5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin

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When it comes to my acne prone skin, it feels like I’ve tried it all. And at some point a lot of it actually worked. But when I made the decision to ditch the birth control and leave my proactiv behind, a whole new struggle began. I’ve tried so many skincare products over the years. More often than not, they weren’t helping. So today I’ve rounded up the ones that actually helped. These are the products I go to time and time again for my acne. They also happen to fall under my preference for clean beauty products which makes them extra loved in my book.

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May Lindstrom Problem Solver*

One of the first products I heard about with May Lindstrom was the Problem Solver mask*. I’ve been a big fan of other items from her line but this one seemed to be a true winner for everyone. And to be honest, it took me a while to really find how it worked for me. If you aren’t down to use a mask that takes longer then 20 minutes, this one probably isn’t for you. However, it’s become my go to whenever my skin is having a full on freak out. 

It’s a bit of an investment upfront. Luckily a little goes a long way and the jar lasts for ages. I find that the morning after I’ve used this mask my skin is calmer, my spots are smaller and the overall texture of my skin feels great. You might feel a bit of a tingle as it settles onto your skin because of the cayenne pepper. After the 10 minute mark, I find it calms down and I don’t notice it anymore But it’s definitely worth the money and one I’ll happily repurchase when it runs out.

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser*

Time and time again I come back to this cleanser. And though I’ve been attempting to find a more affordable dupe, it’s been a favorite for almost a year. One thing I’ve discovered with acne is that over drying your skin doesn’t help. You need to keep a good level of moisture if you want your skin to be healthy. Using this cleanser helps keep my skin calm, moisturized and minimizes my breakouts. 

A lot of Tata Harper’s cleansers are meant to be used on dry skin with dry hands. I massage one pump of this as my second cleanse or morning cleanse into my skin. Then I go back in with wet hands to really give a good cleaning. You can also pair this with your Forea Luna* for the added bit of exfoliation. The peppermint in the cleanser gives a cooling effect. Plus I don’t find it overly drying on my skin. It just leaves me with a nice cleansed but calm feeling. Personally, the cooling & calming is what has me going back to this one over and over. But as far as skincare for acne prone skin, it’s easily in my top 5. 

5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin #whatsavvysaid #acneproneskin #facemask #acne #wellnessblogger #joshrosebrook #tatahaper #maylindstrom #beautycounter #nontoxicskincare
5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin #whatsavvysaid #acneproneskin #facemask #acne #wellnessblogger #joshrosebrook #tatahaper #maylindstrom #beautycounter #nontoxicskincare
5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin #whatsavvysaid #acneproneskin #facemask #acne #wellnessblogger #joshrosebrook #tatahaper #maylindstrom #beautycounter #nontoxicskincare


I’ve made the mistake recently of testing one too many skincare products and not having backups of my regular routine. And unfortunately, my acne prone skin has spoken up. I’ve vocalized my love for this moisturizer a couple of times on the blog already. In general, Beautycounter’s Counter Control line is great. But this product has become a stand out in my routine.

As far as my morning skincare goes, the routine is pretty standard. I do the same thing daily with a bit of fluctuation at night. This moisturizer has won me over for several reasons. It’s not so heavy it clogs my pores. I find it wears amazingly under my makeup all day leaving me with a light but effective layer of hydration. I’ve never really been one to focus on the matte side of skincare products so that isn’t exactly a factor here. Nevertheless, the matte formational means I don’t look overly dewy and have better control over my glow with my makeup products. In general I’ve found this moisturizer to be the happy medium my acne prone skin needs. And on the occasions I’ve neglected to repurchase this in advance, I’ve seen the difference. 


If you’ve been to a dermatologist or even an esthetician, there’s a good chance they’ve recommended retinol for your acne prone skin. When I started getting facials again last fall, it was one of the first products mentioned. And for a good reason, it helps! But like any skincare product, you have to find the one that is right for you.

Slowly but surely I’ve been working my way through the Drunk Elephant skincare line. They’ve developed quite the hype. So when the rumors began about a retinol release, I was intrigued. I’ve tried several retinols already and saw little change in my skin. However I kept hearing how incredibly intense this product was and decided I needed to get my hands on a sample.

If you’re new to using retinol, let’s start with the basics. You MUST use an SPF daily and a little goes a long way, so start small. Quite a few people mentioned their skin peeling because they went too hard too quickly. I’ve gradually worked my way up to every few days and I can see the changes. My skin is smoother, breakouts are smaller and things clear up quicker. I’d recommend starting with a sample to see how your skin gets along with this product. But I’d be surprised if you didn’t fall in love too. It’s just that amazing!

5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin #whatsavvysaid #acneproneskin #facemask #acne #wellnessblogger #joshrosebrook #tatahaper #maylindstrom #beautycounter #nontoxicskincare
5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin #whatsavvysaid #acneproneskin #facemask #acne #wellnessblogger #joshrosebrook #tatahaper #maylindstrom #beautycounter #nontoxicskincare


If I’m using a product to exfoliate my acne prone skin like Tata Harper’s Clarifying MaskMay Lindstrom’s Problem Solver* or Drunk Elephant’s Retinol*, then I like to pack on the moisture. And while there are some great, affordable skincare products on the market, I’ve been living for Josh Rosebrook’s vital balm. When I got to the bottom of my May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon*, I knew I wanted to find something similar without the high price tag and this product hit the mark.

I love that it has the blue tansy in it to help soothe my skin. It also packs a punch of hydration, keeping my skin from feeling overworked by the products I’m using. I find that this paired with whatever exfoliator I’m using leaves my skin with a beautiful glow the next day. It feels smoother, softer and incredibly hydrated. I opted for the smaller size originally but I will definitely upsize for round 2. If you do decide to try this one out for your acne prone skin, be mindful that if it gets too hot it will start to break down. I try to store mine in a cooler spot otherwise you’ll start to see oil on top.


What about you? Do you have any go to, skin changing products for acne prone skin? I’d love to know what you’re loving and using. Leave me a comment below and let me know! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy.


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