5 Things To Do To Realign Your Energy

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We’ve officially hit the point in 2020 where I’m no longer willing to accept the excuses that this year brings in my life. Listen, I’m all for showing yourself grace. But there comes a point in time where you have to say enough is enough. Draw some boundaries. And get to work. I’m well past that point my friends.

So today’s all about how I’ve been realigning my energy. There will be a morning routine video up tomorrow on Youtube showing you how I start the day. But these five tips are the things I’ve found have helped me tremendously over the years. Whether you’re an empath like me or just in desperate need of recalibrating, today’s post is for you. Let’s talk about how we can realign your energy ASAP.

5 Things To Do To Realign Your Energy #whatsavvysaid #realignyourenergy #liveinbalance

Consider A Reiki Session

Somewhere in the coming weeks I’ll be delving more into all things reiki and what my first session with Katrina was like. But I would be remiss if I didn’t share it here with you today. It helped. Even if it ends up being just an hour you’ve carved out to allow yourself to breathe, there is no harm in reminding yourself that you need time alone & then taking it.

As someone with a religious background, I’ve done a lot of research on alternative healing. And as Katrina explains Reiki does no harm. It’s a something that can be done as an added part of your healing practice. *obviously consult a doctor if you need one because I, Savvy, am not a doctor, nor is this medical advice. K?*

When I sat down to do my session a few months ago, it really helped me to start seeing things as my body wanted me to see them rather than the lies I was allowing myself to believe. I could feel the heat in my ovaries as my session went on which communicated to me that I’m in desperate need of some hormone self care. Nevertheless, it’s something I would highly recommend giving a try. If nothing else, you’ll have a lovely nap.

Do A Friend Detox

Now I am incredibly guilty of carrying the emotional weight of my friends. It’s something I’m actively working on. And there are definitely some places in my life where I need to set new boundaries. But truth be told, sometimes you just need a break. 

We’re all dealing with some shit this year. Between constant election ads, WAY more time at home/away from people than normal and just the general state of things, it can be a challenge to really find joy and sit it in. So to realign my energy as an empath, I’ve been proactively taking time away while I figure my own mess out.

We are all in the portion of the flight where you need to put your oxygen mask on first and that’s okay. If you need a reminder, let this be it. Not everyone deserves your energy. Even if you love them. Step back. Be as selfish as you need to be and handle that mess. Otherwise, you’ll both be drowning.

5 Things To Do To Realign Your Energy #whatsavvysaid #realignyourenergy #liveinbalance
5 Things To Do To Realign Your Energy #whatsavvysaid #realignyourenergy #liveinbalance

Get Intentional With Your Morning Routine

The tone in which you start the day sets you up for everything that follows. So your morning routine is everything. And if you’ve fallen off the wagon this year, now is the time to get it back. Pre-pandemic, I had a really specific morning routine that worked for that season. But eventually, I found I needed to make a bit of a change. The biggest part of that being that I’ve added a morning acupressure session to the start of my day.

Acupressure is a natural way of helping the body relax while also realigning any imbalances you may be experiencing. There are quite a few different pressure points that can be used depending on specific problems you may be facing. Personally, I use it as a way to stay present during my morning meditation but also to naturally trigger my endorphins aka my happy hormones.

Depending on the morning, I’ll lay on my mat for 10-20 minutes with my daily chosen playlist and practice focusing on positive thoughts. Part of me making the time to realign my energy is also me getting intentional about going forward from a better space. And since our brains are addicted to certain emotions, this helps me start my day prompting my brain to focus on the good.

Observe Where You’re Drawing Your Current Energy From

It seems obvious but we can’t fix a problem until we find the source. And you aren’t in this space right now for no reason. *2020 shenanigans aside* So if you want to realign your energy, you need to figure out what happened. For me, this turned out to be spending too much time with the wrong people. I constantly find that I have to adjust this because it’s such a powerful part of my life. But I didn’t have the boundaries to fight off their energy and push myself forward.

You might be spending too much time online (been there) or consuming content that you need a break from (been there too). I’ve found that certain tv shows, movies, or even content creators can put me off when I’ve spent too much time with them. Identify where you’re spending your time and the messages you’re hearing daily. Once you’ve done this, you can move onto the next step.

5 Things To Do To Realign Your Energy #whatsavvysaid #realignyourenergy #liveinbalance

Add In The People You Need For Balance

Now growing up I watched a fair amount of superhero & sci-fi stuff. Stories with characters who often faced insurmountable odds that always found a way to overcome them. They were stories of hope. And I think for many of us, we’ve lost ours. 

We underestimated the problem. Instead of approaching this like a marathon, we went in with expectations that it would be a sprint. The ability to keep pushing is long gone because we’re out of fuel and we haven’t quite figured out how to get more. So if you’re in a space where you need to realign your energy, you’re going to have to add in the things that spark this hopeful emotion. 

This could be an album, a speech, a movie, or a book. For me, it’s spending time with those who remind me to always keep fighting (real or not real – it doesn’t matter). What matters is your mind is getting the message and you’re doing something to alter what you’re currently believing. 

Wherever you’re at in your journey for 2020, I hope that today’s post helps you. And I’d love to hear what is giving you hope right now. Sometimes sharing it helps us to be more aware of it. So let us know in the comments below. Also, if you want to stay up to date on all things WSS and creating your happiest & healthiest life, be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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