February Favorites- Clean Beauty, Skincare, Books & More #whatsavvysaid #februaryfavorites #cleanbeauty #drunkelephant #aetherbeauty #cleaneyeshadow #erimish

February Favorites: Clean Beauty, Skincare, Books & More

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We’re officially two months into 2019 and it feels like time is flying. Well most of the time it feels like it’s flying unless I’m counting down the days until the end of our coffee fast. Time seems to go much slower when coffee is off the table. Nevertheless, I’m excited to share this month’s favorites with you! It’s a heavy beauty filled month with mostly new products. I’ve also been loving getting to know our new pup, Asher. All in all, February had some great moments and I’ve got lots to share. Let’s chat February favorites.

February Favorites- Clean Beauty, Skincare, Books & More #whatsavvysaid #februaryfavorites #cleanbeauty #drunkelephant #aetherbeauty #cleaneyeshadow

A Discovery of Witches

I’ll be brief about this one because I’m been talking about it to no end. After a friend mentioned wanting to watch the BBC series, I remembered that I’d heard some of my fave British gals talk about it. With a bit of digging around online, I finally figured out where to watch the first season. And as we all know, I’m now hooked on A Discovery Of Witches. So much so, I chose the book for March’s bookclub! If you’re looking for a new show to dig into, I’d highly recommend checking it out. The set designs are amazing and the actors are fabulous. I loved diving into the world Deborah Harkness created and I can’t wait to see season 2.

Ursa Major Vitamin C Serum*

After my drunk elephant vitamin c serum* ran out very suddenly, I went on the hunt for something new. I love trying new clean skincare and vitamin c serum is a staple in my morning routine. With a bit of searching and review reading, I stumbled onto this one. I use 2-3 pumps every morning after my toner & eye cream and before my moisturizer to help brighten up my skin. And while I can’t say it’s transformed my skin, it’s definitely been a welcomed part of my routine. The serum isn’t too tacky and adds an extra layer of moisture. I love the consistency of the Ursa Major serum and it’s a bit more budget friendly than other vitamin c options. I can see this one staying in my rotation for a while.

The Umbrella Academy

Anyone else see previews for Netflix shows and then forget they are coming out? Just me? Well The Umbrella Academy was one that I stumbled onto when I was in the mood for a new tv show. Of course, it wasn’t out yet so I added it to my list only to forget about it until recently. Personally, I tend to ignore the little notification in the corner Netflix gives you to tell you things are new. But I listened for a change, rewatched the trailer for the show and decided to give it a go. And I’m so glad I did! 

If you loved the X-Men movies where everyone is a teenager or maybe you enjoyed Orphan Black, I think you’d like this show. Plus, Ellen Page kills it as always. I have so many questions left after the last episode. So I hope Netflix announces season 2 soon. Until then, you can probably find me watching Warehouse 13 or even season 1 again. It was just that good. 

February Favorites- Clean Beauty, Skincare, Books & More #whatsavvysaid #februaryfavorites #cleanbeauty #drunkelephant #aetherbeauty #cleaneyeshadow
February Favorites- Clean Beauty, Skincare, Books & More #whatsavvysaid #februaryfavorites #cleanbeauty #drunkelephant #aetherbeauty #cleaneyeshadow


I told myself after Christmas I wouldn’t buy anything beauty for a bit. I’d take the time to enjoy everything I had and then I discovered Aether. A company started by a woman who wanted to create an eco friendly palette with a killer formula that also was considered clean beauty. Sign me up! 

Typically I’d list just one palette to share, however, I’ve invested in both and I’m obsessed. I originally opted for the Crystal Grid palette* because I didn’t have any blues or teals in my collection that were clean beauty. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about the Rose Quartz palette* and I’m now the proud owner of both. Yes, they are a bit pricey. One of the things I’ve come to accept about going clean is that you’re paying for the time, quality of products and ingredients you aren’t getting. However, if every eye shadow palette knocked it out of the park like the Aether ones, well my bank account would be in trouble. For now it’s safe to say I’m happy with my investment and I can’t wait to play with these palettes more. 


Slowly but surely I’m starting to make the transition to cleaner hair care. And thankfully the first product I’ve used has already stolen my heart. I love to use a volumizing foam for that extra lift in my roots and all over my hair. This one from Innersense has quickly become a favorite for several reasons.

If you aren’t a fan of the grit certain products add to your hair, you’ll enjoy this. My hair is still incredibly soft but also feels full. I don’t find it’s overly tacky or leaves a residue on my hands after application. Plus I love that it’s filled with good for my hair ingredients that helps keep it healthy. I’ve still got quite a few products to work through before I replace others. For now, I’m excited to try more from Innersense in the future!


One of my goals this year is to really make strides with my finances. And since I’m not quite ready to start a capsule wardrobe yet this seemed like the next best solution. I’ve had friends who’ve previously used Rent The Runway for weddings or other events. But I thought it was time I gave it a go myself. 

If you want to switch up your wardrobe month or try new things without committing, this is perfect. I chose the unlimited plan meaning I can have 4 items at a time but there isn’t a limit per month. You could pick a full outfit or choose a bunch of dresses. I tend to do the later. It’s been a great way for me to curb my shopping habit for a bit while still getting to indulge in new things. There will be a full review coming soon but for now it’s safe to say I’m loving it!

February Favorites- Clean Beauty, Skincare, Books & More #whatsavvysaid #februaryfavorites #cleanbeauty #drunkelephant #aetherbeauty #cleaneyeshadow
February Favorites- Clean Beauty, Skincare, Books & More #whatsavvysaid #februaryfavorites #cleanbeauty #drunkelephant #aetherbeauty #cleaneyeshadow


I’ve never been much of a bracelet gal. Most of the time, I find they are too much for my wrist and just annoy me constantly when I’m doing things. Or at least I felt that way until I snagged this Erimish Bracelet stack. I tend to split the stack in half and wear it but you could definitely rock the whole thing. They are perfect for adding a bit of fun & sparkle to any look. I’ve pretty much been living in them daily because I’m that obsessed. 


Speaking of daily combos, I mentioned this duo in my instagram stories the other day. I dove head first into my skincare routine last year and along the way, I made sure to add spf into my morning routine. This fair girl has no desire to age her skin prematurely or increase my chances of skin cancer. Farmacy’s SPF* has been a favorite since I tried a sample months ago. It’s no surprise that it’s often sold out on the Sephora website. But adding in Drunk Elephant’s Sunshine Drops* gives that extra bit of warmth and glow. 

I tend to rock a very basic no makeup look in my day to day life. And this duo has been key in making that happen. It smooths out my skin and adds a bit of color. So I find all I need to add in is some concealer, brow, bronzer, highlight & mascara. Yeah, it’s not extra minimal but a girl’s got the right to glow.


I’ve had my eye on a few different clean beauty subscription boxes to review for the blog for a while now. Since Petit Vour was checked off the list, I decided to give The Detox Market* one a go. February’s box included several Fitglow products including this eye cream

Personally, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to using eye creams. I find I tend to reach for them more if there’s a problem than anything else. And I can’t say that this one is a game changer yet. But I do like how it applies and find it very moisturizing. It doesn’t irritate my eyes. Plus the extra hydration has helped to soften my fine lines that are developing. All in all, I’m loving this eye cream and will happily use it all up!


This wouldn’t be a Savvy favorites if there wasn’t a food item on the list. These were a discovery thanks to Alaina and a wine tasting night two of my friends through for Galentines. They are gluten free and vegan. If you enjoy a bit of a savory treat, these might be for you. I like to pair them with vegan cheese or even use them to scoop up my chili. We’ve easily gone through 2 boxes already and will definitely be buying more!

Do you have any favorites from February? I’d love to know what you’re loving or have been trying lately. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know. Xoxo, Savvy


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