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If you would have asked me a few years ago about manifesting and vision board ideas, I would have probably looked at you like you had two heads. Okay, maybe not because I’m a Southern lady and we are raised to smile & move on. But it definitely would have been out of my comfort zone. 

And then last 4 years happened. I’ve seen crazy things happen that were quiet whispers to loudly proclaimed predictions come to life. So today I want to share the magic behind how I made it happen as well as the things I’m working through to continue on this journey. Because at the core of manifesting your life is the belief that what you want is possible. 

However to get to that space, you’ll constantly be unpacking what you thought was true and real. It’s fun. It’s life-changing. It’s emotional. You’ll probably find it’s the best thing that ever happened at some point. But first, let’s talk about how to make this easier for you to do in the first place. Ready?

Manifesting + Vision Board Ideas- How To Make Your Dreams A Reality #whatsavvysaid #visionboards #digitalvisionboard

Where Should I Put My Vision Board?

Make It A Safe Space

When I first started journaling again a few years ago, I very quickly realized the power behind putting pen to paper for me. It meant I had a SAFE space to walk through my thoughts, feelings, and traumas. I’d gone from living by myself to being crammed in a house with too many people for a movie to living with my parents again. And I just needed a space where I could breathe. I needed a space to even begin to hear my inner voice so I would know what even wanted to try to manifest into my life.

All of this is to say that manifesting is a vulnerable thing. As someone who is surrounded by a medical family and those who often want hard facts, even getting to the point of saying this can happen simply because I believe it can take time. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself as you start this journey. Just know that you’ll want to find your safe space.

If you’re like me, in a house with little privacy, that safe space might be a journal* (you hide in your car/trunk/whatever works for you). These days my vision board lives on my computer desktop as it has for the last 2 years. To the casual lurker, it looks like a very pretty Pinterest board. But for me, it’s pack with ideas for my future.


This is super important if you’re new to using a vision board. It’s also great motivation to help you push through a tough day. You might need to set an alarm to remind you to spend time looking at it and feeling the joy of all that is to come. Or you just might brush your teeth staring at it in the morning. Whatever works, ya know?

Manifesting + Vision Board Ideas- How To Build A Vision Board #whatsavvysaid #visionboards #digitalvisionboard #laptopbackground

How Do You Start A Vision Board?

Establish An Anything Goes Rule

Now I mentioned before belief is 95% of the battle with manifesting. What you don’t believe in isn’t going to show up. There’s no rule that it has to be packed with giant luxury items, lavish vacations or dream weddings. Your vision board can be filled with what your vision is now. No item is too big or too small to fit on it. It only has to matter to you and it needs to bring you joy when you see it.

Get Specific

I love a specific goal because when you’re manifesting things and that PINPOINT moment happens there’s no doubt why. You were specific. You told the universe exactly what you wanted and you trusted that it would provide. And it happened. For example, after my father passed a few years ago, I was left with a plot of land in South Georgia. I’d planned to sell at some point but I wasn’t willing to accept less than my father had paid for it. I also didn’t want to go through real estate and was in no rush. I just knew it would happen.

Around April of that year, I got a call from a family friend. Someone wanted to buy my lot. They were willing to pay cash. They didn’t challenge my listing price. And it was all settled within a few weeks. Had I put out a sign or advertised around about wanting to sell? No. But I was very clear with myself about what I wanted and expected God to do and it happened. Get specific my friends. 

Manifesting + Vision Board Ideas- How To Build A Vision Board #whatsavvysaid #visionboards #digitalvisionboard #laptopbackground

What Should A Vision Board Include?

Create A World

Now if you’re new to manifesting or looking for vision board ideas to get you started, I love creating a world when I’m trying to mind the gap between me and who I want to become. I think one of the hardest things to do when looking to expand your mind and level up is to do it when you don’t have direct access to seeing someone who has that life. It can feel unreal. 

So I like to create a world. Currently, mine lives on my phone and again, it’s very specific. I’ve written down everything that embodies the person I want to be: what she wears, what she drives, how she eats, what she sleeps in. Everything that is the best version of myself lives on that list. And when I need to pull in that positive energy, I read it off, close my eyes and think of her. I think of how proud I am for her and what she would say to me. 

Your world could be board filled with magazine cutouts. It might be a pinterest board or a photoshop background. I have both to share. But let it be the space that you can dream and reconnect with what you want. What you REALLY want. Because friend, if you don’t really want it, if you don’t really believe you’re worthy of it, your road is going to be far longer than you’d like.

Don’t Worry About The How

I mentioned Amanda Frances in my post on Wednesday on what I’m leaving behind this year. She’s one of my best discoveries of 2020. Something she talks about a lot is that our job isn’t to worry about the how. Our job is to have faith and know that we are calling in big things. And those things will work out. 

For the control freaks in the room, I understand that you NEED to know how. There is no you functioning without you knowing how it’s going to happen. But at the end of the day, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to be willing to be open to all possibilities and set your pride/ego/control aside. 

Go With Your Gut

When I first started making my vision board, I would check the mental boxes for what I should include on it. Dream vacay? Check. Dream car? Check. Fun quote? Check. House goals? Check. Career goals? Check. But as I’ve loosened up on my life a bit and found myself saying “this or something better” my vision board has taken a turn. 

This year it’s a bit more representational for me. Rather than specific, big goals that feel a bit off, my vision board evokes a particular emotion that is helping me manifest in other ways in my life. It’s helping me create a foundation of joy if that makes sense. 

At the end of the day, a vision board is meant to invite positive energy into your life. It’s meant to make you feel better about your future and help you to keep pushing. So if you find that you need a break from what you put on your board, go with your gut. Create a board that makes you feel the best.  Remember, it’s a safe space. Free of judgment. Just for you. Go with your gut.

Alrighty, friends, I hope that as you start/continue your manifesting journey, today’s post helped you along the day. Be sure to check out my Pinterest boards for more vision board ideas. I’ve got TONS. As well as, DM me on Instagram with what you decide to do. I’d love to join you in manifesting an amazing future. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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