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What To Do When It Rains At The Beach – 30A Edition

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While I love a good beach day, it seems there’s been nothing but rain in the 30a area as of late. And if you’re a local, it’s all fine and dandy. But for all of my lovely friends coming to visit for the holiday weekend, I can’t imagine it’s nearly as much fun. Which is why today’s post is a mini-guide on what to do when it rains at the beach. Whether you’re looking to keep it cozy in your condo or want to explore, there’s something for everyone. Let’s get started!

What To Do When It Rains At The Beach - 30A Edition

16 Things to Do When it Rains at the Beach:

Have A Tea Party

The beautiful humans behind Blue Magnolia have recently added a tea party to their menu and it’s stunning. For non-beach days, there’s always the option to do it full picnic-style on the beach. But for a cozy afternoon where you want an adventure, they have packages that accommodate parties of all sizes. 

And of course, they are happy to make adjustments for dietary restrictions. If you need any more motivation/want to drool over their divine creations, I highly recommend stalking them on Instagram. Also, there’s always the option to keep it even more low-key and do an indoor picnic. Rain or shine there’s always fun to be had!

Take A meditation Class

If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been loving Alive 30a for the last few months. From sound baths to breathwork classes, they always have something going on. Their classes are always selling out so it’s definitely worth checking in advance. But a few of my favorites over the last few months include the sound bath & meditation classes. And of course, there’s always yoga and balance board. There are tons of ways to pass the time if it’s raining!

Laser Tag/Arcade

It feels like ages since I’ve done Laser tag but it’s a classic when it comes to rainy days. There is a laser tag & arcade place in Destin which is the perfect combo for getting energy out. And if you’re looking to venture more towards the Panama City Beach side, there is the ever classic Dave & Busters.

See A Movie

I’m so grateful that movies are back because I can’t tell you how much I missed having this a part of my life. Movies are 1/4 of my heart. Pre-Covid, I would have told you to go to the theater at Grand Boulevard. Unfortunately, it’s been swallowed by the AMC family and isn’t quite the luxury experience anymore. But it will work in a pinch and is near tons of cute shops & restaurants. 

However, I would absolutely recommend going to The Grand at Pier Park. They’ve upgraded most of their screens over the last few years and now have leather recliners & reserved seating. So be sure to book tickets ahead of time. Also, with Covid restrictions still in place, it’s best to book your group at once. Otherwise, it can be a challenge to get an extra seat with your group later.

What To Do When It Rains At The Beach - 30A Edition
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Play A Game

When I asked about games on Instagram, the WSS community were legends. We have so many recommendations. Here are the ones you shared along with a few personal favorites.


Left Center Right


Classic Card Games (Spoons, Nertz, Etc.)


Heads Up (board game or app)


Phase 10 (travel version)


Get A Cozy Cup Of Coffee

Did you think we were going to get through a post without me talking about coffee? Of course not. If you missed my recent post about the best coffee places on 30a, I would recommend starting there. But if you want to knock off two things on the list, I’d start with Amavida in Rosemary and check out the next item on the list.

Browse A Bookstore

I will forever love a good bookstore. And The Hidden Lantern is one of my absolute favorite small businesses and bookshops to support. If you’re more towards Seaside, there is always Sundog Books. And if you decide to venture to the Destin Commons, there are the ever classic Books A Million or Barnes And Noble.

Try A Comedy Club

This may be my favorite discovery from writing today’s post because regardless of whether or not it’s raining at the beach, a comedy club is always a fun time. HarborWalk Theater has tons of different shows from comedy to magic to hypnosis. But it’s perfect for a fun activity inside.

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Take A Private Cooking Class

I have been stalking the team behind Plate To Plate on Instagram for ages now. Whether it’s a private dinner or pre-prepped meals, they have some amazing creations. But they also do private cooking classes. If you’re like me and rocking some dietary restrictions, this is the perfect excuse to learn some new skills while also keeping yourself entertained. And if you’ve got kids, it’s a great way to give them something to do as well!

Go Shopping

Indoor malls don’t seem to be a thing there anymore. But both Grand Boulevard and San Destin have covered walkways to keep you dry as you hop from shop to shop. You can find tons of cute boutiques as well as some outlet steals. And if you’re near Vintji, definitely stop in for lunch. It’s one of my favorites!

Try Boxing

A few months ago I was itching for a boxing class, so I immediately went into a google rabbit hole that led me to 9Round. This chain features 30-minute workout sets that can be done on your schedule. No class time but you do have access to trainers. It’s the perfect way to get out some of that pent-up frustration while also boosting your heart rate. 9Round is in the Destin Commons.

Go For Cryo

There are so many health benefits to cryotherapy and adding cold water/cold exposure to your routine. But if you’re ready to try something a bit more intense or maybe just want to do something different, check out Cryo 850. You can try everything from cold facials or cryotherapy to red light or a sauna. It’s the perfect self-care moment that also has amazing health benefits like lowering stress, decreasing inflammation, and promoting better sleep.

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Have A Spa Moment

One of my favorite afternoon escapes from the heat (or rain) and the chaos is a a spa moment. Thankfully, there are several amazing spa options in the 30a area. But my top pick is Serenity by the Sea at the Hilton. There’s tons of lounge space if you want to go for a few hours with your girl friends. They also have a wet & dry sauna. It’s the perfect place to hide out when it’s raining at the beach or when you just need a moment for yourself.

Go Indoor Rock climbing

We have many beautiful things in Florida but mountains are not one of our features. But we do have indoor rock climbing and that definitely counts for something. While I know most people come to the beach for the white sand and blue water, it’s always good to have a backup for when it rains at the beach. Plus, it’s a fun way to challenge yourself. And you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m all about finding ways to grow.

Try Aerial Yoga

Could you do hot yoga or a vinyasa class if it’s raining? Of course. But aerial yoga just looks like more fun. Santa Rosa Beach Aerial Arts specializes in all the aerial fun. From kids classes to bachelorette parties, they even teach circus classes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a class that isn’t fun. And if you’re in the mood to embrace your sexuality a bit more, they also teach pole classes. 

Pilates Pilates Pilates

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love reformer pilates. So of course, it’s the perfect activity when it’s raining at the beach because what could be more calming than pilates + a rain soundtrack. I go to Palm Pilates Studio. It’s a gorgeous space filled with incredible humans and the calmest vibes. You’ll come out feeling more centered, stretched, and relaxed. Ps. if you haven’t read it yet, there’s an in-depth post on the blog about all things Reformer.

There you have it, friends! I hope that your next beach adventure is filled with sunshine and a few local activities. But just in case you find yourself with a few days of rain, you are now fully prepared! Either way, I’m sending you all the love. Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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