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When it comes to girls night, if we’re going somewhere on 30a, you’re most likely to find me in Rosemary Beach. The food. The views. The prosecco. It’s a happy place. So today I’m breaking it all down for you. Whether you’re just popping in for a drink or want a full evening adventure, you’ll find it in today’s girls’ night in Rosemary Beach guide. Grab a friend and set a date. You’ve got some quality time to start planning!

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Girls Night In Rosemary Beach


Pescado – The Courtyard

Tucked away beneath one of the most popular spots in Rosemary, the Courtyard is the perfect stop-in to get your night started or for a drink & some local music. You’ll find a curated mix of drinks and bite-sized meals on their menu along with a salad or two. They also do a very decadent dessert that is not gluten or dairy-free. But if you can tolerate a little, their s’mores are BEYOND.

If you’re looking for a spot to grab drinks with your girls and settle in for a long chat, The Courtyard is definitely the vibe for it. Super cozy with the attention to detail that you’d find in Pescado. 


I often recommend Neat as a stop for anyone looking to do girls’ night in Rosemary Beach but wanting something a little less hectic. It’s also technically in Aly’s Beach but for today, it’s all one area. With their custom cocktails that are constantly changing, Neat focuses mainly on showcasing their drinks with the same specialty you’d expect from a 5-star menu.

They do have a few food bites on the menu. This has changed over the years so I’d recommend checking online before you go. But when I’m looking to impress but go somewhere that features options for those who both indulge in alcohol & those who don’t, Neat is at the top of my list.



I adore Pescado for many reasons. But getting a reservation for girls’ night in Rosemary Beach can be very challenging. They do offer walk-ups. However, as the only restaurant with a spectacular beach view in the area, it’s a V popular spot. *pro tip – go for lunch*

Thankfully, they do keep their bar seating open. And it’s absolutely worth it if you can snag a spot even if it’s only for a drink. The sunset view is spectacular. Plus, it’s the perfect space to soak in all the calming beach vibes while also eating an incredible meal. 


The newest addition to the 30a stretch, The Citizen is one of the few restaurants in Alys Beach and it’s divine. Again, reservations can be hit or miss. But I’d recommend stopping in around 445pm and snagging a seat at the bar. 

If you follow me on Instagram,  I did a review when they first opened. We recently tried their menu again and noted a few updates. They are swapping things out seasonally. The menu is also much smaller than the original version. But you can find something for even the pickiest eater. At the time I’m writing this, their cocktail menu is created by the geniuses at Neat. I absolutely adore the vibe of this place. And the bar experience is always the best.

Where To Go For Girls Night In Rosemary Beach #whatsavvysaid #rosemarybeachfl #midsizefashion #budgetfashion #zaradress
Where To Go For Girls Night In Rosemary Beach #whatsavvysaid #rosemarybeachfl #midsizefashion #budgetfashion #zaradress
Where To Go For Girls Night In Rosemary Beach #whatsavvysaid #rosemarybeachfl #midsizefashion #budgetfashion #zaradress

Happy Hour

Havana Beach Bar (At The Pearl)

While you won’t get the full beach view, you’ll absolutely soak up the relaxing beach energy by starting your girl’s night in Rosemary Beach with happy hour at the Pearl. The seating is outdoor so be prepared to soak in a bit of sunshine with some shaded areas available. I’m personally a prosecco girl which I would 100% order here. It’s a bit more low-key and has the same daytime style so you can keep it simple with your beach looks or go all out.

The Best Menu

Edward’s Fine Food & Wine

The team at Edward’s won me over a few months ago after we were invited to taste their new summer menu. Spoiler alert – it’s divine. If you follow me on Instagram, you can find all the details from our experience in my highlights. But the team is amazing and prepared to accommodate all kinds of dietary restrictions/needs.

Reservations are recommended but if you’re a foodie, you’ll want to put this one at the top of your list for dinner. They also have a dessert menu with a few gluten-free options. And their wine menu is fabulous as well. 

La Crema

A frequent choice for the WSS team whenever we’re celebrating or just need something bite-sized while shooting. It also happens to be a favorite of mine to take friends who have been coming to the beach for years. Their tapas menu means you can easily find options for everyone.

If you’re looking for one spot to cover everything during your girl’s night in Rosemary Beach, this is it. You can find appetizers, drinks, and the well-loved chocolate fondue. I love their fish tacos, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes. But you’d be hard-pressed to find something on the menu that isn’t up to par.

How I’d Plan Girls Night In Rosemary Beach

Last Minute

The key to successfully doing a girls night is Rosemary Beach is reservations. HOWEVER, there are tricks to having a fabulous night even if you need to make it happen day of. It also happens to be something we do monthly because I forget where I live and just want a good meal after a shoot. In this situation, I would suggest The Citizen for dinner & Neat for drinks after. Both have more flexibility but you can get a delicious meal without a reservation. It’s a win win!

For 2-4 people

If you’re in the mood to try several places, I’d suggest booking the following ahead – The Courtyard or Pescado for drinks before. Edward’s has the best dinner ambience and menu. And of course, I’d go to La Crema for chocolate fondue.

For A Large Group

If you have time to plan ahead, Pescado is amazing at accommodating larger groups.  You’ll also find seating at La Crema and The Citizen. 

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