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Happy weekend friends! I can’t believe that this month is coming to an end already. Where has the time gone? This month has seen me at my best and worst. Getting back into regular workouts, traveling a bit and testing all new recipes have been the best. However, my flu week would probably top the worst list. It definitely wasn’t the ideal time to take a week off but it was super great for a good Netflix binge watch.

With several tv shows taking mini-breaks to push into May sweeps with their finale episodes and others airing their series finales, I’ve been struggling with what to watch next. And while yes, I know Netflix recommends based on what you’ve watched, chances are I’ve already seen it. Or I just don’t think I want to watch it. Helpful, right?

While I was spending some quality time with my bed, I took the time to re-watch a few old shows. Side note: if you’re already stuffy, watching a show that is guaranteed to make you cry isn’t probably the best idea. *I’m looking at you Glee – Cory Monteith episode.* Learn from my mistake friends.

With the finales of several of my regular shows occurring the over past few months, I’ve been left to fill a hole. But after much searching and general clicking around, I’ve found new shows to watch on those occasions I fancy a night in den. So, if you’re like me and need some ideas on what to watch next, let me recommend a few.

If you’re a fan of Desperate Housewives or Pretty Little Liars, you should check out –

BIG LITTLE LIES*: If you aren’t watching this show, why? Wait, don’t tell me. Just watch it. Personally, I’ve love the direction Reese Witherspoon has gone with her career over the last few years. As a producer, she’s selected wonderful stories that show women in all lights. Big Little Lies is no exception to the rule. The female leads of the show do a phenomenal job showing the depths motherhood and family. The mini-series ends its run this Sunday on HBO.

If you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaries, you should check out –

THE ORIGINALS*: I’ll be honest. I stopped watching this show somewhere in the first season. It wasn’t until I spent some time working on the 2nd season of the show that I watched it again. And even then, I stopped watching. When the finale aired for TVD, I knew I needed to catch up. One of my best friends always says that she feels like the writing for the Originals is better than TVD and she’s quite right. The dialogue and story is just beautiful. I’m also a sucker for a good accent. What girl isn’t? The first 3 seasons are on Netflix. Check them out and help me support my friends!

If you’re a fan of Westworld or Stranger Things, you should check out –

ORPHAN BLACK*: The obsession is real here, guys. I honestly don’t know how I got sucked into this show a few years ago. But I’m super sad this coming season is the final one. Tatiana Maslany plays an incredible amount of people and she does it well. You’ll find yourself often forgetting that it’s one actor playing so many different characters. I recommend this show to everyone one. You can find the first 4 seasons on Amazon Prime.

If you’re a fan of Arrow, Agents of Shield or Smallville, you should check out –

SUPERGIRL*: With Greg Berlanti running the superhero universe these days, it’s hard not to stumble onto one of his shows. But Supergirl has quickly become my favorite of them all. I’m a big fan of the Superman/Supergirl storylines and often find myself quite critical of them. However, this light-hearted hero show has won my heart. It’s a show that the entire family can watch. The first season is available on Netflix.

If you’re a fan of Lie to Me or NCIS, you should check out –

BULL*: I’m always amazed at the longevity of shows on CBS. I’m also amazed at how many NCIS shows are out there. *NCIS:LA, you’re still my fave.* But when Michael Weatherly made the decision to leave NCIS, heartbroken fans everywhere had to say goodbye. Luckily for us though, he got his own show and it’s awesome. The humor that Weatherly brings to screen along with the rest of the ensemble makes me want to tune in each week. Plus, it’s one of those shows where you feel like you’re learning about people as you watch.You can find the first season of this show currently streaming on CBS All Access.

What’s your favorite tv show currently? Do you have any recommendations for me to watch? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

For now, I’m off to re-watch season 4 of Orphan Black. I’m not ready for it to end. Have a great weekend!





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