Daily Harvest Review- Are The Pre-Packed Smoothies Worth it? #whatsavvysaid #review #dailyharvest #dailyharvestreview #smoothies #banana #spinach #cacaonibs #portablebreakfast

Daily Harvest Review: Are The Pre-Packed Smoothies Worth it?

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When it comes to finding easy & quick ways to be healthy, I’m down to try almost anything. There’s just something about making healthy food convenient that makes it more appealing to people. So after several months of seeing Daily Harvest around, I knew I needed to give the pre-packed frozen smoothies a try. Partly because I wanted to review it for the blog. But also I’m a curious person.

If you haven’t heard about Daily Harvest, let’s start with a brief overviewing. They are a company focuses on providing healthy food options for those with little time to prepare food. What originally started out as just smoothies has now expanded into soups, overnight oats and more. Daily Harvest is a subscription based service with a versatile plan option depending on your needs. They aim to help fight food waste by providing the exact amount of ingredients you need to make each meal.

Daily Harvest Review- Are The Pre-Packed Smoothies Worth it? #whatsavvysaid #review #dailyharvest #dailyharvestreview #smoothies #banana #spinach #cacaonibs #portablebreakfast

Which Products Did I Try?

I tried a 9 cup box so I could get a good idea of the options available. There are quite a few coupons floating around for getting 3 cups free on your first order. So I only really paid for 6. I chose 8 smoothies and 1 soup.

How Does It Taste?

Most of the combos I tried I enjoyed. I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to my smoothies. But I wanted to branch out a little bit with this order. I don’t think I’d order all of the ones I got again. But I didn’t hate any one enough to advise against getting it. I also really enjoyed the soup I got.


It depends on which plan you go with. You can pay anywhere from $6.99 to $7.99 per Daily Harvest cup. There are weekly and monthly delivery options available.


Shipping costs are free. And each Daily Harvest package is shipped with dry ice so you don’t have to worry about your smoothies or other items melting.

Daily Harvest Review- Are The Pre-Packed Smoothies Worth it? #whatsavvysaid #review #dailyharvest #dailyharvestreview #smoothies #banana #spinach #cacaonibs #portablebreakfast
Daily Harvest Review- Are The Pre-Packed Smoothies Worth it? #whatsavvysaid #review #dailyharvest #dailyharvestreview #smoothies #banana #spinach #cacaonibs #portablebreakfast


If your excuse for not eating well is time, I think Daily Harvest might be a good fit for you. Anyone who likes convenient, healthy and portable meals will probably enjoy them. Or if you just want back up options for days when you can’t be bother, DH is a good choice. 


Nope. They are only sold online as a subscription based service.


This isn’t one where sampling really works. But their cancellation policy is fab and very easy to do. I’d consider my order a sample because I cancelled fairly quickly after since I just wanted to try them out to review. Plus with the 3 drinks off code, the cost isn’t too bad if you only want a 6 pack order.


For right now, I don’t think I’ll maintain a Daily Harvest subscription. It doesn’t current fit my lifestyle needs since I work from home. And if I did do it again, I’d probably stick with more soups and other non-smoothie meals.

Daily Harvest Review- Are The Pre-Packed Smoothies Worth it? #whatsavvysaid #review #dailyharvest #dailyharvestreview #smoothies #banana #spinach #cacaonibs #portablebreakfast


I mostly used my smoothies as snacks or in between meals. The portion size isn’t large. Also I prefer a bit more protein and fat in my meals so I didn’t really get into a habit of drinking them daily.


If you go for the smoothie option, I’d suggest breaking it up a bit more trying to pour them out. I found it to be challenging to get my smoothie out of the cup because it was frozen solid. So I’d suggest pushing on the sides of the cup to break it up. Otherwise you’ll end up digging around with a knife and damaging the cup that also doubles up as a carrier.

Also, if you tend to drink the same smoothies regularly, this isn’t the most cost effective choice. While Daily Harvest does use a good amount of organic ingredients, not all of the ingredients have an organic label. If you want to save money, stay organic and still have fast, healthy options, I’d suggest prepping your own combos in stasher* bags in the freezer. But if you like trying new things and get bored with food easily, Daily Harvest might be the key to keeping you on track with your healthy lifestyle.

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