5 Highlights From The Month Of June #whatsavvyaid #begrateful #thankful #beachdays #playingtourist

5 Highlights From The Month Of June

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I have this thing I like to do when things are frustrating me. Whenever everything seems to be going wrong at once or I just need to take a breath, I always do it. And it’s something I encourage my friends to do as well. I try to name 5 things I’m thankful for in that moment. It could be completely random like being thankful I have a cup of iced water or something I’ll get to do or see later. But it’s my way of reminding myself that life is more than the bad moments I’m currently dwelling on. Sometimes you need to focus on the highlights to get past the bad.

And since I’ve been adding more videos to my Youtube channel, it seemed like a good time to add a little more of me to the blog. This idea is definitely inspired by The Anna Edit. But it’s also meant as a way to encourage both myself and you, my lovely reading friend, to remember the joys we’re experienced. And the month of June was filled with them. 

5 Highlights From The Month Of June #whatsavvyaid #begrateful #thankful #beachdays #playingtourist


I’m at the age where I’ve seen and been in several weddings. And if I’m honest, they never get old. Every wedding is different and each friend puts their own spin on it. But there’s always something special about one of your very best friends getting married. We had a weekend filled with laughter and tears (mostly from laughing so hard). There are easily stories we will tell for years to come. Plus, it’s always wonderful to spend several days with friends when you live far apart. I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the month. It’s definitely at the top of my highlights list.


Over the last week or so, a few of my friends have randomly popped up in town. This tends to happen every few months or so. But this time it’s been all in one week and I’ve gotten to play tourist along with them. Sometimes I forget how beautiful of a place I live in because I only see what we lack. So when I get to spend time with other people who don’t normally live here, I see things in a new way. And I just love getting to see my friends who live farther away more often.

5 Highlights From The Month Of June #whatsavvyaid #begrateful #thankful #beachdays #playingtourist
5 Highlights From The Month Of June #whatsavvyaid #begrateful #thankful #beachdays #playingtourist


I learned far more than I ever realized doing Everyday May. But getting a semi-regular routine back is easily one of my highlights. I have a better sense of time management and how my general work flow works. And if I need to take a day to take care of life admin or spend time with unexpected friends, I know I can get it all done. Nevertheless, I’ve been able to get a better handle on how I work best. My weekly routine is a bit more set and it’s been easier to find flow with work which is always good!


When I’m writing this post, we are officially 4 weeks from our trip. I have a feeling it will be at the top of my July highlights for sure. And even though there’s not much actual planning we can do for the trip since we don’t know where we are going. I’ve been prepping for what kind of content I want to create from it. The more I travel, the more I want to breakdown city guides and help those with dietary restrictions navigate things easier. My goal for What Savvy Said has always to been to be a resource. So as we patiently wait to find out where we are going, I’m dreaming of all the things I can share with you from our trip. Get excited!

5 Highlights From The Month Of June #whatsavvyaid #begrateful #thankful #beachdays #playingtourist
5 Highlights From The Month Of June #whatsavvyaid #begrateful #thankful #beachdays #playingtourist


I mentioned this in my how I’m getting out of my fitness rut post this week but I’m back on the yoga train*. I don’t know if I was ever really off of it. But I’ve noticed just how much better I feel when I’m intentional with it in my life. I’m still working to build a morning routine that includes yoga. It’s a work in progress. Nevertheless, I’m glad that the June challenge was yoga and I’m excited to try something new for July!

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