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Coffee will always hold a special place in my heart. From the days of trying to learn to drink it as a kid (it was all cream & sugar of course) to the countless Americanos we drank in Paris, there is no trip complete without finding a new, fun & hopefully local coffee joint. And of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to 30a without a stop at Amavida. It’s a classic.

But in case you’re like me and you’re on the hunt for something new & fun or maybe just less crowded, you’re in the right place. Don’t worry, these places all serve Amavida as well. Let’s chat about the best coffee spots on 30a!

Coffee on 30A - 5 Best Places You Must Try #whatsavvysaid #kithandkin

Best Places For Coffee On 30A


I have been a fan of Amavida for as long as I can remember. There is just something about them that reminds me of home. But as a company, I’ve grown to love their initiative even more over the years. They stock the highest organic quality beans while also maintaining a carbon-neutral status. Plus, their matcha is divine (seriously we’ve tried them all).

Of course, I’m an Americano girl but the top faves amongst my friends from Amavida include chia, whatever seasonal latte they are serving, and their new version of an Arnold palmer. You can find them in Rosemary Beach, Seaside & St. Andrew’s. But be sure to go early because they are always packed.

Beachy Bean Coffee Co.

I manifested finding this gem of a spot last year and it’s been a favorite ever since. While I adore almost all of the coffee on 30a shops, this one is great for larger groups or when you need something less packed. Tucked alongside one of the smaller bridges, you get a waterside view with your americano.

You’ll also find a few other local shops nearby, giant games like Connect 4, and the occasional yoga class. The Beachy Bean menu has a several food items from sandwiches to smoothies and even energy bites. They also carry Amavida coffee as well as the syrups you’ll find in most Amavida lattes. There is a large selection of wine next door should you be on the hunt for something new to take home. It’s the perfect little escape from everything happening on 30a.

Coffee on 30A - 5 Best Places You Must Try #whatsavvysaid #coffeeon30a


One of our more frequent stops, the original Black Bear Bread Co lives in Grayton Beach. They have recently opened a spot on Grand Blvd in Destin if you’re looking to venture out of the area. But as far as coffee on 30a, Black Bear is top-notch.  

If you’ve been around the blog for a minute, you’ll know that my diet is gluten and dairy-free. Thankfully, this is one of the places I find it’s fairly easy to grab a meal. While they do not have gluten-free bread on the menu, their sourdough works for those of us who are gluten-sensitive (not intolerant). 

And if you face no issues, you NEED their pop tarts in your life. Flaky & delicious plus they are constantly swapping out their flavors. 


Today’s photo feature and a more recent discovery, Kith & Kin also features Amavida coffee on their menu. They are almost at the tail end of 30a before you get back on 98 to go towards Destin. And tbh, they are easy to miss if you aren’t paying super close attention to your GPS.

There is plenty of parking, outdoor games, and an adorable little setup inside. You can find all kinds of tasty drinks along with some vegan specials on their menu. They had a cold foam option that was vegan-friendly earlier this year. I was shocked and excited! Highly recommend adding this to your 30A agenda. It’s become one of my faves to take friends who are visiting but have been coming here for years.

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The once beloved and recently returned Alys Beach Coffee shop got a major upgrade upon making it’s re-debut this last year. You’ll find a mini market, full bar, coffee shop and quick meals all under one roof. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available along with at the bar. Fonville is probably one of the most pictureques moments you’ll see on both social media and in real life.

The muted blush tones, large umbrellas, gold lettering and plush chairs make it as inviting as it is chic. You’ll find everything from fun drinks to mocktails on the menu. And their coffee is of course spectacular. Throw in a vegan treat or one their delicious cake slices and you’re set! Fonville is an anytime of day occasion. 


Last but not least, one of my favorite late-night spots for coffee on 30a – La Crema. If you’ve read our 30a on a budget post or follow along on Instagram, this one won’t be new to you. But they are one of the best places to go any time of day on 30a. 

From their chocolate fondue to their tapas, you’re more likely to do a dessert and coffee situation here. They have all your classics (coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, americanos, cappuccinos, etc). Plus you get all the cozy vibes with their mood lighting. And a delicious menu! If you’re in the mood for a place to unwind after a day of adventures, definitely one to add to the list. 

Alrighty friends, there we have it!  There are definitely a few places that didn’t make the list because I would not recommend them. And be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter so you stay up to date on all things WSS. Or if you’re a daily person, come follow along on Instagram. Until next time friends. Xoxo, Savvy

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