How I’m Staying On Track With My Wellness Goals

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“This post is sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

We all know I’m about building a healthy lifestyle. Yep, I’m talking about that b word: balance. From the snacks I eat (LÄRABAR Fruit & Nut Bars are my current fave!) to my gym sessions (yoga or weight lifting), I’ve found that balance will always be key when it comes to my fitness goals. And while we all may live our healthy lifestyles a bit differently, sometimes we need that extra push. 

So whether you’re just starting out in building your healthy lifestyle or you just need a kick in the pants, today’s post is for you. Starting can be the easy part, but staying on the path for your fitness goals can be much harder. So let’s chat about how I’m staying on track and how you can, too!

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Old habits die hard and my habit for planning my food ahead is one of them. If I’m home, I like to make sure the fridge is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. Since I’ve started focusing on intuitive eating, I haven’t been meal planning as much. But having healthy options on hand makes it easier for me to choose veggies over chips. It’s the little things that add up when it comes to fitness goals.

And if I’m traveling, I’m notoriously known for having snacks and a giant water bottle. Lately, I’ve been carrying around one or two of the LÄRABAR Fruit & Nut Bars as my snack. Depending on my mood, I’ll swap flavors around but there’s always a ton of flavor options at Publix to choose from – I’m currently crushing HARD on the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor. If you want to save $0.50 off 2 LÄRABAR bars between 10/1/18 – 10/31/18 at your local Publix, click here. Plus, they are non-gmo, made with fair trade certified ingredients, gluten free, dairy free and vegan which makes for the perfect snack in my on-the-go life. 


I struggled with this one for a while last year. And I think it’s probably what put my fitness goals on the back burner. I hated my gym. It wasn’t somewhere I wanted to workout, and that meant I did everything I could to get in and out quickly. I know people always preach about finding something you love to do, but I also think it’s about finding a space you enjoy working out in. If you hate your gym, you’re not going to want to go there. I certainly didn’t, and it meant I’d find any excuse to leave as quickly as possible.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of trials and day passes. I recently went gym shopping and made use of loads of free gym days. For me, I like the option of doing my own thing. So it’s important to me to have a space I can go off and do that. Learning your workout style and finding a place you enjoy can make all the difference in developing your healthy habits. I mean, working out is already a challenge. Why make it even more difficult?

How I’m Staying On Track With My Fitness Goals #whatsavvysaid #wellness #fitness #birminghamal #continentialbakery #larabar #latte


Over the years, I’ve read countless diet books. A lot of them have to do with health and how certain diets impact it. But it’s taken me a really long time to learn to listen to my body and what it’s saying. I know depending on my workout, my body is going to crave more carbs. On the regular though, it’s pretty content with protein, fats and vegetables. It’s what works for me.

Intuitive eating takes time. And it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. I’ve had years of making small adjustments, but they were exactly that. They were small adjustments. If you were to offer me a LÄRABAR Fruit & Nut Bar or a candy bar these days, I’d pick the LÄRABAR every time. But getting to that point took time. Don’t be afraid to listen to the cues your body is giving you. Remember that little changes add up, especially when it comes to fitness goals.


I’m a fairly busy gal. My schedule tends to go in waves. If I’m not out of town, the chances are I’m running to Publix for last-minute groceries after the gym because my LÄRABAR and kombucha addiction is out of hand and their selection is amazing. Or I’m hunkered down at home, working and snacking on my LÄRABAR while sipping on said kombucha. See? Addicted. Occasionally, I use visiting friends as an excuse to staycation in my hometown. But you get the point. I’m typically somewhere doing something.

However, I recently found the key to making my fitness goals a priority is my calendar. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to break promises to myself anymore. I wanted to be the person the younger me needed. And putting my workouts in my calendar is my way of doing this. Working for myself occasionally means I have flexibility, but it doesn’t always mean I have motivation. So when I put something in my calendar, it’s my way of saying this needs to be done. It’s an appointment I make for and with myself.

How I’m Staying On Track With My Fitness Goals #whatsavvysaid #wellness #fitness #birminghamal #continentialbakery #mountainbrook #englishvillage #alabama
How I’m Staying On Track With My Fitness Goals #whatsavvysaid #wellness #fitness #larabar #publix


However, I know that sometimes life takes over and my calendar has more in it than I have hours for in the day. It’s life. Which is where living an active lifestyle comes into play. This might mean you opt for the stairs over the elevator. In my life, it means I typically park farther away from Publix so I get in the extra steps. Make it a point to be more active in your everyday life and it won’t seem like such a chore. Maybe try yoga with the girls or yoga and then drinks? Going for walks with friends and making activity a part of your everyday life makes hitting your fitness goals that much easier.


The way I see it, you’re only getting started with your fitness journey. So if you want to stay motivated, consider boredom the enemy. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. There’s no rule that says you can’t do a different workout or class every time. Some days, I like yoga. Other days, I need to run out some frustrations or lift some weights. Your mind is what’s going to get you to your fitness goals and help you keep pushing. And if that means you need to trick it, then by all means—go for it!

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