Seed Review- Will You Try This Daily Synbiotic- #whatsavvysaid #probiotic #prebiotic #synbiotic #seedreview #bestprobiotic #healthygut

Seed Review: Will You Try This Daily Synbiotic?

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There are a handful of people that I consider true influencers in my life. These are the ladies that when they speak, I listen. And Kelly Leveque is definitely one of those gals. So when she mentioned Seed* in her book Body Love* and then again on instagram stories a few months ago, I was intrigued. And even more quickly, I was sold. 

Finding a probiotic that works with you can take some trial and error. They can be pricey and aren’t always worth the money. Which is why I’m breaking down my go to synbiotic (aka a pre & probiotic). Because Seed is incredibly thorough on their website, I’m going to give you the basics. Everything from why I take it, how to know if it’s working and why I love it is on the agenda. But I’ll also be guiding you to specific places you can get the dirty science details and all the words I’m not great at pronouncing. It’s a great day to focus on your gut health so today I’m going to share one of the keys to mine. Let’s chat about Seed*.

Seed Review- Will You Try This Daily Synbiotic- #whatsavvysaid #probiotic #prebiotic #synbiotic #seedreview #bestprobiotic #healthygut

Update 7.22.19: The synbiotics pictured here are the PREVIOUS Seed* capsules. If you subscribe currently, you’ll be getting green capsules. The exterior capsule is a prebiotic with an interior probiotic capsule. Extra protection to make sure the probiotics survive the trip to your colon. Also, the dose is now 2 pills instead of 3.

What is Seed?

Seed* is a monthly subscription for a daily synbiotic (aka your probiotic + prebiotic). They offer both a female daily synbiotic & a male daily synbiotic. 

What’s The Cost?

A Seed subscription costs $49.99 a month with free shipping included. However, you can cancel or skip at anytime. I recently noticed I had built up a small stock pile with early holiday shipments. And I wanted to delay my shipment for a few weeks to make sure I wasn’t just leaving my synbiotic lying around for a while. It was super easy to go online and request for a new delivery date. I could do it all from my account without having to wait for an email reply or make a phone call. 

Who Is It For?

If you’re struggling with your digestion, bloating or just want a bit of extra gut support, Seed is a great option. For females, it can increase folate production, support your metabolism and possibly improve your skin. I know it’s helped mine. So much of how our body functions is driven from what we eat and how our gut processes things. Seed is a scientifically tested synbiotic that is aiming to support your gut microbiome in as many ways as possible.

Seed Review- Will You Try This Daily Synbiotic- #whatsavvysaid #probiotic #prebiotic #synbiotic #seedreview #bestprobiotic #healthygut
Seed Review- Will You Try This Daily Synbiotic- #whatsavvysaid #probiotic #prebiotic #synbiotic #seedreview #bestprobiotic #healthygut


Seed* is only available online and through the Seed website. Currently, shipping is only available in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam & The Virgin Islands. However, they are working to expand internationally.


You can often find many probiotics on the shelves in grocery & health food stores. But not nearly as many that feature both pre & probiotics. Seed aims to support the body’s microbiome. Your body is constantly interacting with different bacteria and Seed helps to support a healthy interaction. 

Seed is also backed by years of research and clinical testing including peer reviewed, double blind studies. As a company, Seed has made it a point to test even beyond what is required. They’ve also made sustainability a priority with their products. The initial jar and travel bottle you receive are perfect for storing your synbiotic. If you’re into composting, you can compost your refill packet & the packaging that protects your jars. Also the original box can be recycled. Instead of throwing away plastic bottles monthly, everything can be reused in the best way possible. 

Seed Review- Will You Try This Daily Synbiotic- #whatsavvysaid #probiotic #prebiotic #synbiotic #seedreview #bestprobiotic #healthygut


Ultimately, the decision on whether you need to take a daily probiotic will be up you and your doctor. If you’re suffering with digestion issues, inflammation or even acne, you might benefit from a probiotic. And in the case of Seed, you’re getting both the good gut bacteria and the bacteria needed to help it thrive. 


I’ve honestly tried a ton of probiotics over the years. But once I found Seed*, I haven’t looked back. It’s been a game changer in balancing my gut and helping to clear up my skin. I will say that it can take some time to figure out when it fits best in your routine. So don’t be afraid to play around with it. I love that I can keep it at room temp which means I don’t forget to take it. It sits right next to my alarm clock as part of my nightly routine. And it’s the one product I recommend to all my friends.


Are you a probiotic taker? Do you take Seed*? I’d love to know what your thoughts are on their unique synbiotic below. Xoxo, Savvy


*Disclaimer: I am a Seed certified partner. This post is in no way sponsored. I’ve spent months purchasing and testing the supplements prior to joining. However, I do receive commission if you shop my link. Thank you for supporting What Savvy Said!

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