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As a self proclaimed make up lover, it’s not uncommon for me to try new beauty products often. I love a good sale or using my points to try nicer products. And the older I get, the more I’ve grown to love make up and skincare.. As a teen who really didn’t get it, understand how things work for my face now makes playing with it even more fun as an adult.

But every once and a while, I like to shop a different way. Instead of hitting up a sale or trying a new palette, I shop my stash. I pull out an old eye shadow or lip color to try something “new”. More often than not, I fall in love with products all over again. So in the spirit of being more budget friendly and falling in love with things once more, I thought I’d round up a list. Today’s post is all about beauty products I’ve fallen in love with again.


I can’t say what prompted me to grab this product instead of my matte concealer. But I’m definitely happy that I did. I know this is a cult product for many. It’s amazing for precise application and the formula blends out really well. Plus, it gives great coverage. Personally, it’s a bit thick for my under eyes but I love to use it as a face concealer. And with the wand, it’s great for travel and on the go touch ups.


This giant bronzer has been in my collection for a while now. And it probably doesn’t get all the love it should from me. However, it’s something I pull out time and time again. It’s amazing for contouring or just giving the face a bit of warmth. As far as bronzer’s go, it’s definitely a pricier purchase. But there’s a reason that everyone raves about it. The color is buildable and great for even lighter make up days. I only own a few bronzers but this will forever be one of my favorite beauty products.


I’ve been waiting ages for this one to come back in stock. Which means I’ve been using it sparingly over the last few months because I didn’t want to run out. I like for my eyebrows to look thick and full without looking like I caked on product. And gimme brow is my favorite way to make it happen. It’s perfect for grabbed onto your natural hairs and adding extra fullness in. If you’re a lazy brow gal or just want an easy to use product, I’d highly recommend this one.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer* 

It never fails that after I post my seasonal make up bag edit, I switch up my products. I love them. I rave about them. And then I completely change up half of them for other things. Nevertheless, I go back to this gem time and time again. Most days, I’m a lighter make up gal. I just don’t like my face to look like it has tons of product on it. But I’ll go crazy with concealer. But Laura Mericer’s Tinted Moisturizer has been a staple in my collection for years. A little goes a long way and it wears really well all day. I love that it also gives me that extra SPF coverage. It’s definitely not a heavy coverage product but if you’re into lighter make up, this beauty product is a winner.

MAC Boldly Bare Lip Pencil*

Despite my rather large collection of lip products, I don’t tend to buy lip pencils often. More than anything, I stick with a few basics and make them work for all my colors. But lately I’ve been reaching for my Boldly Bare lip pencil every day. It’s a great nude shade that works well with everything. And it blends out nicely with my natural lip color. It’s not too overwhelming under balms and pairs perfectly with all my nude lipsticks.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed shopping my stash lately. Too often I buy new beauty products and the old gets push aside. I even pulled out my Naked Heat Palette* today in the spirit of writing this post. And if you want to see how I wear this products most days, be sure to check today’s video.

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