5 Reasons I’m Obsessed With The SCAD Fashion Museum

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If there’s one thing that’s on my must do list whenever I have a long weekend in Atlanta, it’s the Scad Fashion Museum. High fashion, rotating exhibits, an up close look at some of the most exquisite pieces – just a few of the reasons why I’m obsessed. Whether you’re an Atlanta local or traveling to the area soon, you’ll want to book this post for your next visit. 

Why SCAD Museum Is A Must See For Your Next Atlanta Trip

SCAD Fashion Museum

Every exhibit is unique

The first exhibit we went to see featured the designs of Ruth E. Carter. She’s a costume designer who has created the signature looks and styles behind movies like Black Panther, Love & Basketball, Coming 2 America, The Butler and so many others. With this exhibit, you got to see both the history of storytelling but also just how much technology and design has changed behind the scenes over the years.

For example, the pre-vis (pre-visualization: a term used in film where things are digitally created to help get a sense of the pieces of the project before hand visually) for the initial costumes for Black Panther were done in such incredible, detailed dimension. In juxtaposition, a film done in the early 90s was displayed directly to the left. The looks were more delicate sketches with a pencil coloring. It was an incredible visual representation of both the fashion and technological changes over the years. 

It rotates every 4-6 months 

I like to stalk the Scad Fashion Museum to keep up with this but they do feature exhibits for a nice amount of time. Because it’s student run, the hours are limited so if you are only available for certain times this gives you chance to book it on your calendar. Plus, with the rotating features, you’re always sure to see someone new as well as learn new things.

Why SCAD Museum Is A Must See For Your Next Atlanta Trip #whatsavvysaid #luxuryfashion


With a covered parking garage and a fully indoor exhibit, it’s great for when you want to spend a bit of time escaping the heat or need a rainy day activity. During our Christmas bachelorette weekend last year (coming to the blog soon), I built the Scad Fashion Museum into our Saturday schedule as a low key way to for us to enjoy gorgeous designs, stay warm and have a chill moment between activities. It was great!

It Takes Under 2 Hours

To keep the space streamlined, half of the exhibit is digital. When you enter, you’ll find a QR code to scan with the information you need that goes with each numbered piece. I love that this means I get to re-read anything I might have missed. But it also really allows me to focus on each piece in all it’s detailed glory.

With the recent exhibit, Christian Siriano, I really wanted to experience the grandness of so many pieces that have been worn for major events and red carpets. Of course, the pink pieces were my favorite. But I also enjoyed getting to learn about who wore what where. From Oprah to Lizzo to Billy Porter, the icons were endless.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize this view from a few photos. I honestly don’t think there is any other like it in Downtown Atlanta. When you park for the Scad Fashion Musuem, to the left you’ll see a greenery area past the elevator that takes you to the exhibit. It’s a fully open outdoor area but it’s perfect for a snapping a photo with friends or just absorbing the breath taking energy of Downtown Atl.

You’re Support Students And Designers

The exhibit is student run. And while the fee is relatively inexpensive ($10 at the time of publishing), supporting the arts is always an incredible cause. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to quite a few museums over the years and this one always holds my interest. And as we all learned with Devil Wears Prada, the iconic fashion moments are the one that define style for everyday life.

Have you been to the Scad Museum yet? If so, which exhibit has been your favorite so far. I love hearing from you so let me know in the comments below. And for more life, style & travel content, be sure you’re subscribed to the weekly newsletter or following along on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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