How To Stay On Track & Win The Holidays

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We are officially almost a week away from Thanksgiving. Seriously, how is this happening already? Yes, I’m excited for pie but I’m also in shock knowing that the year has gone by so quickly!

With the holidays coming up, we all know the spirals. Lots of people eat way too much over the holidays. It starts with pie, continues with Christmas cookies and ends with a promise for a New Years resolution of weight loss. Yo-yo life style moments!

I always hear people say I’m starting my diet tomorrow. I’m going to eat whatever I want right now but I’m starting my diet tomorrow. We never get off the merry go round when we stay in this cycle. And because I think you deserve more than a yo-yo life, I want to talk about a few ways to stay on track with the holidays.


Get Moving!

A few years ago, I did a half-marathon on Thanksgiving. Trust me. This isn’t a pat myself on the back idea. It’s always been on my bucket list and it’s the perfect time of year to do it. Plus a friend joined me for the run. But regardless, it was exercise.

Now, I’m not saying you should go for a 13.1 mile run Thanksgiving morning. Heck, I don’t think I will. But I am saying that it’s important to remember to stay active during this time of year.

None of us want to gain a holiday turkey around our bellies. Find a partner to be active with. Maybe take a walk with a family member in the morning or play a game outside with everyone. Make it a point to keep moving. You will be thankful for it and so will your body.

You can eat more than one meal in a day.

Have you ever noticed, we seem to think that we can only consume one meal on the day of a holiday? But seriously, we go from 3 rounded meals to a giant plate of food and a stomach ache. Where is the logic in this?

I get it. There is so much food you want to try! But why can’t we eat it in more than one meal? Even better, why can’t we split the food between two days? I know that we always end up with obscene amounts of leftovers for my family. Breaking the meals in portions our bodies can process and not overwhelming our systems with insane amounts of food can be a small piece in the battle against the tummy turkey.

I’m not saying don’t eat the awesome pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie. I’m saying that you can always eat pumpkin pie a little while later. I promise. It’s still equally as great.  And, remember, staying well-hydrated on holidays is essential, as adequate hydration supports overall health and can complement your holiday routine. Additionally, for individuals experiencing dehydration symptoms or similar issues, it’s crucial to consult with a doctor and explore alternative options, such as peptide IV therapy or IV drips with vitamins to effectively rehydrate the body.

Don’t let fear ruin your holiday.

We hear it all the time. You didn’t gain all the weight overnight so you aren’t going to lose it in the same time. It’s true. If you’ve got a routine, it’s okay to take a break and eat some not as healthy things for a day. Your body needs to rest occasionally. And the lasting healthy lifestyle requires balance. One day is not a lifestyle break.

Get accountable.

If you don’t think that you are ready to battle the holiday on your own, ask for some help. Find a friend who faces the turkey tummy issue and make it a point to keep other accountable for your actions. You are far more likely to stick to making choices within your respected lifestyle if you have someone who is counting on you.


Being healthy is a lifestyle. Making conscious food choices daily will shape how you feel. It’s okay to indulge occasionally. You shouldn’t feel guilty for eating one slice of pie. But knowing your limits and keeping in touch with yourself on how your body is doing with fullness can be the key to the holiday bulge battle.

What are some of your favorite ways to stay active and fight the holiday turkey tummy? Leave a note below and let me know.



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