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After 3 years of trying to find MY perfect skincare routine for hormonal acne, I think I’ve nailed it. Like if I could go back and give me 3 years ago this routine, she would have saved a chunk of money and would be me thanking me tremendously. But you, my beautiful friend, now get the benefits of everything I’ve tried, tested and hated. Warning: It’s not all clean beauty. I LOVE clean beauty. And I’d say about 95% of my routine is clean. However, I really like having clear skin and if that means having the occasional “bad” product, well here we are. I also don’t always eat organic and have an on going obsessed with Smart Sweets*. We’re not about perfection here people. 

Now before I jump into today’s skincare routine for hormonal acne, let’s talk skin type. I’m normal to dry. And one of the things I learned very quickly is that having acne and having hormonal acne are two different beasts. And if you’re using an acne routine for your hormonal acne but have dry skin, you might be making it WAY worse. You also don’t have to spend a million dollars to get good skin. There are still a few things I know I’ll see someone about to get professionally corrected. Blog posts will follow. But this routine is everything that gets used in a two week rotation (acids & retinol don’t happen at the same time). Let’s get started!

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Morning Routine

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser

I’ve tried SO many other cleansers and I just keep coming back to this one. I love Tata’s products but her price tags don’t always give me the warm & fuzzies. Thankfully, a bottle of this cleanser will last me 3 months so it’s well worth it. I ONLY use this to cleanse my face. One pump. Dry hands. Dry skin. Massage in and then rinse with a baby washcloth. It’s not too much that it over dries your face and the peppermint is actually super calming. I’ve used so many bottles I’ve lost count. It’s the best! (Budget options: Odacite Black Mint Cleanser, Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser, )

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

THIS product was a game changer for me. I spent ages trying to make AHA toner’s get rid of those pesky little bumps that aren’t quite acne on my skin. But I really needed this toner. I use this once a day but start slow. And if I’m using a retinol the night before, I’ll skip this the next morning and opt for my Indie Lee CoQ-10 toner* instead. 

Biossance Eye Cream

I’ve been using the same pot of this for a few months and it’s lasted so well! Eye cream can be a fickle product but this one is hydrating, doesn’t irritate my eyes and is lovely to use. My eyes irritate easily from fragrance and products found in a lot of the traditional beauty products. So I’m super thankful to find a clean option that gets the job done and works really well! (Budget Option: Honest Beauty Deep Hydration Eye Cream)

100% Pure Vitamin C Serum

If you are trying to get rid of your acne scars or want to fight them while you’re getting your skin in check, you need a vitamin C serum asap. It’s something I feel like every skincare routine needs but definitely a skincare routine for hormonal acne. I’ve used a few that I’ve loved but my current choice is from 100% Pure. It doesn’t leave a stick residue and seems to be working well at brightening my skin. I also love the Farmacy one.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

Part of fighting your acne and finding your perfect skincare routine for hormonal acne is layering up the moisture. Truth be told, I don’t adore this particular product. I find that depending on what it’s layered with it will pill and you end up with little balls of product all over your face. Not cute. However, I think that has more to do with how it interacts with my toner than anything and it’s a budget steal. 

If you’ve got dehydrated or dry skin, hyaluronic acid is a game changer. I don’t use it every day. I tend to just it based on how my skin feels because the humidity changes my routine throughout the year. But this was definitely a big part of what got my skin to play nice over the winter.

The Ordinary Rosehip Seed Oil

I LOVE using oil for moisturizer. You need to get all the moisture in to keep your skin calm. And this one from The Ordinary is another lovely budget find. I use it in the morning and occasionally at night if I need some extra love.

Farmacy Green Screen SPF

Sunscreen is non-negotiable in my every day routine. If you’ve got acne scars or acne, the last thing you want is to give the sun a chance to make those scars permanent or even darker. I became obsessed with the Farmacy SPF ages ago and haven’t looked back. Plus, if you’re using acids and retinol in your skincare routine for hormonal acne, then your skin is more sensitive. It needs the extra protection.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Drops

To go with my SPF, I add in the d-bronzi drops. Most days, you’ll find that my spf and these drops are the foundation of my makeup routine. I just add everything else on top. It’s like a tinted moisturizer. Super simple and you can use it to customize or deepen any foundation. Be sure to play with the ratios though. This product is very pigmented and a little goes a long way.

5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin #whatsavvysaid #acneproneskin #facemask #acne #wellnessblogger #joshrosebrook #tatahaper #maylindstrom #beautycounter #nontoxicskincare
5 Products That Helped With My Acne Prone Skin #whatsavvysaid #acneproneskin #facemask #acne #wellnessblogger #joshrosebrook #tatahaper #maylindstrom #beautycounter #nontoxicskincare

Nighttime Routine

One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil

I accidentally fall in love with this oil and then got all my friends hooked on it. I also use it in the morning to cleanse with as well. You could opt for just this cleanser if two feels like too much for your budget. It’s a super gentle oil and it does an AMAZING job at removing all your makeup. I always do a double cleanse at night to make sure I’m getting off my makeup/spf/dirt and then truly cleansing my skin. No makeup wipes. Those are no bueno for the environment, your skin or your graceful aging routine. Aka it pulls and tugs at the skin in ways we don’t want! (Budget Options: Versed Cleansing Balm). 

2nd Cleanse: Tata Harper Or One LOve
Toner: Paula’s Choice Or Indie Lee
100% Pure Retinol Eye Oil

Let’s go ahead and embrace the full bougie-ness of this item. It came with a few other items that I got in a Christmas bundle from 100% Pure. You don’t need both eye creams. I just happen to have them both so I’m using them both. But if you prefer an oil eye product, this one is lovely for hydration. I haven’t really noticed any changes in wrinkles.

Drunk Elephant Retinol

This product needs it’s own blog post and will probably getting one very soon because she’s a fickle gal. Retinol is something you should gradually add into your routine. Most docs will say do an every other night situation. This product is on the STRONG end of the scale. And we had to take a break for a while because I noticed I had a severe dry ring around my neck. 

I tend to use it once MAYBE twice a week. Partly because I’m using my acid toner but also because I like it when my skin doesn’t peel. Also, don’t use this if you’re someone who waxes their brows. I ended up with some really cute burns. However, retinol is a lovely addition to your routine when you want to combat acne, wrinkles and all other sorts of aging goodness. (Budget Option: Versed Pressed Restart Gentle Retinol Serum)

100% Pure Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Ultra Riché PM Treatment

This product was also a game changer for me because my skin desperately needed the moisture. There’s a bit of retinol in there so I get a TINY dose on the nights that I don’t use my Drunk Elephant. I’ve tried other hydrating products like the Weleda Skin Food Light but there’s something about the fragrance in that one my skin doesn’t play well with. But really the key here is to find something that gives you the moisture punch you need. I had great success with the Noni Glow Balm from Kora Organics paired with an oil. It’s really just all about getting your skin hydrated so it stays calm. (Other budget options: Versed Skin Soaked Moisture Cream)

Alright babes! There you have it. All the things. All the products. I definitely plan to do more budget buys in the future so let me know in the comments below if there’s a particular product you’d love to see tested or have already tried. This routine has truly transformed my skin and I hope it will help you too! Until next time. Xoxo, Savvy

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