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There’s something magical about the beach. The sunshine, fresh air and clear waters soothe me. But for many plant based people, finding dishes that don’t consist of seafood is a struggle. With that in mind, I’ve decided to start my newest series. For the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring plant based options available for all your spring & summer adventures ahead. First up this week: Seaside, FL.


I love venturing over to Seaside to spend a day wandering around and I always end up at these two places.

Amavida is a local coffee shop that has tons of options. If you follow me on instagram, I found a vegan matcha muffin there the other day. So good! They also have other small bites available and make a great latte. I’d highly recommend them for breakfast.

Raw & Juicy is everything I love and wish I lived closer to. It’s 100% vegan and they have a menu that you can eat from all day. I love their granola bowl with coconut milk yogurt. Honestly, everything they serve is great. I’d recommend snagging some of their coconut macaroons. You won’t regret it!


One of my favorite things about Seaside is the food truck line up. It’s great when you’ve been at the beach and don’t quite fit the attire for a sit down meal. Unfortunately, not many of the current trucks feature plant based friendly meals except Raw & Juicy


But if you pop across the street to Bud & Alley’s Taco bar, you’ll get the outdoor seat with the restaurant food. I’m a fan of their veggie tacos. Seriously, I’ve been eating tacos and pizza way too much lately. They are affordable and have something for everyone.

Another favorite of mine is the main Bud & Alley’s restaurant. Their menu changes from lunch to dinner so not all the options stay the same. I’m a sucker for hummus, always. If I’m in for a lite meal, I’ll opt for that and a modified salad. But I also love their veggie sandwich. It also needs to be modified but the roasted veggies are marvelous.

I’d recommend sticking with them for lunch unless you’re in the mood for salad or sides for dinner. Their options are a bit more limited.

Small Plates & Drinks

If you’re feeling snack-ish and in need of a wonderful glass of wine, I’d high recommend Wine Bar 45. Tucked in the plaza area, this gem has outdoor seating and a large wine selection. They have a couple of plant friendly options such as hummus, roasted brussels sprouts and of course salad.

Another favorite of mine to grab a drink is Great Southern Cafe. Last week I did a series on being plant based in the South. Check it out here. But one of the things I noted was being aware of how Southern food is cooked. Sides and veggies are often flavored with meat.

Unfortunately, Great Southern Cafe doesn’t offer many plant based options other than the standard salad and hummus. Many of their sides are cooked Southern style. But they do make a wonderful Mojito. If you’re looking for a place to grab a good drink, I’d definitely check it out. Oh, and go to the bathroom. They have the best hand scrub ever. You’ll thank me.

Also, Raw & Juicy has a store front where they mix drinks at a small bar outside. There is plenty of outdoor seating around the corner from it if you want to grab a drink and take a load off. As well as Bud & Alley’s has a rooftop deck that features a bar and a gorgeous ocean view. So many options!


I’m always impressed with pizza places offer vegan options. Personally, it doesn’t seem that difficult to me since it only requires stocking a non-dairy cheese. But surprisingly enough, I don’t find it as often as I would like. Thank goodness for Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar. Anyone sensing a theme yet?

In preparation for this post, my mom and I took an adventure to Seaside just to eat pizza. Hard work, right? But I don’t like to recommend things without having experienced them. My word is my bond and all that jazz. And it was just out luck that one of the special for the night was a vegan pizza!

We sat outside enjoying a gorgeous view and had a lovely meal. They regularly feature vegan cheese but the type changes from what the waiter explained. If you’re particular about the kind you link, and I am, be sure to ask. The staff is quite wonder and very accommodating. I’ll definitely return again.


I’ve found since changing to a plant based diet, my desserts tend to be more tart than creamy. Luckily, It’s Heavenly does a wonderful job at mixing both. They have several sorbet options available. The strawberry is my favorite. You’ll find them in the middle of the plaza next to Great Southern.

I hope this post has helped you navigate finding the best options in Seaside. There are still a few places I’ve yet to check out so I’ll keep you posted for part 2.

Where’s your favorite place to eat in Seaside? Do you have a beach city you’d like a guide for? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

I hope you have a great weekend & lovely Easter!

Until next time.




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