Madewell vs Abercrombie Curve Jeans: Which One Is Better For Petite, Curvy Gals?

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If I could credit any one thing to get me farther down the road of learning to love my body, it would start with learning how to dress MY body. Seems simple enough, right? You put on the clothes that make you feel bomb and bam! You love yourself.

Except that’s not quite how that works. And it took me years of trial & error and shooting TONs of blog photos only to see things and think: I really hate how those jeans accent that part of my body. Oh and there was also the trying all the curvy jeans I could find for my petite frame.

Now if you are a petite curvy gal like me, you’ll know that curvy doesn’t mean the same to everyone. That back gap hits different at different sizes. And TBH some brands doesn’t quite know how to do petite. Thankfully, today we’re diving into a VS post of two of the most popular curvy jeans: Madewell Vs Abercrombie. So if you’ve been wondering if they are worth the hype, today is the day you get your answers. Grab some wine and you CC my friend, let’s get shopping!


Let’s go over the basics first. Both brands offer up to a 33 in sizing with options for short, regular and tall. But I’d say that’s pretty much all they have in common. Everything from price, availability, fit, wash, etc. are different.

Are Madewell Curvy Jeans Worth It?

What’s The Cost?

The Madewell Curvy Jeans range from $75-135 with the occasional pair dropping to the sale price of $39.95.

How Do They Fit?

I’ve tried both the black denim and classic wash in the skinny style. And like most denim, the fit is completely different with each pair. For the black denim, I found that it was a bit more stretchy and I sat between sizes. However, for the classic wash, it was much more of a stiff denim fit with a little stretch.

How Many Washes Are Available?

Currently, Madewell has 22 pairs of denim listed under their curvy section of their website.

How Accurate Are The Sizes?

Definitely hit & miss. And it will really depend on how you carry your weight here. With the black denim, there was more stretch so it wasn’t so hard to deal with. I found that as my body changed, the first place I noticed a difference was with the waste gap.

With the classic fit, I found that the first place I would notice anything uncomfortable was always in the crotch region. Things could fit well in the waist but not at the top of my legs causing the denim to almost pucker. Going up a size would result in more of a gap. So it makes sitting between sizes a bit more challenging.

Can I Score A Deal?

Yes! There are a few ways to score deals with Madewell. 1. Sign up for their email lists. 2. Stalk their sales. 3. Recycle your old denim with them for a discount code on new denim.

What Do I Love?

I give Madewell Curvy Jeans props for jumping on the train earlier to make curvy options more available. And I would buy the black or stretchier options again.

What Don’t I Love?

It almost felt like the high waisted aspect of the denim was too high waisted for petite. And of course, the issue of being between sizes with things. I also don’t love the pocket placement on them. It’s a bit too large and comes too far down which ends up making the bottom of your butt look flat. Not a fan.

Abercrombie Curve Jeans

What’s The Cost?

The price ranges from $78-110 with the option to do buy one get one 50% off.

How Do They Fit?

Thus far, I’ve purchased two pairs of Abercrombie Curve Jeans and they both have a jeggings/denim fit. I found that both pairs of petite jeans hit a little above the ankles for me. I’m curious to try a regular fit to see how it compares so stayed tuned via newsletter or instagram if you want to see the update there.

I feel like there is quite a bit of stretch here. So if you’re between sizes, I’d go down. But I find because they are a bit stretchier, you don’t have to worry about the gap.

How Many Washes Are Available?

There are 37 different pairs currently listed on the A&F website.

How Accurate Are The Abercrombie Sizes?

I’ve never been able to fit into Abercrombie denim. So I was V hesitant when buying my jeans because you just never know. But I’ve found that it’s fairly consistent with that I would get elsewhere.

Can I Score A Deal?

Yes, it seems like there’s always some kind of deal on denim with A&F.

What Do I Love?

The jeans are super comfortable. There’s no gap issue in the back and they really form to your body. I feel like they actually nailed the petite sizing. And of course, I’m obsessed with the back pocket placement. Pockets are a make or break thing for me friends.

I also feel like these are great if you’re someone who is on a health journey and you don’t want to have to buy new pants constantly. There’s enough stretch that you could probably get through two sizes if you sized down.

What Don’t I Love?

Right now the biggest con would be that the options available are limited. I could absolutely see myself investing in other options/styles. But right now that just isn’t available.

If I had to choose between the Madewell Curvy Vs Abercombie Curvy, which would I pick?

I think Abercrombie has easily won the battle for me. There’s always the chance that I’ll try a different style with Madewell. I gave their curvy shorts a chance this summer and it did not go well. But for now, I think that A&F easily wins today’s vs challenge.

If you’ve tried either denim, let me know the comments below which are your favorite. I’m a petite hourglass gal so I know that what sits right on me might be different on you. So I’d love to hear what you’ve chosen! And if you want more mini reviews/hauls, be sure to come follow me on Instagram. I try to share the fit for us petite curvy gals any time I shop. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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