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If I tried to count the number of diet books on the market, it would take me forever. From no carb to no grains, from paleo to juice cleanses, there are so many ways that people want to recommend losing weight. But the difference between the people who’ve lost the weight and the ones who’ve kept it off tend to be the same: it’s a lifestyle change not a diet.

So amongst the overly populated market comes a book that does things differently. It’s easy to be scared off by a book that is heavily endorsed by celebrities. Yes, we all think Jessica Alba looks great. She works hard to look that way. But is buying another book going to get us closer to our dreams of rocking an hourglass figure and being a girl boss like JA?

I’ll admit I was a bit of a sceptic when I first got it. My mother owns plenty of diet books. I’ve seen the women who want to find just that trick that will make them skinny. But then I started reading.

A lifestyle filled with balance. No extremes. No crazy cleanses with cayenne pepper. Nothing that will make you hate everyone and want to devour the entire bread bowl at dinner because you’re starved. Body Love* shows you how to turn a diet into a lifestyle you can sustain.

Personally, I’ve been on a journey recently to make sure my meals are more balanced. I want to understand how my body processes foods and what it needs. And yes, I’m sure there are other books that teach this. But Kelly’s approach gives you the science. It makes you understand exactly why your body behaves the way it does.

Now, I’m not telling you I read this book and lost 25 pounds! This is not a late night tv ad. But I am saying that it makes sense. We condemn foods to these corners because they are “bad”. We give them power over us in a way that makes it worse. Rather than saying, my body does better with a balance of x, y, z things. And if I want to have this donut, or cake or whatever, I know how my body will react. I’ll enjoy this moment. So I can continue to make healthy choices for the rest of the day.

Kelly takes the time to look at how your body operates as a whole. She talks gut health (my fave), discusses blood sugar and how it affects your bodies ability to process, and teaches you how to balance meals with a simple guide. And while I don’t know that you’ll be overhauling your diet in one day, she teaches you how to make steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

However, I can’t only praise this book. Despite my love and respect for Body Love*, there are a few things I’ll mention that I wish were a bit different. I would love a better idea on how to apply her ideas to a plant based lifestyle. If you’re a meat eater, this book will work great for you. But for us a plant based kids, there isn’t much on the details of making it work. She vaguely mentions things to be aware of but never explains more about how to approach from a vegan lifestyle. If you’re truly looking to make those changes, you’ll have to do a bit more research on your own end.

The good news is that if you’re truly wanting Kelly’s help, you can sign up on her website for coaching. Maybe you need a little hand holding to get you started. Be Well By Kelly’s website offers recipes, blog posts and coaching services. I’ve been using her fab four smoothies for breakfast and I’m a big fan.

But for now, I’ll leave you with this. Whether this is your first diet book or your 100th, take a step back to ask yourself why. Why are you doing this? What are your long term goals? If you want to lose a few lbs to feel more confident in your jeans, that’s awesome! Go for it! Maybe you want to be around for your kids or partner. Whatever your reasons, remember that it’s a journey. Being healthy is a lifestyle. And you’re going to fail occasionally. But getting back up and trying again, that’s the difference between a diet and lifestyle. You can do it. You can and you will.

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