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Flo Living Supplements Review

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When it comes to supplements, I’m not typically one to review them. I’ve always felt like what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all. We all have different goals, body types and may respond in a different way. But for my gals with hormonal acne who are looking to try Flo Living supplements, I hope today’s review can help. 

I’ve spent the last 3 months testing Flo Living. Through a hurricane, loads of travel and the holidays, I’ve somehow managed to create a consistent supplement routine. I’ve learned how they work for me and where I have to step in for myself with lifestyle & diet changes. And spoiler alert: I’m still taking them. So for all my gals who are hoping to find another path to clearer skin or just want a normal period, let’s chat Flo Living Supplements.

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What Are Flo Living Supplements?

Created by the team behind the My Flo App, Flo Living Supplements are meant to aid women with PCOS, infertility and a number of other hormone concerns. They help supply the body with the added micronutrient support it needs. 

What Is The Balance Supplement Regiment?

There are 5 supplements in the Flo Living Balance Regiment: Replenish, Energize, Harmonize, Detox & Gutsy.

Replenish is a buffer chelated magnesium. It helps to support your thyroid and can promote relaxation. Energize is a B complex. It’s meant to help support your mood and energy levels. Harmonize is your omega blend. It helps with inflammation and supports healthy ovulation.

Gutsy is your probiotic. It helps with digestive function and gut health. And detox is your liver support. It helps rid your body of excess estrogen and supports healthy weight loss;

When did you start taking Flo Living Supplements?

I started taking the Flo Living supplements towards the end of Sept 2018. However, I don’t take gutsy. Prior to signing up for Flo Living, I’d been using Seed. And because I found it worked for me, I opted to stick with it. 

What were your goals?

After taking EverlyWell’s Women’s Health test*, I had a pretty good idea where my hormones stood. It’s highly likely that I have PCOS but it hasn’t been officially diagnosed. But with slightly irregular periods and hormonal acne, my goal was to clear up my skin and set myself up to have kids when I wanted them.

Floliving Supplements Review - Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #wellness #pcos #supplements #floliving #flolivingreview
Floliving Supplements Review - Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #wellness #pcos #supplements #floliving #flolivingreview


You’ll see this again in the cons list but no you cannot. The supplements are currently only sold as a bundle. 


The cost for the Flo Living supplements depends on which plan you sign up for. They offer anywhere from a two month supply to six months to yearly. Each bundle of supplements provides you with enough for two months. But with the ability to cancel any time, the most cost effective plan is the 12 month option. 

A two month is the most expensive at $249. However, the six months supply is $215 per shipment and the twelve months is $197. Shipping is free for all of the options.


Flo Living takes a lot of the guess work out of it. If you’re struggling to figure out or source the right supplements to support your hormonal health, this makes it easier. Cost wise, it works out to be the same or less than if you were to get the same quality supplements on your own. A good probiotic can cost between $35-$50 a month. So if you’re using all the flo living supplements, you’re probably saving a little. 

Floliving Supplements Review - Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #wellness #pcos #supplements #floliving #flolivingreview
Floliving Supplements Review - Do They Really Work- #whatsavvysaid #wellness #pcos #supplements #floliving #flolivingreview


I think this one will depend on your goals. Women who are looking to have a baby but want to skip IVF might find this a more cost effective route. Others might see it as overwhelming expensive. For me, as someone with hormonal acne, I’ve found it a much easier treatment than trying a billion skincare products.

However, I wish they offered different bundles for the supplements. I hate to waste product or pay for something I’m not using, so I essentially buy the probiotic portion for my mom. 


I can definitely see a difference since I started taking Flo Living supplements. But I won’t give them all the credit. There are certain lifestyle factors that will always effect you as well. I think combining diet changes and the supplements have helped me make major strides in getting my hormonal acne under control. However, I wouldn’t consider these a magic pill. 


Yes, I will. I may consider phasing off of them someday if I think my body has recovered from years of birth control. But for now, the flo living supplements are helping me achieve my goals. 


Like I said, these aren’t a magic pill. Personally I found that my hormonal acne responded to these pills along with a modified form of intermittent fasting & a few diet tweaks. I’ve also made major changes in the products I put on my skin. But it took me a while to get there. Don’t be afraid to speak with your doctor if you think you have PCOS or other issues. You are your best health advocate. And be sure to consultant a health care professional if needed. 

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    Esme Flynn
    Esme Flynn
    3 years ago

    Hi Savvy,

    I was considering signing up for flo living supplements. I recently had a hormonal IUD put in – did you hear anything in your research if you have a hormonal IUD if it is pointless to take these? Thank you!