Are Louboutin Heels Worth The Investment?

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For years, I told myself that my first luxury purchase would be a pair of Louboutins. I’d eyed them for years on my favorite celebrities – red carpet looks, late night tv appearances – there was just something about the red sole heel that felt like a statement of next level to me. So when I finally invested in my first pair in 2021, I was a bit shocked by my reaction after trying them on.

“These are the shoes everyone wears. Really? This is it.” It took a moment for me to sit with this shoe I’d idealized for so long to how it actually looked on my foot (more on that in a moment). And of course, even more time for me to decide if I felt like Louboutin heels are actually worth it?

As we know, I like to share reviews and thoughts from the perspective of this is where I’m coming from (not just financially but also taking into account how something fits my lifestyle) and your opinion may align or be completely different. Today’s convo is similar to our normal chats. So grab a cup of tea or a bevy and settle in to read about one of the most iconic shoes: the Christian Louboutin heels and whether I think they are worth it or not.

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Are The Christian Louboutin Heels Worth It?

Truth be told, for me luxury looks like many things. Some consider the price tag of a product as what makes it luxury, others look for the quality, and with designer items like handbags many look at them as a potential money-making investment. While many see the price tag on a Birkin and find themselves resembling the big eye emoji. It should be noted that an Hermes bag has been noted to increase its value on average by 14.2% – a price better than most stocks. So stylistically, socially and financially – worth it.

But where does the price of investment fit in with a pair of shoes? Ones that are likely going in all the places you’d never sit your Chanel bag and even a few you wouldn’t even want to know about. If you’re investing x amount of money in something you can’t guarantee will maintain its quality, is it really worth the cost?

The Cost Of Owning Louboutin Heels

Before we dive into the value of the Louboutin shoes, outside of the financial investment, it’s worth taking a moment for the cost/upkeep required if you want to maintain your gorgeous shoes. 

There are a few things that I’ve noticed in my years of being obsessed with the red soles and one more specifically since owning them. And that’s the places that tend to wear out the quickest.

I’ve seen countless videos on social media showing a shoe cobbler replacing the front red sole after the paint has worn down with something more sturdy. But what I haven’t seen, and need to have repaired myself, is fixing the leather of the heel as it starts to pull up. 

With your shoes come a pair of tips for the heels (not the easiest to swap out yourself because I’ve tried and failed several times but necessary). These are essentially the rubber bits around the metal heel tip and they are likely to wear out faster than the sole. Unfortunately, if you don’t replace them or you just happen to end up wearing your heels to one too many events with cobblestones, you’ll find the leather lifting. Thus, increasing your cost for repairs.

What Savvy Said Blogger Savannah Cyree wearing louboutin heels

How much does it cost to fix a pair of Louboutin heels?

From what I’ve seen bopping around online, you’ll find the sole replacement between $200-275. And if you also include the price to repair the leather heel, it can cost up to half the price of a new pair of heels.

Are Louboutin’s Comfortable?

Most Louboutin shoes are not comfortable. Even the men’s versions. Now, of course, I haven’t tried all of the shoes so bookmark this for future updates. But it’s generally known as the upfront expectation that you aren’t reaching for red soles for comfort.

Whether this has to do with the craftsmenship or just the default of being in heels, there are tons of shoe inserts that make wearing the heels more manageable. However, they definitely rate low on the comfort scale – from a girl who lives in heels.

What Savvy Said Blogger Savannah Cyree wearing louboutin heels, black jeans, and top

How long does a pair of Louboutin Heels Last?

The lovely thing about a pair of luxury shoes is that the quality of the material makes repairing them more of an option. I’ve had my 100mm White So Kate’s for a few years and there are definitely certain things that break them down more quickly. 

But the bits that are most likely to break down first – the heel tip (each pair comes with a replacement), the red sole (a shoe cobbler can fix this or you can buy a cover/shoe grip), scuffing on the sides, the leather on the heel pulling up (my current issues).

If you’re able to maintain regular upkeep, there’s no reason these shoes won’t last you a decade or longer.

What Size Should I Buy?

The general rule of thumb when investing in a pair of Louboutin heels is to go up at least half a size. It’s 100% accurate because I couldn’t imagine taking my normal size in these heels.

Where To Buy Your First Pair Of Louboutin Heels?

This will strongly depend on what style, color, and size you’re looking for. There are a few that are only sold on the Christian Louboutin website. But places like Poshmark and Vestiaire Collective are great for finding a deal on pre-loved pieces.

What Savvy Said Blogger Savannah Cyree wearing louboutin heels and orange dress

Who Are Louboutins For?

I’m not a big fan of saying that a brand isn’t meant for certain people. I will however say the upkeep of Louboutins is meant for someone who has the disposable or designated income to maintain a luxury closet.

But even with the wear on the shoes, you still get that natural red sole impact that lets others know you are indeed a Louboutin gal. And that’s a bit of a statement all on its own. 

Overall, the vibe for me feels like a few things. You’re wearing them because they make you feel a certain way and embody a certain energy. You’re wearing them as a statement to others who understand the lifestyle by subtly saying you too are on that level. Or maybe you’re just wearing them because you love a luxury shoe moment.

In many ways, seeing someone wearing a pair of heels with a red sole has become synonymous with being a power player. The opening shot of a movie where they want you to know this woman is confident, powerful, and luxurious – red soles.

The price point of luxury shoes carries not just the quality but the notoriety of what you’re wearing. So the question of a pair of Louboutin Heels value is ultimately up to the wearer.

What Savvy Said Blogger Savannah Cyree putting on shoes

My First Impressions Wearing The White So Kate 100mm

I took a photo to make sure I was seeing things right. And then I sent that photo to the girls in my life I knew would understand the power of a shoe as well as my internal debate. I’d never noticed before that there was more toe cleavage than I expected for a pair of closed-toe heels. And I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.

My original plan had been to invest in the 120mm shoes but given that a friend considered them her sitting shoes, I thought I might get more wear from my investment if I went for something a smidge shorter. And while they do make inserts to make the shoes more comfortable, I haven’t invested in the version that works best for those with high arches. I tend to walk on the front of my foot. 

Given all that: Are Louboutin Heels Actually Worth It?

In my eyes, yes. Now obviously, this comes with the caveat that you’re spending your money in a way that feels good to you. But for me, I always feel that extra bit of confidence in a pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate heels. And it’s definitely not just me who chooses them as a staple.

Law Roach said in a recently interview that Zendaya pretty much trained herself to walk in 120mm So Kates because they just do so much. The way you walk. The leg toning. They are statement to yourself and the world about how you want to carry yourself as you walk in and out of spaces.

And while they are a financial investment that requires upkeep, wouldn’t you rather invest in something that makes you feel like the highest version of yourself every time you put them on? Because that mental boost is always worth the price tag for me.

More to come soon on other luxury pieces so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter so you don’t miss a thing. If you want to see daily styling both of my casual and more elevated looks, come follow me on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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