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Happy Friday friends! Today’s review is one I’ve been excited to do for a while now. But as I learned with both my Nuuly and Rent The Runway experiences, the best style box reviews come from a few months of use. As always, I’ve got a lot to note. We’re breaking down what I do and don’t like, if I’ll continue my use of Material World Co in the future, where I think there’s room to grow and who I think will want to try this out asap!

Today’s disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. Material World Co does have the option to work with influencers. However, we all know I’m V fussy when it comes to clothes. I’m fussy with everything but as a petite girl with curves, I’m extra fussy. So rather than choose to have the boxes gifted, I’ve paid for this subscription myself. And I’ve got LOTS of things to say so let’s jump in.

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What Is Material World Co?

Think of it like Stitch Fix meets your favorite designer consignment store. Material World Co gives you access to designer items at a discounted price. Everything is pre-owned/traded in. Some items have been worn but there also items that come NWT (new with tag). But in essence, they provide a sustainable and more budget friendly option if you’re looking to invest in luxury clothing.

The Basics

When you sign up for a Material World Co subscription, you start with a style quiz. They go through all the little details to try to get your first box as close to your style as possible. You pick clothes that are similar to your style in every category. As well as, you select brands that represent what you feel your style is. From there, it’s a matter of waiting. 

Before your box ships, you’ll get a notification of the items that could end up in it. You select the ones you like or select the option for getting new choices. If you pick new things, it’s helpful to tell your stylist what you’re looking for that they didn’t pick. Once you’ve made your selection, they will make adjustments and send out your box. There’s no preview option for what you’re getting. You just have to wait and see unless you’ve selected items they’ve shown you. 

With your box in hand, you have 4 days to try everything on, go online to purchase your items, and return whatever doesn’t float your boat. Material World Co uses Fedex to ship their boxes. But thanks to Covid, they’ve added the option to have your return delivery picked up from your door. It’s not always the easiest option to find. You need the proper Fedex link to make sure it’s being charged to their business account.

Nevertheless, it makes it easier to ship your items back. Just know that if you’ve previously scheduled picks up to your home via places like USPS, you’ll need a good 24 hours to get in the Fedex system. So don’t wait too long if you’re going this route otherwise you’ll be charged for your items.



The styling fee is $39 per month but that goes towards anything you purchase. And it covers shipping both ways.


You have to email someone to cancel your subscription. However, you can easily pause/adjust shipments within your account as needed. This is great because you only have 4 days after you get your shipment to send it back or you get charged for all of it.


You have more affordable access to designer items.

You can try them on before buying only potentially losing out on the styling fee should you not buy anything. To me this is a better budget option than Poshmark where you have a no returns policy.

Someone else is curating things for you. So if you’re on the hunt for a specific item, you can let your stylist know.

There’s budget based styling meaning you can select how much you’re willing to pay so that the items you’re sent are in your price range.

It’s great if you’re looking to be more sustainable with your fashion purchases or want to find designer deals on a budget.

You have the option to sell your designer items directly to them and utilize the funds to purchase new to you items with ease.

Material World Co


The size range is limited. Plus and petite friends, you’re going to struggle here.

You’re limited to the items that have been traded in. They can only sell what they have so if they aren’t getting good items, they can’t sell them.

The quality of what I got didn’t impress me. Of the three boxes I got, I kept 1 pair of shoes. That’s it. 

There were several items that I tried on and thought, “Wow. I’m underwhelmed.” Looking at the price for the quality didn’t feel like something I wanted to spend on.

I never really felt like my style was nailed. Before I moved back from Atlanta 4 years ago, I fully embraced my Marie Kondo. For months, I kept passing by this one AWFUL top in my closet and I would think: why is this still here? I hate you. I can’t tell you the amount of times I kept shit in my wardrobe that didn’t flatter or make me feel good. And while I’m not 100% in the style I want, I’ve made major shifts to get there. I just didn’t feel like my stylist was offering things that aligned with my vision.


Yes, but see the next question.


If you haven’t grabbed your wine for today’s post, this is the time. Because I’ve got lots to say. Outside of the traditional monthly styling fee, you can sign up for the daily items text. Your stylist sends you message via WhatsApp with the deals of the day. THIS is where I feel like all the items I wish would land in my box landed. 

I am a petite human with curves. My body has never traditionally fit most off the rack clothes without a little help/creativity on my end. I’ve come to embrace this part of life. That being said I’m picky as hell and I don’t like to waste money/time/energy on things that will not be utilized. I have no issue investing in myself or the things I buy. But buying without trying something on doesn’t work for me.

There were several fab items in my stylist texts that I probably would have purchased had they A. ended up in my box. B. let me use my styling fee. C. they fit me. But because none of these things happened, no Dior blazer for Savvy. 

Material World Co Review #whatsavvysaid #materialworldco #sustainablefashion #designerclothes #clothingsubscription #designerconsignment


At this point, I think we all know I’m incredibly hard to impress. Like it takes a lot for me to say YES, THIS IS WORTH YOUR MONEY. And for today’s review, I think there’s a lot of love about Material World Co. Nevertheless, I think you’d be best served using this if you’ve got more $$$ to spend in your wardrobe budget. And I say this for several reasons. If I’m buying designer, it’s an investment. Yes, I’m going to love it, use it and feel fabulous wearing it. But I’m also buying knowing that should I fall out of love with it, I’ll still make money back.

For the duration of my box, I kept my budget mid range for most items with the option to spend more on accessories. We know I love a good pair of shoes. And with the options I was sent, I was never impressed. In the future when I have a bit more wiggle room in my fashion budget, I’d be down to try it again. I’m still thinking about that lost Dior blazer. But buying for the sake of a name rather than the quality and investment side of things just never really settled with me. 

I’ll also be 100% transparent here and say that my body is still changing. So I’m far more likely to spend money on things I can get use out of at a few different sizes (jackets, shoe, purses), than tops. But I’m also hella picky about how tops hit me so that probably doesn’t help. At the end of the day, if I was in a place to really want to keep something and tailor it to my body, I think I’d love Material World Co. However, right now my focus is on building a very specific, basic & functional wardrobe. I stated this multiple times in my styling. And I never feel like I matched up.

ALSO, I think it’s worth noting that I feel like the Facebook ads are V deceiving. If I’d gotten the things in my box that I see in the ads, I might have been more inclined to buy things. But that definitely didn’t happen.


Overall, as always, I’m glad I tried it. I like to live by the you don’t know what you don’t know motto. And someday, I may find myself in a position to want to add more vintage or other pre-loved items into my wardrobe. However, I’ve recently realized so much of my energy has shifted and I tend to purchased with intention. When I first thought: Oh I’ll try this for the WSS babes and myself, I was in a different money headspace. I’ll dive into that in a different blog post because the mental shifts there have been PHENOMENAL. But the idea of not intentionally inviting something into my space or having ample time to really think about an item doesn’t align with where I’m at currently. 

If you’ve tried Material World Co, let us know in the comments below. One of my favorite things about doing these reviews is the fact that I get to learn how things work for YOU. Because while I am a picky bitch who will happily be the guinea pig, I love seeing the ways that you love products I don’t. For now, I’m off to pack for a weekend away. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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