The Best Summer Heels – 7 Pairs I Can’t Stop Wearing

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There’s something about a summer heel that just makes me happy. Life in Florida means I don’t find myself in need of a large boot collection. But when it comes to a gorgeous pair of colorful heels or even the occasional classic, you know I’m ready to go all out. So today I’ve rounded up several of my favorites for you. Ones that are in my collection that you’ll most certainly recognize along with a few that need to find a home in my closet asap. 

But before we get started, a major thank you to Revolve for gifting some of today’s items and partnering with me. As always, all opinions are my own. I am forever grateful for those who are a part of the WSS community both behind the scenes and in the comments. Let’s dive into the fashion, shall we?

The Best Summer Heels - 7 Pairs I Can't Stop Wearing #lpa

The Best Summer Heels

The Paulo Heel

If you’ve read my other high heels post, you’ll know my standard for anything heel related is 3 inches or nothing. And these gorgeous woven green heels from Raye are the perfect combination of summer and delicate details. The height on these doesn’t feel like too much, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear.

They are also low-key enough to elevate a more basic look like your favorite curvy jeans or a simple dress. I recently featured them in reel with one of my casual go-tos – a structured boyfriend shirt dress. Plus, they are a fun pop of color without being too much so you can opt for a vibrant look or accessories without it being too much.

Augustine Heel

I stumbled on these last summer while scrolling the Revolve summer heels selection. And truth be told, they are very underrated. These have become my go-to when I’m feeling a bit more casual but still want to be my more elevated self. They are also short enough that they aren’t too harsh on my legs when I need something shorter after a tough run.

I find myself wearing these with some of my favorite longer summer dresses. They give the casual vibes of a sandal but the elegance of a heel. It’s the best of both worlds.

Fara Heel

There will always be a special place in my heart for shoes with feathers. Or sparkles. There’s something so fabulous about both. So when I stumbled onto the Raya Fara Heels, I knew I needed them in my life.

If you saw my most recent Youtube video, you’ll know I absolutely died when I tried on this slip dress. Paired with these heels, it’s perfection. The wrap has some grip so it doesn’t easily slide down your leg which is very needed with summer sweat & humidity.

These are very much a night-out shoe for me – but we know I’m also someone who dresses for her mind which means I would happily wear them mid-day just for fun. I’ve also set myself up to find the perfect bag to match the very unique shade of baby blue these heels come in. It’s a bit purple, a bit blue but just enough in the center of both that you have twice the outfit options.

The Best Versace Chunky Heel Dupe #whatsavvysaid #springoutfit #versacemedusa
the best summer heels

Charlize Platform

Now, now, now. Did we honestly think I was going to do a whole summer heels blog post and not include my most beloved 2022 shoe obsession? Certainly not. I have raved far and wide about these beauties. I’ve also shown you how to style them 5 ways if you missed it on my channel.

Truthfully, I feel like platforms will be the moment for the next 2 years at least. With Valentino featuring them with their Couture show this year, it’s a style that’s here to stay. Plus, who doesn’t need a bright pink shoe in their life? *this is a rhetorical question because the answer will always be everyone*

Ariella Heel

I like to affectionately refer to these as my summer rain heel because somehow I always seem to be wearing them when it rains. It’s also a testament to how well they hold up because they have gotten a lot of love over the last year. Again, these hang around the 3-inch heel mark which for me is casual.

And I find that they pretty much go with everything. For that reason, I reach for them whenever I’m craving a comfort outfit, need to run out the door & don’t have time to really play with my look (it happens but I hate it), or when I just want something classic. It’s also the perfect heel for shorts that adds a bit of casual elegance. 

You’ll love it. You’ll wear it all the time. Then you’ll realize it comes in multiple colors and the outfit options are endless. It’s fantastic!

the best summer heels

Cendi Pump

I have been wearing a pair of heels quite similar to this Schutz staple for a few years now. And if there’s ever a heel I know will get compliments whenever I pull it out, it’s this one. There’s something magical about the simplicity of it with the pop of color.

I like to put these in the summer heels/year-round simply because they aren’t a sandal. They also are perfect for trousers, jeans, and dresses. In all honestly, there aren’t many outfits I wouldn’t wear these with simply because they are that versatile. They are a bit higher than the casual 3 inches which mean you get the extra leg toning and natural butt lift when you wear them. As well as they come in a few colors so you’ve got options if you’re looking for a simple black heel or a camel version.

Abby Heel

There’s something about this newer style from Schutz that gives me a bit of Western chic vibes. Whether it’s the color, summer jeans, or the subtle leather pointed toe, I’m a bit obsessed. It’s the perfect heel that really adds a bit of fun and flair to an outfit but in a simple way.

It also has a bit of the ankle wrapping detail I’ve been loving with other summer heels this year but instead has a buckle strap. I can think of a dozen ways I want to style it even once cooler temps hit. Think a bit of peep toe under a boot cut jean as we go into fall. Plus, the color is magical!

I’d love to know which pair of summer heels are your favorite. Let me know in the comments below and drop your ig handle so I can come stalk your style. I love seeing what you babes are wearing in the community.

If you want more everyday styling content, make sure to come check out my Youtube channel as well as Tiktok – I post new outfits there almost every day. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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