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5 Tips For Shopping Your Closet

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Over the last twelve months, it feels like my closet has exploded. And without the occasional deep dive or purge, I tend to forget what I own. But with the ever growing popularity of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up show on Netflix, it seems like now is as good a time as any to do a revaluation. Except we’re going to do it in a different way.

Before you go chucking everything out and replacing it all again, maybe there’s one more step to try. And maybe, just maybe there are some treasures hiding within that just need a new life. So let’s chat about 5 tips for shopping your closet. Because why pay for new stuff when you can get creative?

5 Tips For Shopping Your Closet #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #fashionblogger #lifestyle #shopyourcloset #girlonabudget #curvystyle #shopyourwardrobe

Start With 5 Items

Before I give any clothing item away, I like to give it one more chance. But that can get super overwhelming if you have quite the giveaway pile. So I suggest starting with 5 items. Pick 5 things you never wear and set a challenge. Over the next two weeks, you’ll find a new way to style each of them. If at the end of that time you don’t feel like it still works, then add it to the donation pile. However, starting with a smaller amount can make it seem less overwhelming. 

Ask Yourself Why You Don’t Like It

We all hold on to things we don’t really need or use. It happens. And we all know I’m a fan of a good purge. However, I like to do my purging with a bit of mindfulness. If you’re getting rid of something, be sure to note why you’re doing it so you can make better purchases in the future. Is it the fit? Is it the color? How could it be better?

Asking yourself a few simple questions can help you make the most of what you keep in your closet. And it also might be the key to giving new life to your clothes. I’m notorious for only wanting to wear high waisted clothes. I prefer to accentuate my waist. So the leather skirt in today’s picture was a challenge for me because a lot of tops just ended up making me look bulkier than I wanted to be. 

Knowing why you don’t like something means you can try to compensate to make it work. For me, it meant making sure my shirt option could be tucked or tied. But you can’t make these changes work until you know why you don’t like something.

5 Tips For Shopping Your Closet #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #fashionblogger #lifestyle #shopyourcloset #girlonabudget #curvystyle #shopyourwardrobe
5 Tips For Shopping Your Closet #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #fashionblogger #lifestyle #shopyourcloset #girlonabudget #curvystyle #shopyourwardrobe


Now that you have your 5 items, it’s time to figure out how to make them work. There are a few ways to go about this. But for the basic method, go with google. Maybe you have a button up shirt or a slight boxy skirt you need help with. Let google be your guide. Just pop “button up shirt outfits” into your search and let google images help you out. 

Often times, I find I get rid of things from my closet that I could potential find a 2nd life in. I just need a bit of extra inspiration to find a way to make it work. And google images is a great tool to lend a hand in those times of need. 


Once you’ve got your new outfit inspo, it might also need to do a little pinterest search or have a diy project in your future. I often find if my reason for not liking something is fit (not size rather how it sits on my body), there is still potential. Let pinterest guide you into new ways to make your less loved clothes work. Maybe you can learn to distress a jacket so it’s more your style. Or you might even cut a shirt to fit better. Pinterest is a great tool for making even the duds in your closet work. 

5 Tips For Shopping Your Closet #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #fashionblogger #lifestyle #shopyourcloset #girlonabudget #curvystyle #shopyourwardrobe
5 Tips For Shopping Your Closet #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #fashionblogger #lifestyle #shopyourcloset #girlonabudget #curvystyle #shopyourwardrobe

Small Changes Can Make A Big Impact

If this all seems overwhelming and you’re just ready to ditch a majority of your closet, I feel you. But I also want to give you hope. If you’re looking to fall in love with a piece again. There are a few very easy ways to restyle an item without much effort. By simply tying a top mid waist or to the side, you can accentuate your curves. You can also opt for the high-low method and simply tuck the front in leaving the back to flow. Lastly, you can always move your skirts up to your waist for more of an hourglass look or add a belt to looser items for a better fit. Don’t be afraid to play around with the styles a bit until you find what you like. And before you know it, you may have saved yourself some cash and fallen in love with your wardrobe again.


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