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Podcasts are having a bit of a moment. And lately it seems like everyone is either making one or recommending one to you. I’m no exception to that rule. But it took me a while to get on the podcast train. So if you aren’t convinced yet or maybe don’t know where to start, let’s consider this me nudging you into all things podcast. Or maybe just a few reasons you might want to join in on all the fun.

They’re free

My best friend likes to joke that I live up to my savvy title. And that means I love to find a good deal or an easier way to do things. Free is always in the budget. Maybe you’re looking to cut back on spending or rearranging your funds to accommodate that extra special Christmas gift. Why not swap out the audiobooks for a free free podcasts over the next few months? It’s a great way to learn new things and save money. Win win!

They’re perfect for multitasking

I used to be a big tv watcher. But these days I find multitasking is a regular part of my life. So on the days where I’ve got piles of laundry, dishes and cleaning to do, I love to pop in my headphones and listen to a podcast. It’s like reading a shorter book that only takes an hour of my time. And as a girlboss, time is something that can seem like a luxury. Use learning about new ways to navigate your business or product reviews while taking a walk. It’s a great way to help balance nourishing yourself while getting things done.

5 Reasons To Listen To More Podcasts #saveeandsavory #podcasts #itunes #theskinnyconfidential.

There is something for everyone

No matter what you’re into there is a podcast for you. And the community of people producing podcasts is growing. Maybe you’re into vintage cars or want to learn about historical events. Or maybe you want to learn about finances or investments. There are so many options available. And if you can’t find the niche you’re looking for, maybe it’s a sign you should join the podcasting game. Everyone has something to share with the world. Why not you?!

They’re great for travel

In the last few years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time driving. I’ve listened to netflix episodes, audiobooks and youtube videos. But I’ve found that audiobooks are my favorite. Typically they last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour so they work for most drives. I don’t find myself frustrated at how slow a story is being told. I’m a fairly fast reader. And my patience wears thin with audiobooks about half way in knowing that I could have already finished the reading the book by the time I’ve listened to it. You can easily bounce from subject to subject to keep the car ride interesting. And you don’t have to worry about keeping track of lots of characters or missing whatever visual is being shown. Podcasts are the perfect set it and drive background.

5 Reasons To Listen To More Podcasts #saveeandsavory #podcasts #itunes #theskinnyconfidential #travelessentials

They are a way to give back to yourself

One of the things I’ve been working to do over the last few months is to be more balanced. This means I know that I can only give to others and to you dear reader if I’m nourishing myself. It’s hard to pour anything out of a dry cup. Podcasts are my way to giving back to myself. I see that time as an investment to myself. Whether I’m listening to an interview with Ashley Tisdale or learning about how to avoid burnout, I know that I have to nourish me before I can help nourish you. Pair it with one of the tasks I need to do for the day and I feel like a girlboss extraordinaire. Kicking my to-do list’s butt and feeling even more inspired!


Are you into podcasts? What are you loving these days? If you’re looking for a few to start with, I’m loving¬†Being Boss, The Skinny Confidential & Full Coverage¬†these days. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re loving these days. And if you try any of the ones I’ve recommend, let me know!

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