Everything You Need To Know About Vin’tij – Destin, FL

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There’s something magical about entering your favorite restaurant. Whether it’s the first time or the 50th, it’s like a piece of home. And Vintij has easily become one of those places for me over the last few years.

If you’ve followed the blog for a bit, you’ll know that I’m a foodie at heart. But finding places that work for both my dietary restrictions as well as taste buds is often like throwing dice –  you never know what you’re going to get. Thankfully, we have another unicorn to add to the Savvy-approved restaurant list. Let’s talk about one of my favorite Destin, Fl finds – Vin’tij Food & Wine.

interior of Vin'tij - Destin Fl

Everything You Need To Know About Vintij- Destin, FL

The Location

On the main stretch of Grand Boulevard, you’ll find all kinds of treasures. But tucked next to Anthroplogie and the local cinema is Vintij. There’s ample parking available but you might have to walk a bit. If you can’t find a spot in front of the restaurant, there’s parking to the left of the theater and behind to the right.

The Vibe

If I could only pick two words for Vintij it would be casual elegance. Upon entering you’re great with a gorgeous wine selection with the hostess stand to your left. With a bit more observation, you’ll discover that the beauty of this Destin find is in more than it’s incredible menu.

The main dining room wall features a large mirror art display shaped to resemble a bird in flight. To your left in bar section, the most fabulous accordion lights highlight the back wall. And in the back, you’ll find a large open shelving display of wine glasses along with a glass barn door style entry for the private party section.

Seating is available both inside and out with high top tables in the front section of the restaurant and your classic metal tables to the right. So whether you’re looking to escape the heat or indulge in a bit of cooler fall/spring weather, there’s a perfect spot to enjoy your glass of wine.

Savannah Cyree smiling and drinking in Vin'tij - Destin Fl
Everything You Need To Know About Vintij - Destin Fl #whatsavvysaid #prosecco #highviberestaurant


The menu at the Vintij maintains its staples year-round while also highlighting a seasonal flavor with the daily/weekly specials. You’ll find everything from vegan to gluten-free to your favorite classics. With a variation of seafood recipes for the visiting tourist or fish-loving local and vegan dessert options that will have you obsessed in no time.

The staff is trained in the in-house wine selection. They offer a curated wine and beer menu. I’ve discovered many a new wine courtesy of the staff here. 

If like me you are a sucker for french fries, Vintij has some of my absolute favorites. There aren’t many places I can say that I will happily experiment with my meal choices each time but I’m often surprised by how much I love their specials. And the vegan desserts are pretty much a guarantee anytime we visit. 


Yes, they do! The owner’s wife is gluten-free and they are great about labeling the menu. If there’s something you need to leave off, just let them know. They also have a good selection of things that don’t require modification. 

meal served in Vin'tij - Destin Fl

The Best Time To Come

If you’re looking to get a last-minute spot, then lunch is your better choice with Vintij. There’s the odd chance you can snag a bar seat during busier times. But they do tend to stay packed. However, it’s not too hard to get a reservation a few days in advance if not on the day of.

You can also pop in for their bar hour between 4-5 which features a very select menu and their incredible wine variety. 

Do They Take Reservations?

Yes, they do. You can book via Resy or by calling.

What Makes It Special

When I made lifestyle changes a few years ago to help naturally balance my hormones, I knew I needed to level up the quality of what I was eating. But I also wanted food that tasted amazing. Vintij nails both of these.

It’s incredibly rare in the area to find restaurants that feature vegan and gluten-free desserts. And this has become a highlight of our monthly dinners here. I’m always inspired by the little details added to their meals as a finishing touch. But I love that there are the staples I can have time and time again when I’m craving a comfort meal.

The atmosphere gives a bit of elegance without being so much that you can’t do a casual meal here. There’s so much detail in the decor without it being too much. The vibrant blues make it a playful space while maintaining the modern vibes with light fixtures, large windows, and the mosaic details. 

food served in Vin'tij - Destin Fl
Savannah Cyree drinking in Vin'tij - Destin Fl

What To Order At Vin’tij?

If I’m craving a comfort meal, the raspberry port wine salad with salmon and a side of fries is my goto. From there, it’s really about what the specials are each week. I’ve ordered sandwiches, seafood, desserts, the avocado board, etc. It’s all good!

It’s worth noting to ask up front what the daily vegan dessert is because it’s something they sell out of quickly. You can also scope out the specials on Instagram. I’m also a big sandwich girl and they knock these out of the park plus offer gluten-free modifications. 

What To Wear?

You’ll find beach casual as the standard here. Think khakis and polos for the gents with sundresses for the ladies. I, of course, tend to go with my slightly more elevated looks by default. However, I’ve been with friends after an afternoon jet ski session in more chill attire and had no issues.

Have you checked out Vintij yet? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience and your favorite menu item. If you want to stay up to on all things 30a and luxury travel, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. And if you want to see more of life on 30a, be sure to come follow me on instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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