My Summer Beauty & Skincare Essentials #whatsavvysaid #summer #summerskincare #summerbeauty #beachessentials #caudalie #rayban #targetstyle #coola #bodymist

My Summer Beauty & Skincare Essentials

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Even though the weather has made its presence known, it’s officially summer! Or so says the calendar on our fridge. Out comes the giant hats & spf and away goes anything that doesn’t allow for a breeze. The hot weather is here to stay! And it means it’s time to step up my skincare essentials game.

The joys of living in Florida mean that I get a giant dose of moisture from the atmosphere. Humidity is a special beast. But it also means that I try to be mindful of what my skin needs with the extra heat and sweat that is always going on. So in true Savvy fashion, my skincare essentials include a few diet tips. Let’s talk summer beauty & skincare, shall we?

My Summer Beauty & Skincare Essentials #whatsavvysaid #summer #summerskincare #summerbeauty #beachessentials #caudalie #rayban #targetstyle #coola #bodymist


One of the first blog posts I did was on ways to stay hydrated. Because after a particularly hot summer shooting Allegiant, I both hated & loved water. My feelings today are pretty similar. I try to focus heavily on maintaining my water intake and keeping a reusable bottle with me all the time. But there’s only so much water a girl can drink. I’m also a big fan of infused water bottles* or sparkling water with fresh lime. Whatever I can do to provide my body with hydration is key. I also try to make sure I keep coconut water around for the extra hot days. After several hours of yard work yesterday and an unintended morning outside today, I know my body needs the extra electrolytes.


I couldn’t make a skincare essentials list without this one could I? I am a fair skinned Floridian. And I’ve learned the hard way more than once over the years how easily my skin burns. If I’m going to be in the sun longer than 30 minutes with no shade, I’m probably going to glow from SPF. I opted for daily facial coverage if I’m going out. If I can layer it up, even better. Most days, I opt for my Coola Dawn Patrol Primer* at the very least. But I’ve been rocking the It Cosmetics CC Cream* with my By Terry Serum. This way I still get a bit of coverage while also protecting my face.

My Summer Beauty & Skincare Essentials #whatsavvysaid #summer #summerskincare #summerbeauty #beachessentials #caudalie #rayban #targetstyle #coola #bodymist


Make up wise, I’m living for the bronzer life these days. I mean if I’m going to be so covered in SPF that the sun can’t give me glow, I’ll give it to myself. I’ve been testing out a few fake tans that help but for the most part, I rely heavily on my bronzers. And I’m not afraid to layer them up. At the very least, you’ll see me in By Terry’s CC Serum* with a bit of concealer and added bronzer. But on the days I want to look like a sun kissed goddess, I’ll add in the serum plus cream bronzer* & powdered bronzer*. Summer skincare means protecting my skin but it doesn’t mean I can’t fake the warmth.


Summer means a different kind of dryness for my skin. And on the days I’ve spent time in the heat, there’s something amazing about spraying on a face mist. I typically keep a can of Evian spray* in my beach bag just to keep me cool. But I also love keeping mists in the fridge to pop on as needed. After a full day at the beach yesterday, I used my Caudalie Beauty Elixir* before putting on make up last night and it felt so good. I’m also a fan of the Pixi sprays* as well. It’s safe to say, mists will forever live on my skincare essentials list.

My Summer Beauty & Skincare Essentials #whatsavvysaid #summer #summerskincare #summerbeauty #beachessentials #caudalie #rayban #targetstyle #coola #bodymist


One of my more recent obsessions is Pacifica sheet masks*. They are super affordable and incredibly hydrating. But when I can remember, I try to keep a few in the fridge. It’s great for cooling off hot skin or de-puffing your face. If you use under eye masks, I find they feel even better when they’ve been in the fridge. When I haven’t had enough sleep or I just need to cool off, I pop on a chilled face mask. It’s super relaxing. Plus, I can always feel and see the difference.


I love a good accessory. But I also love one that doubles up on its duties. And when it comes to skincare essentials, wearing a hat is one of mine. It’s perfect for beach days because it makes sure my face doesn’t burn. Plus, I use it when I’m running to make sure I’m extra protected. If I’m honest, I own quite a few hats. But some of my faves have come from Target or sale finds. Functional and affordable are two of my favorites things!

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    Nice article especially the Skincare tips & I really got to know something new from this article.