What's On My Bookshelf- Winter 2019 #whatsavvysaid #winterbooks #winterreads #coffeeshop #tealatte #whatsavvyread #aneditedlife #bookworm

What’s On My Bookshelf: Winter 2019

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We may be only two months into 2019 but my bookworm status is going strong. Between audible* & my kindle*, I’ve been working through as many books as I can fit into my schedule. And even a few I probably should have put down to be more productive.

Luckily for you, I have tons to talk about and a few more that are on the list still to read. So like my what’s in my makeup bag posts, I thought I’d do more of a what’s on my bookshelf post. Here’s everything I’ve been reading lately and a few I hope to read soon.

What's On My Bookshelf- Winter 2019 #whatsavvysaid #winterbooks #winterreads #coffeeshop #tealatte #whatsavvyread #aneditedlife #bookworm

Read: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead*

I’ve had this one on my to read list for ages. And with so many car rides recently, I finally decided to snag the audible version. If you were a fan of the Vampire Academy series*, you’ll enjoy this one as well. It’s definitely more of a slow burn book with a PG13 level status. No crazy sex scenes or overly graphic moments. 

Richelle tends to write in a way that gives you small pieces to one inevitably large puzzle. But she makes it a point to develop her characters along the way. They are super easy to get attached to and even easier to cheer for. If you enjoy more sci-fi style books, Bloodlines is definitely one to add to your bookshelf. From tales of vampires to their guardians and the magic they all possess, you’ll quickly be drawn into the Moroi world. 

Read: A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness*

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen me mention this one recently. The first book, A Discovery of Witches, has been turned into a tv series. And it’s incredibly addicting. Diana, our main gal, wants nothing to do with her heritage as a witch and has spent most of her life trying to do everything to avoid it. But when she calls up a book from the library in Oxford that has been missing for ages, everything changes. From an overprotective vampire with many secrets to hide to the many things Diana has yet to learn about herself, both the tv series & novels create an enchanting world to get lost in.

I’ve read both the first book and watched the series and they are both amazingly well done. Again, we are on another vampire/scifi kick here. But the approach here is different than any other as well. If you like Charmed, The Secret Circle or Sabrina, you’ll enjoy the first season. If you enjoyed Harry Potter, Twilight or Vampire Academy, you’ll enjoy the books. I’ll admit, they are a hefty read. The audiobooks come in at around 24 listening hours. So be prepared to have some patience before you dive in. I just started the 3rd book in the series and the average reading time is around 11 hours. 

What's On My Bookshelf- Winter 2019 #whatsavvysaid #winterbooks #winterreads #coffeeshop #tealatte #whatsavvyread #aneditedlife #bookworm
What's On My Bookshelf- Winter 2019 #whatsavvysaid #winterbooks #winterreads #coffeeshop #tealatte #whatsavvyread #aneditedlife #bookworm


After discovering Little White Lies and adding it to bookclub, I went down a bit of a JLB hole. This book and several others were added to my bookshelf thanks to amazon. It’s a bit less science fiction than my other recent reads but still one I truly enjoyed.

There are 4.5 books in the Naturals series. And they all follow 17 year old Cassie and her gifted housemates. Cassie grew up reading people and developed the ability to profile. Her skills make her a valuable asset along with the 4 other teenagers working with the FBI to solve cold cases. Amongst those cold cases, Cassie hopes to solve the murder of her mother and finally find some answers for what happened years ago. But along the way secrets will be discovered, Cassie will be challenged and everything she thought she knew will change.

I’ve been on a bit of young adult reading kick and The Naturals is amongst those I’ve read. Not a ton of profanity or sex scenes but a whole lot of sass and a few laughs. If you love a good mystery novel, The Naturals is one for you.


This was another amazon suggested discovery recently and is also February’s bookclub pick. Five students. One afternoon in detention that results in one of them dying. Someone knows everyone’s secrets. And someone doesn’t want their secrets know. It’s pretty little liars meet breakfast club.

I still have quite a few feelings about this book. The ending is one I’m still not resolved over but it’s probably more so for personal reasons. However, if you enjoyed 13 reasons why or miss having Pretty Little Liars in your life, you need to add this to your bookshelf. It’s a bit more on the young side of young adult but I couldn’t put it down. Definitely not one to start if you’ve only got a little time to read before bed because you’ll be hooked. 

What's On My Bookshelf- Winter 2019 #whatsavvysaid #winterbooks #winterreads #coffeeshop #tealatte #whatsavvyread #aneditedlife #bookworm


I’ll admit I’ve barely cracked open the cover of this book. However, I did only get it yesterday. I’ve followed Anna’s blog for years. And she’s someone who’s recommendations I trust. An Edited Life covers everything from budgets to wardrobes to work. If you’re looking to get organized or just want to live with a bit less clutter, this is a book for you. I can’t wait to dive in and do a deep cleanse of all the areas. 


I love a good side by side story. When an author can weave details from one life into the next, I always find it fascinating. Maybe it’s why I loved The Longest Ride* so much. And Julia Kelly does that with The Light Over London.

This one has been on my bookshelf for a month or so. I honestly meant to dive in sooner but I’ve picked up one too many novels with sequels lately. The Light Over London tells the story of an antiques dealer named Cara who would rather dive into her work than deal with the past. But when an item in her shop takes her on a journey of discovery, Cara finds she might not be ready for someone else’s past either. It’s a tale of two women’s lives across the years with one living during WW2 and the other in the present. And it’s about the ways that connect us no matter when or where we live.  


I’m not one for political books or politics in general. But I love hearing people’s stories and how they’ve overcome life’s many battles. Becoming is a peek behind the curtain at the years that shaped the iconic woman. From her days in Chicago to her years on Pennsylvania Avenue, I’m excited to dive into the story of Michelle’s life so far. We can all learn a little something from everyone we meet. And I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn from a former first lady. .


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