace how much the universe wants to succeed.

So many good affirmations for manifesting more money today! If you are new to manifesting money, I’d highly recommend checking out Money Mentality Makeover. Amanda is the queen of money and helping to shift your mindset. Let me know in the comments below if you want a blog post on journal prompts. And make sure you subscribe to the newsletter so you never miss a thing. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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