7 Hair Products I'll Keep Repurchasing #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #lifestyle #haircare #beautyprotector #ouai #olaplex #redken #kristiness #healthyhair

7 Hair Products I’ll Keep Repurchasing

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When it comes to hair products, my curiosity reigns and I’m constantly trying new things. If we learned anything from my dry shampoo overview, it’s that I love to try new hair products. But there are a few things in my collection that I always go back to using. If I need a reliable product or just don’t have the time to play, there are a few I always reach for. And because sharing is caring, today I want to share them all with you. Let’s chat about the hair products I’ll keep repurchasing.

7 Hair Products I'll Keep Repurchasing #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #lifestyle #haircare #beautyprotector #ouai #olaplex #redken #kristiness #healthyhair


I’ve been obsessed with this product for the last 6 years. And it’s probably not going to change any time soon. It’s just that good. But one of the main reasons I love it is because it’s a multi-use product. It’s both a leave in conditioner & a heat protector. Personally, I find that it saves me time and money. And it helps me keep my hair healthy because I can let it air dry. But I know my hair is protected when I want to curl it. I’ve only dabbled with a few other products over the years since I found this one. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say of all my hair products this one has a permanent home with me.


With all the new hair products I’ve come across, there are a few that have taken time to work into my routine. When I first got the Ouai Wave Spray, I wasn’t really sure where it fit in. I don’t have particularly curly hair but my hair will hold a curl. And I love the idea of loose waves. But I needed to do some research to figure this product out. Now a days, it’s a sample in my hair styling routine. I use it on both my wet and dry hair. With my wet hair, it helps give my hair the boost to hold the waves. And on my dry hair, I find it helps reshape my style on days 2 & 3. I knew I’d found an essential product when I couldn’t imagine my hair routine without it when my mini bottle ran out. So with a quick repurchase from the Sephora sale, I’ve been using it ever since.

7 Hair Products I'll Keep Repurchasing #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #lifestyle #haircare #beautyprotector #ouai #olaplex #redken #kristiness #healthyhair


Because I love to try new hair products, there aren’t many that I do repurchase. But I know I’ve found a winner when I don’t opt to find a new version to try. And instead I immediately get my hands on a new bottle. Redken Windblown is no exception to this rule. I’ve used quite a few hairsprays but this one remains my current favorite. It gives my hair the help it needs to stay in place while also being flexible enough for me to restyle over a few days. Windblown isn’t super heavy on your hair but holds a more subtle look for days. I’m currently on day 4 hair and I can still see curls from the original look. This product is my hair styling savior.


It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve taken hair masks seriously and this one won over my heart quickly. It’s loved by many for a good reason. Olaplex gets the job done. I try to regularly use a mask to keep up with my heat styling and coloring. And this one has been keeping my locks healthy for months. I’ve tried and loved a few others as well. But I know the quality that goes into Olaplex and can see how it’s helping me maintain my hair. So it will continue to be on my repurchasing list.


Surprisingly enough, I haven’t had to repurchase the next few items yet. But they are such amazing hair products, I know I will. And yes I’m counting this as a two for one. I like to think of them as a pair. I’ve used pricier hair products for years. From Bumble & Bumble to Aveda and more, these are my current favorites overall. The price point is great. They are easy to get ahold of and they making my hair feel amazing. When I decided to switch to sulfate free hair products, I wasn’t sure how easily it would go. And Kristin Ess’s products have made me even happier I made the switch. Plus, the packaging is cute. Who doesn’t need a little bit of millennial pink in their life?

7 Hair Products I'll Keep Repurchasing #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #lifestyle #haircare #beautyprotector #ouai #olaplex #redken #kristiness #healthyhair
7 Hair Products I'll Keep Repurchasing #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #lifestyle #haircare #beautyprotector #ouai #olaplex #redken #kristiness #healthyhair


I’m a girl with fine hair. But I’d love to pretend to have long, thick, luscious locks. And this thickening spray is how I cheat my way there. Paired with the mousse blow, it’s become the key to taking my string like hair to the next level. I’ve been using it regularly for months and the bottle is more than half full. It’s super affordable and really makes a difference. Plus it helps keep volume in my hair for days. I can see a major difference in my hair on the days I use this vs when I don’t. I love a good affordable and high quality hair product. So I’ll definitely be keeping a bottle of this in my collection.


Another recent addition I haven’t finished but I know will have a forever home with me. I honestly don’t know how I lived without this volumizing mousse in my life for so long. It’s definitely taken me a bit of trial and error to figure out how much my hair needs. But this product gives my roots life for days. Even if it’s a few days into a hair look, I can add a bit of dry shampoo to my roots and use my fingers to keep the volume going. I don’t have to worry about flat hair even on day 4. It’s essential to giving my at home blow out the extra bit. And of course, the price point means I’ll happy continue with repurchasing this product.

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