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I’m a fairly organized person. I think and operate better when I’m within a plan. I don’t have to stick to it but the shell of the idea helps.

I’m also a big fan of doing things smarter not harder. With our overwhelming access to technology today, we are given more advantages to make the most of our time. Today, I want to share a few of my favorite apps that help me do just that.

Slice* – If you order things online regularly and don’t have this app. Go download it now. Stop reading. Go download it and come back. You’ll thank me later.

Slice is an app that pulls from your email account and helps you track orders. It updates when you’re sent shipping information. So, instead of finding yourself digging through email to track packages, you have an app. It will update you on when your package will be delivered and when it actually gets there.

Honestly, I don’t know how I lived without this app. It also helps you track if the price of an item you’ve purchased has recently dropped. It can request a refund for you and shows you deals for places you shop frequently.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need any more enabling of my online shopping habit. However, I’m a big fan of Slice. What’s even better is that it’s free?

Tiny Fax – I recently was asked to send a fax to my bank. Can I send it in an email? No, they said. But my options for faxing are limited these days. Not many people still have land lines let alone fax machines. So, I went to my trusty iPhone.

There are quite a few apps available for faxing but Tiny Fax is free to download. It’s really easy to use. And the cost to send a fax isn’t expensive. It saved me from finding and paying a business. Plus, I didn’t have to get out of my pjs. Win win.

Sign Now *- Another paperless friendly app, Sign Now is lets you read and sign documents on your phone. The need to print, scan and send back is now much easier. You can add dates and other small details if necessary. And it’s easy to save and send back without all the hassle.

Wunderlist* – I love a good list. It’s the inner type A in me that loves to be organized. I’m totally the person who while write something down just to cross it off. But hey, it keeps me motivated.

I’ve used several list apps and even those included on my phone. But there’s something about Wunderlist that keeps me going back. I use it for grocery lists, to do lists and whatever else needs a list. You can even add people to the list. If you needed to keep a joint grocery list or may even a packing list, it’s really easy for more than one person to contribute. Just make sure you sync it up so everyone stays on the same page.

Mint* – I’ll admit that I’m terrible about regularly using this app. But it’s also one of my favorites. Mint lets you track your finances. You can set budgets, track categories and get a glance at all of your accounts in one place.

If you’re self employed, it links with quickbooks self-employed to make tax time easier. And quickbooks links with turbo tax. So much time saved!

Venmo* – I think most people are familiar with venmo but for those who aren’t I’ll give you a run down. It’s a cash exchange without the cash. Need to pay back a friend for buying a movie ticket? Venmo. Need to pay your roommate rent? Venmo. Need to pay the dog sitter but don’t have cash? Venmo.  It’s the easy way to get money to friends and family that saves time.

So, whether you’re in the need of time saving tools or just want to make your life easier, I’d highly recommended doing an app store scan. Before you know it, your iPhone will be so organized you won’t know what to do. Any maybe this time, you won’t forget something at the grocery store? 😉

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