7 TV Shows To Catch Up On This Summer #whatsavvysaid #life #tvshows #whattowatchthissummer #watchtowatchnext #summertv #supergirl #boseheadphones #macbookpro #netflixandchill

7 TV Shows To Catch Up On This Summer

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There will always be a special place in my heart for film and television. Call it a first love if you will. My time working behind the scenes only made me love it even more. But there’s something about summer tv that’s different than the fall line up. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to keep up with what airs when or even easier to forget about your favorite show after so long. I always find I’m on the hunt for new tv shows to watch during the summer.

Over the last two years, quite a few of my favorite shows have ended: Orphan Black, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, etc. And while I know I’ll probably rewatch them all at some point, I’ve recently been trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed for the last season. So whether you’re looking to download a new show for a trip or just need a suggestion for what to watch next, hopefully today’s post helps. Let’s chat about the top tv shows I’m catching up on this summer.

7 TV Shows To Catch Up On This Summer #whatsavvysaid #life #tvshows #whattowatchthissummer #watchtowatchnext #summertv #supergirl #boseheadphones #macbookpro #netflixandchill


If you follow me on instagram or twitter, this one will be no surprise. It also only took me about a week to get through this one. I got hooked so quickly. I managed to watch season 1 last year but I’ve been waiting for season 2 to make it to Netflix. Thank you CW! I know social media is great at spoiling tv shows. But I’ve managed to mostly stay away from it over the last few months so I didn’t know too much. The 2nd season of Riverdale is significantly longer than season 1. However, it was just as good. If you like a bit of mystery, mayhem & anything Greg Berlanti puts on tv (Blindspot, Everwood, Arrow), then I’d highly recommend it checking this one out.


For the life of me, I will never understand how they determine when “seasons” air on TBS, TNT or any of the other networks. But if you aren’t caught up on Suits, now is the time! It took me ages to get on board and I’m sure the attention the show has gotten only increased with the royal wedding. Nevertheless, it’s one of my favorites. It’s truly witty, the fashion is amazing and it’s just a well written show. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the first 7+ seasons are on Prime. Just in time for everyone to catch up before Season 8 premiers next month.

7 TV Shows To Catch Up On This Summer #whatsavvysaid #life #tvshows #whattowatchthissummer #watchtowatchnext #summertv #supergirl #boseheadphones #macbookpro #netflixandchill
7 TV Shows To Catch Up On This Summer #whatsavvysaid #life #tvshows #whattowatchthissummer #watchtowatchnext #summertv #supergirl #boseheadphones #macbookpro #netflixandchill


I feel like I should disclaimer this one with the warning of I put this one the list before the season finale. And I’m still recovering. However, I’ve been a big fan of Supergirl for quite some time now. It’s uplifting and family friendly. Plus, the writers aren’t afraid to bring real world issues onto the show. If you’re in the mood for something more light hearted or enjoy a good superhero show, I’d highly recommend checking it out.


Another show with random airing times, I’ve been a Younger fan for a while now. It’s only 30ish minutes long, so it’s great if you just like a quick break. But I also enjoy stocking up episodes to binge watch later. The cast is hysterical and writing always seems to put everyone in the most awkward situations. It’s fabulous. If you were a fan of Sex and the City or like The Bold Type (another recommendation), you need to watch Younger. It’s surprisingly relatable for all ages. And I always find myself in a better mood after watching it. You can find this one on Hulu.


If you need a good laugh, Young & Hungry is also on the top of my tv shows list. Clearly there is obsession with youth going on? New episodes for this one are currently airing. But you can find the other seasons on Netflix. It’s another feel good, light hearted tv show featuring a broke, young chef who falls for her boss. She and her best friend live in a small apartment in San Fransisco and always seem to be getting in trouble. But it makes for great entertainment and is semi-relatable for all my millennial friends.

7 TV Shows To Catch Up On This Summer #whatsavvysaid #life #tvshows #whattowatchthissummer #watchtowatchnext #summertv #supergirl #boseheadphones #macbookpro #netflixandchill


Again, I put this one of my list before I sat down to write it. And once again, NBC has cancelled this fabulous show. Side note: they did this last year too and then brought it back. If you’re into history, action or adventure, I think you’ll enjoy this one. As far as tv shows go, it has everything but masked heroes. Time travel, romance and of course explosions are always going on. There’s talk of a two hour movie to wrap up the massive cliff hanger of a finale. Nevertheless, there’s a reason so many fans have been vocal about this show. I’d definitely say it’s a must watch.


And last but not least is one of my favorite light hearted tv shows. I always love to see how MacGyver is going to get himself out of whatever jam he is in. Plus, if you haven’t figure out by now I’m a fan of shows that provide the occasional laugh. I can only take in so much GOT and Westworld at one time. If you’re into mysteries, crime shows and like a bit of family dynamics, MacGyver is a great choice. Plus who knows, you may learn a thing or two along the way. Currently the best place to watch the last two seasons is through CBS access. But they have a free trial if you haven’t had an account before.

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