How To Throw Your Own Bridgerton Tea Party

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As soon as the dates for Bridgerton season 3 were announced, there was never a doubt in my that we would be throwing our own Bridgerton Tea Party. I mean really, we’ve waited so long it felt like an international holiday at this point. But as a girl who has dietary restrictions (gluten and dairy-free life), I knew that our tea party needed to blow all the others I’d experienced out of the water.

It’s safe to say we delivered. So today I walking you through our planning process. Everything we used down to china, the recipe books we resourced (including a very official Bridgerton Tea Party book) as well as the rules we followed to make it work perfectly for us. Grab your tea or cocktail friends, we’ve got a party to plan!

How To Throw Your Own Bridgerton Tea Party

What Are The Rules For A Tea Party?

I will wholeheartedly say if there are rules we didn’t follow them. By which I mean I felt kind of nervous about planning this with the idea of how a tea party “should” look. But once I dug into a few different books with showcasing an abundance of different styles of tea parties – I felt less attached to the idea of doing it “right”.

We typically see tea parties with featuring sandwiches, scones, and some kind of dessert/cookie. It’s what I’ve experienced in the states. And depending on the location, the options are less appealing when you need to have a menu made for dietary restrictions. So whatever rules you decide to apply, I suggest making a menu that sounds delicious to you. 

Planning The Menu

We devoured The Unofficial Bridgerton Book Of Afternoon Tea as well as The Official Bridgerton Guide To Entertaining. Both were enlightening and will definitively feature recipes for future tea parties. However, we found the unofficial guide a bit more helpful with planning a cohesive tea party menu.

There are tea parties based on the various characters with at least 10 different full-scale menus. A drink (sometimes tea, sometimes cocktail), first bites, 2nd bites (typically sweet) as well as a grand dessert. We opted for the caramelized fennel & shrimp polenta crostini (from Lady Danbury’s tea party), rosemary scones with cream cheese & parma ham (from Lady Featherington’s tea party), and the Lemon Lavender Cakes (from Marina Thompson’s tea party).

Additionally, we ordered scones from a local bakery that specializes in all kinds of flavors. We went for Matcha, Pistachio Raspberry, Biscoff, and Lavender Honey.

Planning Ahead

Once we got the menu down, it was time to plan the rest of our Bridgerton Tea Party. We will chat about china in a second but there were a few things to consider with the table scape and making the day of run seamlessly.

I treated this similar to how we prep for Thanksgiving. I did a day of baking before making sure everything had time to cool and be cut (every recipe required cookie cutters). But this meant that on the day we did the final few bits: cooking the shrimp, a quick saute for the fennel, assembling the cakes, etc. 

Should Your Tea Party Have Flowers?

This was a debate I had internally up until the moment I laid out the table. And it turned out for us, it wasn’t really needed. Something I’ve seen more recently that I love when it comes to table scapes is smaller, more frequent bouquets that add a bit of color and greenery but aren’t so large they take away from the main display. We went without and it was perfect.



You could absolutely stalk your local thrift stores and make this work. Our original plan was the use china from our parents. However, I’ve been slowly collecting the Royal Albert Rose Confetti collection simply to have my own tea party at home. And it worked perfectly with the pieces we also had on hand. I will link each piece below as well as the table runner.


If you’re throwing this party for a group with various preferences when it comes to alcohol, I have to say the Williams-Sonoma Bridgerton Mixers are so lovely. And they make for a beautiful mocktail as well. I didn’t manage to get photos of our drinks because we were deep into our watch party. However, I did buy some cocktail glitter for us and it made everything that much more fun.

Given that you’re likely going to be drinking the cocktail after you’ve eaten, it’s totally open to whatever you’re feeling for the day. But I did spy a Blueberry & Elderflower Champagne Punch in the official Bridgerton Tea Party guide that sounds decadent as well as a Peach & Bourbon Smash.


In tea parties I’ve attended in the past, we’ve opted to try a few different blends. I mean technically the tea party should be about tea but we all know we care about the food. When in doubt, there are a few classic options that work with various menus: English breakfast tea, Tazo’s Glazed Lemon Loaf Tea, and Pinky Up’s Red Velvet Tea. The latter is a loose-leaf tea option so make sure you have a strainer on hand.


bridgerton tea party - shrimp crostini

All in all, it was such a lovely day that I can’t wait to recreate it (with a whole new menu) in just a few short weeks. If you want to see more of our Bridgerton Tea Party, you can watch it here. And if you want to make sure you find out about all our other girlie adventures, make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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