5 Journal Prompts For When You Feel Stuck

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So I have this thing I do whenever I’m feeling blocked or stuck or like I just can’t get off this one thought – I journal. Shocking right? But I’ve learned over the years that the simple act of letting myself think my thoughts and feel my feelings in a forward direction can help provide a calmness I’d struggle to find otherwise.

There is the rare occasion where the stream of conscious writing isn’t enough. There needs to be some action behind it. Whether it’s writing to a certain person, placing myself in a certain mental situation or answering a specific question, there’s magic in using the right journal prompts when you feel stuck..

So today I’m rounding up several of my favorites for you. Personally I find that these tend to be deep enough that one prompt gives me enough ammo for 3+ pages. But no matter what, journaling is a chance to reconnect with inner you and continue on your journey of being your own bff. It’s painful. It’s healing. There’s so much magic and I can’t wait for you to get started so let’s dive into it friends! 

5 Journal Prompts For When You Feel Stuck #whatsavvysaid #mentalhealth #journalprompts #goodnotes #midsize

Write A Letter To Your Younger Self

One of the things I’ve found recently as I’ve been working through my limiting beliefs is the power of letters. And as I sat quietly the other day feeling the weight of something I couldn’t describe I felt this nudge to write a letter to younger me. Now for me, this came out as an apology for the ways I felt like I’d failed my younger self/been failed by those around me. But it also ended up as a promise for how I would honor little me going forward.

As someone who tries to find the best in everyone and the joy in every situation, I know it can be challenging to see the ugly in a situation. Additionally, I’m not looking to start a revisionist history situation with my inner self. Nevertheless, I found myself feeling so much better by giving younger me the words she needed but might not ever hear otherwise. It was a momentous weight off my shoulders and definitely something I’d try again as one of the journal prompts for when you feel stuck.

Write A Letter To Future You

Sensing a theme yet? The other part of my own healing has been manifesting for myself. Identifying limiting beliefs. Reframing them. Leaning into the energy of having the thing that I want. I’m honestly having so much fun doing it. But as I’ve been working through how to feel what it feels like to already have the thing, I’ve found I need a bit of help shifting sometimes.

So I decided to write 4 letters to future me to open every 3 months over the next year. For each letter, I set a calendar date and made sure there was a digital copy available. I’m currently obsessed with journaling on my iPad so that makes it even easier.

And from there I wrote what I thought the me in that moment might need to hear. I pictured where I would be opening said letter. I chose to give myself the gift of hope for the future but also preserving my joy & energy now for future me to see. One of the most powerful parts of journaling for me over the years has been that I can speak exactly what I need to hear. I can write to my inner voice, give myself a pep talk or talk it out. Writing to future you gives you the chance to think past this moment while also holding your own hand through a tough/amazing/growth filled time.

5 Journal Prompts For When You Feel Stuck #whatsavvysaid #mentalhealth #journalprompts #goodnotes #midsize

Answer The Following:

If All of Your Obligations Were Removed Tomorrow, What Kind Of Life Would You Want To Build

There was a moment in 2018/2019 where this question rocked my world in a way that felt like an earthquake. Up until this point, I’d never given myself the space to acknowledge how much of my life I was living for everyone else. But then I pictured what my life would look like if it all went away. If that feels like too much, maybe you picture what it would look like if those around you believed and behaved differently.

It’s in those moments of honesty that I’ve found myself filled with so much joy and just as much sadness. There’s a beauty and a pain that comes with being willing to tell yourself the truth. But friend, I promise you that you don’t get unstuck unless you’re willing to be honest. And that means being willing to say that what’s going on now isn’t okay/isn’t what you want long term. Healing starts when we acknowledge we are bleeding/have something to fix.

5 Journal Prompts For When You Feel Stuck #whatsavvysaid #mentalhealth #journalprompts #goodnotes #midsize
75 Love: How I'm Transforming My Life In 75 Days

Answer The Following:

What Is My First Memory Of This Thing And What Have I Been Taught To Believe About It?

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you might have heard me talk about Money Mentality Makeover. It’s one of the current courses I’m working through and loving. I’ve also talked about Amanda’s work on the blog so be sure to check out that post as well. But as I’ve been going through the courses and her content over the last year plus, this question has caused me to rethink a lot of beliefs in my life. 

From career goals to financial beliefs to my true feelings on why I’m still single, I always find there’s something I might not be considering. And once I identify it, I can then choose to reframe the thought. So when you’re looking for journal prompts for when you feel stuck, start with what do I believe about this thing? How have I seen it played out with those around me? And is that causing me to believe I can’t have something I truly desire?

Answer The Following:

If You Believed You Could Have Whatever You Wanted – No One Would Get Hurt & You Didn’t Have To Feel Guilty About It, What Would You Want?

As a woman, I often find we’ve grown up with the narrative of who we should be under no uncertain terms. And whether we meant to or not, the idea of the caretaker as been conditioned into our being. So to do something to the contrary that may put us on a path to be a level higher than someone we love or cause us to focus on ourselves more, immediately has us jumping on the guilt train. All aboard!

But here’s the thing friends: we will never be free if we feel guilty any time we want something for ourselves. We will never be happy. And most likely, we will start to resent those around us for a life we were never brave enough to say we wanted. It’s on us to get honest about the things we want regardless of our perceived ideas of how it could play out. Don’t be the woman who waited until she was 60 to be happy because *insert family member or person* wouldn’t support their choice. You deserve and are worthy of so much more.


Alrighty friends. Wherever you are this week, I hope today’s journal prompts inspire you to take some time for your inner healing. There’s so much power on the other side of facing your fears. I love you. You’ve got this. Sending you all the love! Xoxo, Savvy

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