Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Your Skin #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #healthyhabits #drybrushing #exfoliate #drybrush #wellnesstips #showerroutine #bodyoil #bodybrush

Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Your Skin

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Over the years, I’ve read a lot of gimmicky things. There’s been more than one eye roll given for the juice detoxes and the fad diets. So when I heard about dry brushing your skin, I didn’t leap on the train too quickly. I mean, who has time for another thing to be added into their routine? But eventually, I came around. Maybe it was hearing about dry brushing everywhere or the idea that it would help with cellulite. I finally clicked order on the dry brush combo* that had been sitting in my Amazon cart for months. And I haven’t looked back since.

Now I’ll always admit when something is still a working in progress with nailing in my routine. Dry brushing is one of those things. I try to do it a few times a week. And I can tell a difference in a few ways when I do. But there are still a few things I haven’t seen myself because I need to be more consistent. So today I thought I’d share everything I love about dry brushing, why I do it and what other benefits it can bring to your skin & health routine. 

Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Your Skin #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #healthyhabits #drybrushing #exfoliate #drybrush #wellnesstips #showerroutine #bodyoil #bodybrush


It’s actually just like it sounds. You essentially brush your skin when it is dry. The idea is that you’re using a bristle brush to create circular motions on your skin that helps your lymphatic system out and exfoliates your skin. Starting from your feet and working up, you gentle brush in circles. Some areas of your skin may be more sensitive so making sure you’re extra careful on the stomach and chest is important. You might also consider purchasing a brush that has an extender option* to make getting to your back easier.


Ideally, it’s best to put dry brushing in your routine before you’re going to shower. This means any of the extra skin you’ve exfoliated and loosened will get washed off in the shower. I like to dry brush especially on the days I’m to shave because it keeps my legs smoother for longer. Just make sure you’re putting moisture* back on your skin afterwards.


When you first start, it may take around 5 minutes. But for the most part, I find that it takes around 2-3 minutes to dry brush my full body. I’d suggest brushing somewhere you can clean easily. Either in the shower or on a rug you can wash because you will be encouraging the dead skin cells on your body to fall off.

Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Your Skin #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #healthyhabits #drybrushing #exfoliate #drybrush #wellnesstips #showerroutine #bodyoil #bodybrush
Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Your Skin #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #healthyhabits #drybrushing #exfoliate #drybrush #wellnesstips #showerroutine #bodyoil #bodybrush


The two most commonly noted benefits are helping to exfoliate the skin and aiding the lymphatic system in drainage. This means it can help your body detox while also potentially helping get rid of extra fluids. Some people have found that dry brushing helps to reduce cellulite, improves your skin tone and increases your immunity.


While I’m still working on building it into my every day routine, I have noticed some positive changes from dry brushing. My skin always feels softer and not so congested afterwards. When I’m not consistent, my skin will feel a bit itchier like it needs to be exfoliated. I haven’t noticed the reduction in cellulite but that’s more because of a lack of consistency and regular weight training. But I find when I am consistent my skin feels better overall.

Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Your Skin #whatsavvysaid #ontheblog #wellness #healthyhabits #drybrushing #exfoliate #drybrush #wellnesstips #showerroutine #bodyoil #bodybrush


If you’re a fake tanner, dry brushing daily will make your fake tan* fade faster. Seems logical but it’s something I forget regularly. But it really does make my skin feel so much better. If you feel like you’re carrying extra fluid in areas of your body, dry brushing* may help reduce it. Plus it’s great for the pores and helping to promote skin cell turnover. It’s something I’m so glad that I added into my routine and will happily continue doing. And hey, before you know it you’ll be dry brushing while you’re oil pulling! Multi-tasking for the win.

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