JJ’s Wine Bar: The Review

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I love to travel. In my short life so far I’ve been up and down the east coast quite a bit. But in the last few years, one of my favorite things to try no matter what city I’m in is the local winery. Last fall, I spent a few days in Nashville/Franklin, TN. I found quite a few treasures walking up and down downtown Franklin but one of our favorite finds was JJ’s Wine Bar.


Not your typical wine bar, this gem is housed in what looks more like a home than a typical brick building. It has all the charm of the south with sophistication of a large city. Truthfully, it would be the perfect place for a first date.

We went on a slower night and had the privilege of not being crowd & taking our time. When you first walk in and you’re greeted, they explain how it works. Your tab essentially starts at the counter should you choose to do the sampling. They swap your debit card for a card that the wine machines register. From there, you get a glass and they show you how to sample the wines.

There are multiple wine fridges that allow you to try a tasting, a restaurant glass or a home sized glass of wine. The price for each is listed above. This means that you get to try much more expensive wines for prices that you don’t feel so much sticker shock for. In the end, I think we each tried 5-7 wines plus trying each others.

There is also a bar area and a restaurant style area where you can order food. As we were planning to go to dinner elsewhere, we opted just to do the tasting. It ended up being super affordable with neither one of us paying over $10.

Surprisingly, there don’t seem to be too many places like this on the east coast. One of the owners mentioned that she knew of one in south Florida and maybe California. They also change out the wines regularly so there are always new things to try. At the time we went, I believe there were about 20 wines available to try. I happen to love wine but the friend I went with is still discovering her taste for it. Even as a new wine drinker, she loved it! For her, this was a great way to try new wines without having to buy a glass or bottle and waste them.

If you’re looking for a low key place to spend a night or a different date night out, I’d highly recommend it. I’m a huge fan of supporting local businesses. Plus, it’s a great mini-activity to check out.

What’s your favorite wine bar? Have you been to JJ’s Wine Bar? Leave me a comment below and let me know.



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