Vitamin C Serum - The Secret Ingredient To Insanely Glowy Skin

The Secret Ingredient To Insanely Glowy Skin

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Years ago, when I started my skincare journey, I don’t think I could have ever known how much of an impact today’s feature would be in my life. Like I can’t live without it and recommend it to EVERYONE. It’s that transformative. But now that I’ve crossed the 30 line, it’s also become even more important as a part of my anti-aging routine. So today we’re diving into all things Vitamin C serum. I’m going to tell you how I use it, how it works, WHY everyone needs it and where to buy my go to choices. Let’s dive in!


Vitamin C Serum - The Secret Ingredient To Insanely Glowy Skin

Vitamin C Serum (aka your new glowy skincare secret)

What Does Vitamin C Serum Do?

In food form, Vitamin C is responsible for helping with tissue repair which is something it also does when it comes to skin. It supports collagen production which starts deteriorating after the age of 30. It also helps strengthen capillary walls. In skincare, it’s traditionally known for its ability to brighten, reduce scarring, fade dark spots and add to your overall glow. And if you’re someone like me who deals with hormonal acne, it’s major in helping to even out & prevent scars when you’re trying to clear up your skin.

How Do I Use Vitamin C Serum?

I use Vitamin C Serum as a part of my hydration, prevention, and overall skincare routine. And because I freckle very easily, it’s really helped even out and fade any scarring on my face. My overall complexion looks smoother and brighter because of it. It’s also become the foundation of my anti-aging routine along with retinol.

When Do I Use It?

I use it in the morning after I’ve done my cleanser, toner & eye cream. Additionally, I always make sure to follow it up with a solid moisturizer and spf.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Vitamin C Serum?

Depending on your overall routine, this might vary. If you use it while also adding retinol into your routine, you’ll likely see changes in your skin sooner. However, I would say it takes a good 3-6 months to see an impact.
Vitamin C Serum - The Secret Ingredient To Insanely Glowy Skin
Vitamin C Serum - The Secret Ingredient To Insanely Glowy Skin

Can Vitamin C Fade Acne Scars And Dark Spots?

Yes, it can! Because it helps with collagen production, it can help to repair your skin. 

Do I Need Both Vitamin C Serum & Moisturizer?

Yes. Even the most minimal of skincare routines need moisturizer. And truthfully, if your skin is underhydrated, it can be hard to truly resolve other skin issues. So yes, always moisturize! 

Does Vitamin C Really Lighten Skin?


Can Vitamin C Serum Get Rid of Acne?

Acne can stem from a lot of things. Not using the right products, a poor diet & gut health, and stress, can all be linked to acne. However, Vitamin C serum on its own isn’t likely to be the cure. Nevertheless, it can help combat the issues acne leaves behind while you’re working to get your skin in check. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Vitamin C Serum?

If you’re super sensitive, there is always the potential that you’ll react negatively to the serum. But in general, Vitamin C serum is mild but effective.

Vitamin C Serum - The Secret Ingredient To Insanely Glowy Skin
Vitamin C Serum - The Secret Ingredient To Insanely Glowy Skin

What Are The Best Vitamin C Serums At Sephora?

Farmacy Very Cherry Bright – This one hits the mid-range price point. If you’re looking for a clean or more natural option, Farmacy makes some of my favorite products. And I’ve repurchased this one several times.

Drunk Elephant C Firma – A little bit pricer, DE has built quite an arsenal of skincare products. It’s been a while since I’ve used this one. But it’s great if you like all the other products from this brand.

Other Clean Vitamin C Serums?

Both One Love Organics and 100% Pure make serums I love. You can find them on The Detox Market. But I’d also suggest checking 100% Pure’s website as they tend to have great deals and bundles.

How Much Does Vitamin C Serum Cost?

The lowest price but highest rated one (from what the other skincare freaks share) is courtesy of the Inkey List and comes in around $15. And the price goes up from there.

Vitamin C Serums I Don’t Like

When it comes to skincare, it’s rare that I hate a product. It’s more so that I feel like something doesn’t work for me or it truly doesn’t because it’s not for my skin type.

Biossance is one of my fave brands but their Vitamin C serum is too oil-based for my preference. I have a bottle I’m currently working through and will add to my nighttime routine for the extra moisture.

How To Know If Your Vitamin C Serum Has Gone Off?

While it’s not as common now, for a time a lot of Vitamin C serums had an orange tint. Whether that was added in for the sake of marketing or was actually necessary, it did make it easier to tell when a product has gone off.

If you look on the back of any skincare product, there is a tiny square that looks like a container with a month written in it. This tells you how long your products are good for once you open them. Traditionally vitamin C serums are good for 3-6 months.

However, if you’ve noticed a change in the color of your product, most likely because it has oxidized, then it’s probably gone off. This is easier to spot with orange-based products as they tend to turn a rust color.

What To Look For In A Vitamin C Serum?

If you’re someone who is more oily or like me (living in humidity central), you’ll want to be mindful of the form of your vitamin C serum. I personally don’t like products that are heavily oil-based or on the lighter (often more affordable side) because they are too water-based. And in Florida, this means the moisture in the air mixes with my products and I can feel every single thing on my skin.

I’m also aware I am a living Goldilocks when it comes to everything. It has to be just right. So when shopping for your product, be mindful of when and how you’ll use it.

Will you be layering makeup over it? What kind of moisturizer will you use? Will you be outside all day? Do you have dry skin?

Taking note of your personal lifestyle choices will help make it easier for you to find a vitamin c serum that works and you love.

Anything Else About Vitamin C Serum?

If you’re new around anything WSS, you’ll quickly learn I’m obsessed with skincare. I’m also obsessed with aging like a Kardashian but we will be covering that in content over the next few months.

And vitamin c serum is an amazing thing to add to your routine no matter what you’re trying to treat or prevent. It’s the product we all need along with SPF. TBH I could rave about it for ages. It’s that good!

For now though, I’ll leave your with a few of my faves as well as recent look at my adventure to try a Hydrafacial.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any photos that were just straight shots of my acne to do a before & after today. But you’ll get a good look at my current glow as well as what my skin looks like without any products below.

If you want to stay up to date on all things WSS, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter. You’ll get reviews on all the best products, travel tips and bougie things to help you live your happiest and healthiest life. And if you want to catch it all in real time, come find me on instagram. Until next time friends. Xoxo, Savvy

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