Where We Ate In Downtown Pensacola #whatsavvysaid #wheresavvywent #floridatravels #foodie #downtownpensacola #khons #sushiroll

Where We Ate In Downtown Pensacola

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With a new puppy at home, my travels have been limited lately. So instead of long weekends away, I’ve been opting for day trips. They are the perfect way to escape without the extra faff of needing a hotel and packing. Plus, I’m always down to explore somewhere new. And our trip to Pensacola last week was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some good food and see new things.

The list of places we went is actually quite small this time around. We ended up in downtown around lunch time after a little bridesmaid dress try on session. But we were able to squeeze in a few good places and one or two I’m excited to share with you. If you’re looking for recommendations on where to eat in Pensacola, I hope you’ll check out some of my new faves!

Where We Ate In Downtown Pensacola #whatsavvysaid #wheresavvywent #floridatravels #foodie #downtownpensacola


There are so many different options for places to eat in downtown Pensacola. But I had a craving for sushi so we opted to go to Khon’s. It’s easily somewhere I’d go again. I opted for a sushi roll, seaweed salad and a bit of edamame. I can’t say that I’ve tried seaweed salad before this adventure but I didn’t hate it. 

Overall the prices for lunch were reasonable. It’s exactly what you’d expect to pay at any fast casual restaurant. And the menu works for almost all diets. For those who are vegan or gluten free, you wouldn’t have any issues finding something you can eat. I really enjoyed my food and would happily recommend this place to a friend. If you’re looking for pad thai, sushi, fried rice or even ramen, Khon’s is a great option in downtown Pensacola.

Where We Ate In Downtown Pensacola #whatsavvysaid #wheresavvywent #floridatravels #foodie #downtownpensacola
Where We Ate In Downtown Pensacola #whatsavvysaid #wheresavvywent #floridatravels #foodie #downtownpensacola


I discovered Fosko during my wanderings downtown back in September. During a weekend of wedding festivities, I needed somewhere to do a bit of work. So I ended up hunkered down in the corner with my laptop for a few hours. It’s by far one of the cutest coffee shops I’ve been in and was high on my list to go to again during our day adventure. I’ve tried both their tea & coffee and enjoyed each. They also offer crepes and other treats. Or if you’re in the mood for something sparkling, you can snag their version of a mimosa.

Honestly, Fosko is one of my favorite parts of downtown Pensacola. The vibes for this coffee shop are super chill but the attention to detail in the design is gorgeous. I love their copper ceilings and giant espresso machine. Again, I’d happily recommend this place to a friend and have done so. Definitely one to put on your list to try if you’re going to be in the area.

Where We Ate In Downtown Pensacola #whatsavvysaid #wheresavvywent #floridatravels #foodie #downtownpensacola
Where We Ate In Downtown Pensacola #whatsavvysaid #wheresavvywent #floridatravels #foodie #downtownpensacola #bluejaysbakery

Bluejay’s Bakery

The last place we popped into before making our journey home from Pensacola was Bluejay’s. I was hoping to snag a treat for my parents and maybe myself to eat later. I opted to get a vegan & gluten free brownie for myself and a gluten free oatmeal cookie with chocolate filling for mom. Unfortunately, I don’t think either baked good won us over.

The atmosphere was quaint and they have a decent selection of sweets. I appreciated that they had gluten free and vegan options on the menu. And it was very reasonably priced. However, because there is unfortunately a however, the gluten free flour they use makes things taste grainy.

Gluten free & vegan brownies tend to end up very dense simply because of the lack of ingredients. Often times, you’ll find they almost remind you of fudge in their thickness. But they can still taste smooth. In both my brownie & mom’s cookie, we noticed the grain so I suspect it’s something in the flour they are using. Overall, I wasn’t massively impressed with the treats I did try and wouldn’t recommend if you are gluten free. If you aren’t limited with dietary restrictions, you might enjoy this spot in downtown Pensacola. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a winner in my book.

Do you have any favorites in downtown Pensacola or somewhere you think I should try next? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below and let me know what your faves are and where we should go next time. 

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