Do I Still Love My Peloton Bike 1 Year Later?

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It’s officially been a year since we added a peloton bike to our home gym. And with my ever changing workout habits, I thought now would be the perfect time for a review. If you’re looking at investing in one over the next few months or maybe have had your eye on it for a while, I’m diving into all things Peloton today: what I love, using the app vs the bike and the big thing holding me back from investing in the Peloton tread.

As always, I love hearing from you and I know there are things that I might not have considered. So for the sake the community, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. But for now, pour one out my friends and let’s dive into today’s Peloton bike review.

One Year Peloton Review #whatsavvysaid #pelotonreview #wellnessblog #athomeworkout

Did I Cycle Before I Got The Bike?

Before I dive into a review, I wanted to give a little background on what my expectations were for the bike. I was fortunate enough to have free extended access to Soul Cycle classes few years back. Chris Pipkin, who is also currently offering digital classes with C word happening, is an amazing instructor. And his style of teaching, along with the fact that I was able to take classes as a job perk, gave me a wonderful introduction to cycling classes.

Since then, I’ve dabbled in classes here and there. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t adore group classes by any means. There’s been many a time where I’ve done something within a class setting and then again with a private instructor that has changed my perspective. However, I’ve found that my favorite part of cycling classes is the group atmosphere. It’s the friend who tells you on the bike you can do one more rep or knowing you’re going to be dying to a song your other friend picked because they love it. It’s the community.

How Does Peloton compare to Soul Cycle or Other Cycling Classes?

I LOVED Soul Cycle for the few months I was taking classes. Partly because of Chris but also because it feels like SO much fun. You’re moving and dancing while things are happening. There’s no boredom because you’re constantly switching and tweaking to challenge your muscles.

And TBH, I think that’s definitely something a lot of others in the Peloton community miss. It’s a bit more form focused. You’ll go up and down in the saddle. Occasionally, you’ll get a tap back scenario. But if you like the mini push ups and other dancing bits, you’ll be making it up for yourself as you go.

Bike wise, I think the Peloton bike is quite similar to the Soul Cycle bike. You have the option to clip in or get the slide in pedals. I prefer to clip in because it’s just easier for me. Plus, I find I can focus on form a bit better. However, if you’ve previously taken classes in a gym using a bike with a limited resistance range, you’re going to LOVE the upgrade. I’ve gone back and forth over the years and I feel like it’s a much harder gauge when you can’t be as precise. You either feel too slow or like you’re pedaling through mud.


There’s SO much flexibility that comes with having the bike at your finger tips. There’s a great selection of class types and lengths which means you can easily find something that suits your schedule. There’s ton of instructors so you can easily find the person that suits your teaching style, even if that teacher doesn’t live in the same country as you.

The instructors are athletes and it shows in how they teach. While the bike is amazing and the Facebook community is STRONG, the instructors frequently share how to incorporate certain workouts into a larger routine if you’re looking to supplement your current training with cycling. 

They are quick to adapt and are constantly taking feedback from the facebook group. So you’ll find new artist rides constantly being added, the Lizzo & JLo ride are staples in our house. But they’ve also continued to expand the offering of classes with their app.

You get a full spectrum of coaching, minus the diet side. So if you’re looking to train for a marathon or need a dedicated warm up/cool down, those are also available. If you’ve been training in a gym for a while or even paying for membership classes at a studio, the cost of the subscription on the bike is definitely cheaper.

I think the biggest pro for the Peloton bike would be that there is something for everyone. I’ve seen everyone from advanced athletes to celebrities to beginners to those recovering from injury talking about their bike. It’s absolutely an investment, both financially and because it takes a hot second to make it to your home. But it’s one that you aren’t likely to out grow for a very long time.

You can take classes with friends. I’ve yet to do this so I can’t exactly say how it works but you can ride with a friend and video chat at the same time. 

One Year Peloton Review #whatsavvysaid #pelotonreview #wellnessblog #athomeworkout
One Year Peloton Review #whatsavvysaid #pelotonreview #wellnessblog #athomeworkout


I don’t have many but I would be remiss if I said that everything was perfect when it came to the Peloton bike. If you’re someone who wants to use the large screen on the bike to do other classes, the screen doesn’t move other than to tilt up and down. So you’re going to be limited on how you make that work.

It costs more to pay for a subscription to stream the classes on the bike. While the app currently costs around $13, it’s about $40 for the bike, however you also have the app access.

You’re required to pay a membership per item. As of now, there isn’t a discount for a family or if you own both the peloton bike & tread.

The delivery service is hit and miss. If you’re reading this when I’m actually posting it and thinking this would be a great Christmas item, buy it now. When we originally purchased ours, remember 2/3 of the WSS team is in a small town in Florida, it took a least a month to get to us. Thankfully, it came assembled by the team. I actually did a class the same night. BUT I’ve seen all kinds of stories about delivery issues and the delays especially with Covid.


Yes. When I originally bought the bike, I wanted something I could use at home for bad weather days and as a supplement to my gym training at the time. I was doing 2-a-days and needed an alternative. But since I originally bought the bike, I’ve discovered the ways that it’s expanded my other training. I’m planning on doing a post later this year once I’ve completed my second half marathon. However, before I invested in the bike, I always got shin splints. Doing cross training with the Peloton bike helped me to strengthen my muscles so I could finally start running.

How Often Do I Use It?

I’ve definitely gone through phases with my Peloton bike. I rode a ton last fall. Currently, I end up doing a few workouts per week between the app and the actual bike. I’m a fan of Olivia’s running classes and the occasional yoga moment. But when it comes to cycling classes, 95% of what I take is either Tunde or Robyn.


I want it. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I like to run. It’s one of several exercises I typically have in rotation depending on my mood. And of course, I’ve wanted to buy a new treadmill for ages because Florida humidity, heat and general weather is a bitch. BUT I’m not sold on the whole separate subscription fee for a tread. Most likely, I’ll invest in another a piece of equipment and airplay classes onto a tv. At least, this is my plan for now.

One Year Peloton Review #whatsavvysaid #pelotonreview #wellnessblog #athomeworkout
One Year Peloton Review #whatsavvysaid #pelotonreview #wellnessblog #athomeworkout


At the end of the day, I think it’s worth noting that the bike is like any other subscription: you can cancel it if you’re not loving it. The facebook community makes it seem like everyone is obsessed. And there are plenty of hardcore riders. But over the last year, I’ve gone from the initial honeymoon phase to the occasional use. You’d think that being trapped with the bike would make me want to use it more but instead I’ve been using the running classes instead.

I’ve been chatting back and forth with a friend who took a more budget friendly approach to investing (aka she started with the app & a bike she had access to) and she’s fallen in love with it. Overall, there’s SO many classes available. I think that access alone makes it worth it if you’re someone like me who is constantly flowing with their workout/mood. This morning I did a 10 minute warm up with Tunde (love her, she will kill you and you will still love her) and then tried part of a Billie Elish yoga class. 

If you’re looking for something flexible but also provides a bit of stability, I think the Peloton bike is a great option. There’s so much amazing content in the app that you’re never bored. I used it when we were in Paris in the fall, last week when I had no motivation for a run and of course today, when I wasn’t quite sure what workout I wanted to do with the rainy weather.

In the year since we’ve had it, I’ve seen a difference in how I train solo vs when I have the instructors pushing me to go harder. It’s given me a great option for days when I need a low impact ride to balance out a longer run or when I just want to do something fun. Overall, I would highly recommend it.

If you’re thinking about investing in the Peloton bike or are already a part of the Peloton fam, let us know in the comments below. There’s a WSS hashtag for the community on there (#whatsavvysaid). And if enough of us are interested, I’m happy to organize some group classes. For now, I hope wherever you are in the world you’re safe, taking a deep breath to release some of tension and know that you are so very loved. Sending you all the love and positive vibes. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

PS. Every Peloton owner has a referral code to share that gives you $100 towards accessories with your bike purchase. If you’re ready to invest, use code: WJ5YU6 to support me and the WSS team.

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    6 months ago

    Get the Tread+ totally worth the investment. Your full access subscription allows a Bike and Tread on the same account. If you already have the bike it is an easy decision assuming you don’t mind the heavy price tag of $4300 for the Tread.