5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year #whatsavvysaid #healthyhabits #newyear #resolutions #2019 #healthylifestyle #liveactive

5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year

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If the last few months have taught me anything, my healthy habits are what keep me sane. Making time for the gym, fixing a balanced meal and everything in between are the glue that keeps me together. But every routine can use a bit of tweaking now and again. So if you’re in the market to switch things up or take your healthy habits to a new level, I’ve got you covered. Let’s chat healthy habits to jump start your new year!

5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year #whatsavvysaid #healthyhabits #newyear #resolutions #2019 #healthylifestyle #liveactive


I’ve been on a morning routine kick lately. In my house, mornings can be the best time to get things done. And I love it when I can be super productive at the start of the day. It just makes me feel motivated to do even more.

I recently read What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam* and it was just what I needed. Taking the time to restructure my mornings has been a game changer. Now instead of feeling rushed and overwhelmed, my mornings are the best part of my day. But it’s definitely taken some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to test and change things to work for you.


This was a habit I started last year and lost track of along the way. If I’m out of town, I love to try new classes. Soulcycle (a fave), Barry’s Bootcamp and Pure Barre are all on my list to do again this year. But it doesn’t have to be something crazy.

Last year, I tried pilates for the first time with a friend and it was a blast. We laughed so hard and had so much fun. You might even check out a new local yoga place, try a paddle boarding class on vacation or take a kick boxing lesson. The goal is to get out of your comfort zone and find new healthy habits to incorporate into your routine so you don’t get bored.

5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year #whatsavvysaid #healthyhabits #newyear #resolutions #2019 #healthylifestyle #liveactive
5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year #whatsavvysaid #healthyhabits #newyear #resolutions #2019 #healthylifestyle #liveactive
5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year #whatsavvysaid #healthyhabits #newyear #resolutions #2019 #healthylifestyle #liveactive


With the craziness of the last few months, I’ll failed miserably at intermittent fasting. So it’s definitely something I’m working to reincorporate into my life this year. But I’ve also decided to try another form of fasting as well.

When it comes to healthy habits, sometimes I think we have to break routine a little bit to figure out if what we are doing is really working. So this year my goal is to fast one thing a month. It could be something like social media (a fast for my mental health) or alcohol (a fast for my liver & skin). The best part is you get to choose. And it’s only a month. You can do anything for a month, right?


Every since I discovered I potentially have PCOS, I’ve been mindful of what negatively affects me. For many women, it’s caffeine. If I’m honest, I could probably do with a lot less than what I drink. Mostly because I tend to be okay without the extra boost but I love the taste.

However, I’ve recently noticed how much of an impact espresso has on me when I’ve eaten very little. And maybe that’s you. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety or feeling overwhelmed, maybe cutting back the coffee is your healthy habit. You might find your body tolerates matcha or mushroom coffee like Four Sigmatic (discount code: whatsavvysaid) better. You’ll never know until you try.

5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year #whatsavvysaid #healthyhabits #newyear #resolutions #2019 #healthylifestyle #liveactive
5 Healthy Habits To Jump Start Your New Year #whatsavvysaid #healthyhabits #newyear #resolutions #2019 #healthylifestyle #liveactive


I say this all the time but it’s an easy one to forget. We are focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. And that means we have to build a bunch of healthy habits to get us there. Living an active lifestyle is an easy one to add into the mix.

Try swapping out happy hour for a walk with your girlfriends. Or maybe add a ten minute walk into your lunch routine. The goal is to keep yourself moving. If we’re lucky, we’ve got quite a few days ahead of us. So why not build the habits that make being healthy easier and skip the fad diets. Your body and your mind will thank you.


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