5 Ways To Lower The Sugar In Your Diet

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Here we are again on another lovely Thursday. The sun is shining. I’m sipping on a cup of tea as I write. And as always, I’m listening to some instrumental music in the background as I decide how to approach today’s topic: sugar.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m more a savory than sweet gal. Give me a salty bag of kettle chips over a candy bar any day. But there are many of you out there who love your sweets. Raise your hand if you workout just so you can eat dessert?

No shame. We all have our vices. And if you’re the sugar loving kind, I’m not going to ask you to abandon your love today. If you’ve found yourself here, then you’re probably looking for helpful tips to be healthier.

I believe in an everything in moderation kind of lifestyle. Personally, I am crap at cheat days. It just gives too much power over food for me. Instead, I like to maintain a healthy diet most of the time and indulge on occasion. But everyone works a bit differently.

So whether you’re a sugar addict or just looking to up your healthy game, today’s tips are for you. Let’s get started shall we?


Honestly, I want to shout this in the grocery store sometimes. But that would be a bit dramatic. For you dear reader, I’ll shout: PLEASE READ THE LABEL.

If you watch my vlogs or have been listening to my rants lately, you’ll know I’m on a one woman mission to heal my body. This means I’m changing my diet and making some tweaks along the way. Desperate to make lunch last week, I went on the hunt for items in the fridge that would balance out my veggie and starch lunch. And being the curious foodie I am, I looked at the back of the turkey bacon my mom eats. Did you know turkey bacon has sugar in it? I certainly didn’t.

I know there are some of you out there thinking, Savannah don’t you buy the groceries for your house. Well, yes friend I most certainly do. But some times I just get what my family asks for because it’s easier than trying to make them healthier. It saves my mental health. The other part to that is I haven’t eaten these things in years. I mean come on. WHY DO WE NEED SUGAR IN LUNCH MEAT?

From pasta sauce to sliced turkey, sugar is a hidden source in all the things. Maybe next time you’re doing your grocery shop, take a few extra seconds to double check some labels. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.


Yes, this is a tip but let me explain. Sugar is addictive. When you start eating it, it’s not a one and done thing. The more sugar you eat the more you want.

I have a friend who would eat the sugar cubes out of the bowl at our favorite coffee place. Guys, if you’re eating sugar cubes, we need to talk about your sugar addiction.

Take steps to start cutting back the sugar you eat. If you put 3 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee each morning, try cutting back to 2.5 and then 2. The less sugar you dump into your diet daily, the more sensitive you’ll become to it. And eventually, you’ll need even less to taste something sweet.


When it comes to making little changes, healthy swaps are the way to go. Small changes over time can add up to big results. Before you know it, you’ll be eating less sugar and feeling better than ever just by choosing the healthier option.

A few of my fave ways to make swaps are by using fruits and vegetables. If you’re a smoothie addict, try using frozen zucchini instead of frozen banana. You’ll get the fiber and creaminess without the extra sugar. Maybe ice cream is your thing. Nice cream is a great substitute and you can flavor it however you like. Or if you’re someone who packs in the creamer, try swapping over to unsweetened almond or coconut milk. It may take some time to adjust. But maybe do half creamer and half non-dairy milk until you can lower your creamer amount.


Did you know that an active lifestyle can help with insulin resistance? Now, I’m not saying it cures diabetes or anything. But if you’re constantly grabbing for the candy because you feel your blood sugar dropping consider adding more activity into your day. When your body can properly process and register the insulin it makes, you won’t feel those crazy energy drops so much. Whether it’s taking a walk before or after work, or maybe riding bikes with a friend make it a point to be more active.


If you’re a perpetual snacker, this one is for you. Adding healthy fats into your meals will help your stay fuller for longer. It can help maintain your blood sugar levels. And over time, with a consistent diet it can help with cravings. I love adding MCT oil* in my smoothies and avocado into my meals for healthy fats.


Now, if you’re a super sugar addict, know that it may take time to adjust but stay strong. The more sugar you have the more you’re going to want. And if you lower your sugar amounts, you’ll be super sensitive to it before you know. But remember, it okay to indulge every now again. This is lifestyle we are living. Everything in moderation is key.


**I am not a doctor or medical profession. Should you feel like you have constantly low blood sugar levels or are constantly tired, please consider seeing a physician as there may be other issues going on.



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