What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #antonym #vapour #lilylolo #contour

What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag: Winter Edition

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Over the holiday season, I went a bit makeup crazy. Between Black Friday sales and supporting my friends small businesses, I was finally able to take a massive leap into clean makeup. And I’m loving it!

A good majority of the items in my winter makeup bag you will have seen if you watched vlogmas. And while I’ve picked up a few new items recently, a liner here or a concealer there, these are the items I reach for consistently. Let’s chat winter makeup, shall we?

What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #crunchi #clove&harrow #fitglow


Primer wise there is nothing new to see. I’m still obsessed with my Coola Dawn Patrol Primer*. But my foundation and concealer combo have been rotating a bit. On the days I’ve been reaching for my winter makeup, I’ve been wear Crunchi foundation. It’s got nice coverage and smells amazing. Every time I apply it, I’m reminded of some dessert I can’t place  and I’m obsessed. I tend to use the Crunchi foundation brush because it was highly recommended. And if I find I need to blend out a bit more, I go in with my real techniques sponge.


As far as concealer goes, this is where I find myself switching it up. I’ve been loving the Fitglow concealer* for covering any spots and acne scars. One of my biggest concerns for myself and anyone else wanting to make the switch was being able to have good coverage. Fitglow’s concealer is amazing and a little goes a long way. If I need the extra brightness, I’ll also use my lighter fitglow shade under my eyes. But for the most part I’ve been using my RMS Uncover Up* still. It’s been a fave for ages and one I always go back to.

Powder wise, I’ve been testing two different ones. I snagged a new foundation powder by Clove & Hallow at Aillea when I was in Atlanta last month but it’s a bit too dark for under my eyes. However, it’s lovely for using on the rest of my face. And because I still needed something to set my concealer, I ended up investing in the Kjaer Weis pressed powder compact*. It’s a beautiful translucent powder that is finely milled and sets my under eyes perfectly. I love how it doesn’t cake or overpower. And the compact is refillable so there’s less waste. It’s definitely one of my favorite items in my winter makeup bag.


What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #beautycounter #plume
What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #antonym #vapour #lilylolo #contour #blush

Eye Makeup

As I’ve made the change over to clean beauty, I’ve struggled with this category the most. Slowly but surely, I’ve found products that I love enough to want to share. Plume’s brow pomade* has quickly become a favorite for my brows. And despite the investment, it’s a product I know I’ll be using for months. 

I’m still lacking an eye primer so I’ve been relying on my concealer and setting powder. But for eyeshadow, I’ve found myself consistently reaching for the same palette: Beautycounter’s Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic*. It’s a bit of a classic brown & warm toned mix with a mirror that works well for travel. On lazier days, I’ll swipe a basic color across the lid and add a bit of glitter with my finger. But it also makes for some lovely defined looks as well.

I’ve been dabbling a bit with eyeliner and either opting for a shadow liner or one I’m still testing. But nothing has stood out enough in the clean beauty realm yet. I’m also still using my Dior Eyelash Primer & the Giorgio Armani mascara. So not much new as far as winter makeup goes there.

What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #antonym #vapour #lilylolo #contour #blush
What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #redlipstick #beautycounter #kosas


Slowly but surely, I’ve been working on my contour skills. Sometimes it’s the products that make the different and others it’s the technique. Product wise, I’ve been reaching for my Lily Lolo contour duo* and Vapour’s Solar Translucent Bronzer*. I like to start with Vapour since it’s a cream product. Then I’ll go in with my contour duo for that extra bit of bronze. I love the size of the duo palette and would consider it a close clean dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow. 


I’ve always loved a bit of blush but I wouldn’t consider myself a blush gal. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t found the right one? I’ve been obsessed with my Antonym baked blush in rose* ever since I got it. It’s just the perfect pinky blush  color and wears well for hours. The compact is bit hefty but it does a great job at protecting the product. Now if only they made minis for travel. . .

Highlighter always tends to be a bit of a plus one in my winter makeup. I haven’t dived into to find a clean beauty version separate from any combos I’ve purchased. So most days, I’ve been using the highlighter portion of my Lily Lolo contour duo. It’s subtle but still gives me a nice glow.

What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #beautycounter #plume
What’s In My Clean Makeup Bag- Winter Edition #whatsavvysaid #cleanmakeup #cleanmakeupbag #wintermakeup #redlipstick #beautycounter #kosas


If there was ever a category I could probably have 5 products in, this would be it. I’m a lip product lover for life. But I’ve been heavily rocking the red lip lately. I flip flop between two reds depending on how orange I want it to look. However, Beautycounter’s Red Color Intense Lipstick* & Kosas Electra* are my favorites. I’ve been pairing them with my Gabriel red lip liner for the extra longevity and it works great! 


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