MasterClass vs Skillshare, a review featured by top US lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

MasterClass vs Skillshare: Which Online Mentorship Is Better?

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Of all of the things to come out of the last year, one of the biggest changes for me has been how I consume content. With endless days and too many hours with Netflix, I started craving mentorship and desire to learn and expand my skills rather than wait to be presented something that I may or may not want to watch.

So in today’s battle, Masterclass vs Skillshare, I’m going to break down the two online learning platforms. I’ll give you the savvy on which one to invest in, why I can’t live without either and the benefits of each for growing your business, personal development or just exploring a new skillset. We’ve got lots to chat about and so much to learn. Grab your tea and let’s dive into today’s VS post!

MasterClass vs Skillshare, a review featured by top US lifestyle blogger, What Savvy Said

Masterclass vs Skillshare

What is Masterclass?

Masterclass is an online platform with various classes ranging from cooking to storytelling to creating a business and more taught by various experts. The teachers/experts on Masterclass are all well-known and often celebrities in their own right based on their incredible work. Shonda Rhimes (Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy), Bog Iger (Disney), Robin Arzon (Peloton), Sarah Blakely (Spanx) and so many more all have in-depth classes on the platform.

What is Skillshare?

Similar to Masterclass, Skillshare offers classes taught by those who are experts in their field but in a more niche way. For example, when I first got my Fujifilm X-T2 (what we shoot most of the blog photography with), I wanted to learn more about how to use it and found a class specifically around my camera. It’s there’s a certain skill you’re looking to hone or particular software you want to master, Skillshare is a great place to start to find experts who are teaching to all levels.

Masterclass vs Skillshare - Which online learning platform is better- #whatsavvysaid #robinarnon

Masterclass: The Breakdown

How much does it cost?

Masterclass is available as a yearly membership for $180. You don’t pay per class. Rather, you pay one fee and have access to the entire roster of experts to take classes at your own pace.

Is there a monthly membership for masterclass?

Not currently.

What are the pros of masterclass?

You’re truly getting access to those who have DONE the work. Aka the women and men behind million and billion-dollar empires. I like to think of the masterclass lessons as the things you would ask someone if you had the opportunity to take the CEO of Disney to coffee and get his advice on business. The big questions you’d want to be answered or the things that take years to learn in certain positions are covered in these classes.

They are also very well broken up. So even if you only had 10-15 minutes of time per day, you would learn something amazing. Plus, there’s pretty much something for everyone on the platform. It’s a great way to find mentorship in a more affordable/accessible way.

There’s also a strong sense of credibility with everyone teaching on masterclass vs skillshare. There is no self-submission with Masterclass. It’s packed with people who are incredibly well known and have proved that they’ve done the work. It’s a lot easier to trust who you’re learning from while also not having to vet or waste time on someone who might be teaching outdated techniques.

What are the cons?

Unlike skillshare where you see reviews or can give feedback, Masterclass is more of a tv program style. It’s there. You watch and enjoy. But if you want to discuss it, you’ll need to go to a social media platform.

Additionally, there’s also no trial period for Masterclass unless you are able to get a 7-day pass from a member.

Who would benefit from a masterclass subscription?

Honestly, everyone. I saw a lot of people mentioning Masterclass as a gift option around Christmas last year. And I think it’s an amazing choice. I genuinely can’t think of a single friend who wouldn’t learn something from everyone teaching on the platform.

Is masterclass worth the money?


Best classes on Masterclass

Shonda Rhimes & Sarah Blakely are two of my faves so far. (I’ll update this section as I take more classes though)

Skillshare: The Breakdown


There is a monthly membership for $32 or a yearly option for $168.


Unlike Masterclass, Skillshare gives you very niche classes as well as the ones based on skillset. For example, I’ve been working through the two taught by for Premiere Pro, an Adobe editing software. There’s also a larger range of classes available. You do have the ability to search to see if there’s a class that fits your needs. And it’s easy to cancel if you find that you no longer need it.

Personally, I feel like Skillshare makes continued learning more accessible. Creators who upload to the platform can easily swap out videos if there’s an update to what they are teaching. You can go at your own pace and read reviews ahead of time. You can also save classes or find recommended ones based on your previous learning.


There’s not the same name recognition with teachers like there is with Masterclass. So you might need to vet classes a bit more to find the right option.


I don’t think I would gift a Skillshare subscription the same way I would a Masterclass one. But I do think everyone could find something to learn on there. If you have a team, are growing a business, or looking to improve a hobby or skill, there’s a ton to learn on Skillshare.

Is Skillshare worth the money?


Who wins: Masterclass vs Skillshare?

In the end, I think they are both incredible platforms. But depending on your personal goals, they are each going to benefit you in different ways. Masterclass is a great mentorship program whereas I think Skillshare offers more hands-on skillset opportunities. I find value in both with WSS. However, I think I would recommend Masterclass more regularly to friends.

If you’ve tried both, I’d love to know which is your favorite. And if you have a favorite class, let us know in the comments below. If you want more reviews like these or want to stay motivated, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Or come follow along for all the daily adventures on Instagram. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

Masterclass vs Skillshare - Which online learning platform is the best #whatsavvysaid
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