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With all the sales this weekend, it’s easy to get sucked into buying things because they are a good deal. Are they all worth it? Probably not. And I’ll admit I’ve been suckered by the savings promise before. So instead of sharing more deals today, I wanted to share the items I think are worth the price. These are the ones that I’d happily buy again and again. And if you can score a deal on them, even better!

Amazon Prime*

I’ve jokingly said before that I order my life on Amazon but it’s probably true. I love and get so much use from my amazon prime account. From deals on products, quick shipping and access to tons of movies & books, it’s literally a gift for everyone. But I’m always amazed at how few people have an account. If you’re looking for a gift for someone but aren’t quite sure what to get, a prime membership is surely going to win them over. They have 3 month and 1 year options available*. Personally, I like to see it as the gift that keeps on giving. And who doesn’t love that?

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones*

This year I’ve invested in my fair share of electronics. Some of it was because it was simply time and others were to solve a problem. My initial reasoning for buying the soundsport wireless headphones was to solve a problem. From cracked phone screens to spilling coffee on my laptop, it was clearly time to go wireless. And I’ve loved every second of it. It’s nice to feel more freed in my workouts. I can run easily on a treadmill or give myself a guide soundtrack for yoga. Typically these range at around $200 but I know they will drop a little for black friday sales. If you’re considering upgrading your workout, I’d definitely recommend checking these out.

Bose Quietcomfort Noise Cancelling Headphones*

It may seem a bit excessive to own more than one pair of headphones. And for many people, you’d probably be fine with just the soundsport. When I originally wanted to get wireless, I went for the sportier option because friends had advised that over the ear headphones can get hot. But from the road or even a noisy home, I find that I get distracted with sounds. All that added distraction makes it a lot harder for me to write or concentrate. So again, I broke down to invest in something that I thought would solve and problem. And honestly, they are the reason I’m writing this post.

I flipping love these headphones. They make it so much easier to work from home and do wonders at tuning out noise wherever I find myself. I busted them out last weekend to get some bits done last minute in a coffee shop. After working for 30 minutes, I was amazed at how loud it actually was in the room when I took them off. If you’re considering getting a pair or know someone who wants them, they are incredible and you won’t regret it. Plus when you’re trying to get work done, who really wants the subtle in ear headphone when over the ear ones tell people you mean business. 🙂


Is it just me or does anyone else always think of Nespresso and that scene in Hart of Dixie where she it and blows the fuse to get Wade to come over? Just me? Okay. I’ve had my nespresso for the last 5 years and I still love it. In all honesty, I’d probably would upgrade to the vertuo line but mine is still working really well. If you’re a regular latte drinker or maybe one of your new year goals is going to be spend less out, then you’ll love having this.

It’s perfect if you entertain at home a lot or may you just want to have healthier latte options available to you. I love using my milk frother to make my lattes that extra bit special. For example, we used it the other night with coconut milk eggnog to make homemade eggnog lattes. It was simple, affordable and just right because we could mix the portions. I’d honestly repurchase mine or even upgrade it. And if you’re looking to give it as a gift, there are a ton of great sales on it currently. There’s also some great places to get pods for it. You can find my review on one of them here.

Kitchen Aid Mixer*

If you’re looking for an impressive gift that will last and be worth every penny, look no further. And if you own a kitchen aid already, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Hands down the best mixer you’ll ever own. And they last forever. Seriously, we are using my grandmother’s kitchen aid still. This is a great gift to go in with a few people on for mom or maybe buy for the person you know would never spend the money themselves. I’ve been using ours for years and I don’t think I’ll ever be converted to another brand. Easily worth the price tag and will win you gift points & maybe baked goods for years to come.

Apple Watch*

I’ve spoken a lot about this one recently and did a review you can find here so I’ll be brief. I love my apple watch. And every friend I know that has one would tell you the same. If you’re looking to motivate yourself in the new year or maybe just want to know if it’s worth the price tag, I’d recommend it. I love sharing activity with friends and just having something that generally reminds me to make better choices throughout the day. It fits well in my lifestyle and I get tons of use out of it. So if you’re looking for someone to say yes, check it out then you have my recommendation. I’m a big fan.

Apple TV*

Over the past few years, cutting the cord has become more and more common. I find that I have fewer friends with cable and more with monthly subscriptions and borrowed passwords. It works. Before I moved back home, I was of the cord cutting variety. I used my Apple TV & my Roku to watch everything. Now are they both amazing and have no faults? Definitely not. But if you’re considering cutting the cord in 2018, then investing in a streaming device that won’t turn to crap is a good idea.

I’ve had my Apple TV for close to 4 years and it’s still going strong. It’s a perfect way to access everything from my phone or laptop. And if I need to stream from one of those devices to my tv, I can with ease. You get access to tons of different services and can subscribe easily from your tv. But if you want to use them online as well you have that ability. Such services include hbo, showtime and hulu. Plus with the new 4k tv, you’ll get theater like quality from the comfort of home. It may seem like an investment but it’s definitely one you’ll appreciate over the years.


So wherever you find yourself shopping this holiday season, I hope this guide helps. And if you aren’t looking to spend major money, I’ve got ideas coming for you as well. But for those looking to invest and make the most of the sales, I hope this helps you narrow down your choices. Happy Thanksgiving friends!


*Outbound links are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase the item from this link I make a small commission. This in no way changes the cost to you but allows me to share the things I love most with you all. Please know I only post the things I love and only share items I truly love and recommend with you. Thank you for supporting Savee & Savory.

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