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It’s quickly becoming coffee week here at Savee & Savory. With lots of travel recently, I’ve been enjoying a cup of coffee and blog catch ups at home this week. But as the weather gets warmer here in Florida, I’ve been looking for the best iced coffee recipe to sub in on the hottest days.

I love a good iced coffee. It’s my afternoon go to almost always. It serves as my pick-me up and caffeine boost all in one. Plus I’m loving the new macchiatos Starbucks is rolling out. But as someone who wants to travel & save more this year and also prefers to keep my sugar intake in check, I’ve been opting to make my drinks at home. So today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite recipes.

Cold Brew Mocha Frappuccino

This recipe comes from one of my favorite go to plant-based sources: Minimalist Baker. It’s probably the simplest of the bunch involving only coffee, almond milk iced cubes and chocolate syrup. I love it for it’s simplicity but also because of the use of almond milk for iced instead of water. This helps keep flavors intact and prevents you from having watered down coffee.

Cold Brew Caramel Frappuccino

Quite similar to the previous recipe, this recipes requires a few more ingredients and time. If you’re a caramel frappe lover, this is a great diary-free alternative. The caramel is made from dates so it naturally has less sugar. I love the creaminess of this iced coffee recipe and my body appreciates the lower sugar content.

Speedy Almond Milk Iced Coffee

The coffee concentrate trend makes it easy to have quick iced coffee at home. But this Oh She Glows recipe teaches you how to make your own! This iced coffee requires a little more prep time for the concentrate so I’m not sure how speedy I would consider it. However, it provides you with the essentials to have coffee for days.

Iced Coconut Mocha Macchiato

Yes please! I’m a macchiato fan through and through. Plus, I love any excuse to use my nespresso (see here). If you’re not a coconut fan, you could sub in the almond milk versions for this iced coffee recipe. With only 6 ingredients, this recipe is bound to become a staple in your coffee rotation.

Coconut Chai Iced Coffee

If you’re looking to spice up your iced coffee recipe game, I’d definitely pick this one. And if you’re a dirty chai loving drinker, this homemade version will definitely hit the spot. Unlike the others, this one probably requires the most work. But with a homemade simple syrup and coconut cream, you’ll have ingredients on hand for more than one cup.

I hope these recipes help you with the warm weather transition. I know I’m looking forward to having more iced coffee in my life. And if you aren’t a coffee drinker, don’t worry your post is coming.

I’m off to do a little local exploration and indulge in my favorite afternoon treat.

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