March Favorites- Beauty, Fashion + Routines #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #retinol #cleanbeauty #slipsleepmask #replica #armanisi #springstyle

March Favorites – Beauty, Fashion + Routines

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The month of March has been an odd one in my house. With a new pup and a still being built fence, I’ve found myself at home more. Asher is still bringing tons of joy and laughs into our house. He’s also continuing he’s streak of being incredibly mischievous. Nevertheless, I’ve found what is typically a routine of being here there and everywhere a bit more stable this month. So while my March favorites seem a bit random my mind, they all stem from a place of new routines. With everything from skincare to the odd organizing bit, let’s chat all about my March favorites!

March Favorites- Beauty, Fashion + Routines #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #retinol #cleanbeauty #slipsleepmask #replica #armanisi #springstyle

Straw Purse*

It’s safe to say I’m incredibly indecisive with purses. Often times I’ll see one I love, it will sell out and then it will take me ages to find another one I love just as much. So when I spotted this straw bag in my instagram feed, I jumped on buying asap. It’s definitely on the smaller size in the purse scale. I rarely put my phone in it. But it’s been my go to choice for the last few weeks as the added bit of fun to my outfit. I can already see this being one of my go to spring & summer picks. And coming in at under $50, it’s well worth the investment! I’m a sucker for an affordable bag so it’s easily one of my March favorites. 

Pink Pill Organizer*

I recently realized during a clean out session of my bedroom baskets that I’ve been on a vitamin holder journey. I’ve tried so many different versions over the years and none that I’ve loved as much as this one. It’s a simple pink pill case with dividers for the days of the week and a mirror in the lid. Small enough that it can easily be thrown in my handbag if I need it on the go. Plus it’s the perfect set up so I don’t forget to pack my vitamins when I travel. Now I’ll admit not everything fits into the daily slots. My robust daily regiment takes up a bit of room. But I’d much rather carry this + two bottles then cart all 6 around with me. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s in a very Savvy shade of pink.

Bullet Journal* 

My bullet journal and I have a very on again off again relationship. However, we have officially hit our third year together. And I like to think I’ve learned a lot more along the way of how it works best in my life. Bumping up the number of days I’m producing content means I have to be extra organized.

When I’m being efficient about working in batches, my bullet journal is key in helping me know what still needs to be done. It’s also become a great tool for helping me time block my day. Taking 5 minutes before I go to bed at night to set out a rough schedule of the next day cuts down on my stress and helps me stay on track. Plus looking at a week of my life instead of a month at a time makes it easier to focus on goals. Overall, I’m still a massive fan of this planner alternative.

March Favorites- Beauty, Fashion + Routines #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #retinol #cleanbeauty #slipsleepmask #replica #armanisi #springstyle
March Favorites- Beauty, Fashion + Routines #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #retinol #cleanbeauty #slipsleepmask #replica #armanisi #springstyle


If you’re an instagram story watcher, you’ll know about this one already. And you may very well be tired of my morning watch posts. In an effort to take back some of my mental space, up my metabolism and just generally have more energy, I’ve gotten into a new gym routine. With post hurricane traffic being fickle and my preference for knocking things out early, I’ve been opting for a morning gym session. Slowly but surely I’m building my way up to 5 days a week of weight training. For now though I’m just loving the time I’m giving myself and seeing the changes my body is making. Definitely a March favorite that stands out!


Why is it that there are things you don’t realize you love and use until your puppy destroys them? My Slip sleep mask is on the top of that list. I’ve come to notice in the handful of nights I’ve been away from home since getting it how much of a difference it makes. I love my blackout curtains but there’s just something extra that my sleep mask does for helping my melatonin kick in. All the random bits of light that keep me awake are tuned out. And with the slip version, I get a silky smooth mask that doesn’t pull at my skin or itch.


I’ve dabbled in the realm of retinol for the better part of the last year. But it wasn’t until I tried Drunk Elephant’s recently released version that I’d consider myself a convert. Truth be told, it can take some time to find the right one for your skin. And I’ve accidentally found myself gradually getting to this point. D.E.’s retinol is loaded with plant based ingredients packed together in a potent serum punch. I’ve heard more than one story about those who went in too quickly with this retinol only to start peeling days later. Thankfully I’ve been flake free and my skin is looking better & better. I’m more than happy to have this in my routine and it’s a favorite I’m sure to be using for quite some time!

March Favorites- Beauty, Fashion + Routines #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #retinol #cleanbeauty #slipsleepmask #replica #armanisi #springstyle
March Favorites- Beauty, Fashion + Routines #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #retinol #cleanbeauty #slipsleepmask #replica #armanisi #springstyle
March Favorites- Beauty, Fashion + Routines #whatsavvysaid #wellnessblogger #retinol #cleanbeauty #slipsleepmask #replica #armanisi #springstyle


Do you ever smell something that just instantly makes you feel cozy and relax? This march favorite is exactly that for me! It’s a light smoky fireplace scent mixed with a bit of vanilla. It reminds me of bonfires and chill nights. And it’s easily one of my most worn scents. When I want to just feel relaxed at home, I’ll spray this on. It gives me all the good vibes and will definitely be something I buy a larger version of soon.


The fact that I have two fragrance favorites this month is shocking. But I’ve been influenced by friends and discovered new things. So many bloggers talk about this Armani fragrance but I’ve never gotten on board. It wasn’t until Alaina busted out the bottle last month during our girls trip in Destin that I was converted. One small bottle later and I’ve been converted. It’s a light floral scent that isn’t too floral-y if that makes sense. This march favorite will easily be my go to spring perfume!


Have I mentioned how much I’m obsessed with leopard print these days? I’m obsessed. Between the wedges, the belt and these Target slides, I’m loving it all! A bit of an espadrille mixed with a mule, these slides are the perfect spring/summer shoe. I’ve been wearing them with everything I can thing of. They are super comfy and come in at under $25 which is a steal. Let the leopard obsession reign free!


What about you? Do you have any March favorites? I’d love to know what you’ve been loving and trying lately. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy


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