My Green Beauty & Skincare Collection #whatsavvysaid #indielee #maylindstrom #kypris #tataharper #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #spela #coola #lilahb #rms #burtsbess #w3llpeople

My Green Beauty & Skincare Collection

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My Green Beauty & Skincare Collection #whatsavvysaid #indielee #maylindstrom #kypris #tataharper #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #spela #coola #lilahb #rms #burtsbess #w3llpeople

If you’ve been around the blog in the last few months, you’ve have heard me chatting about green beauty. I’m a girl in transition. From moisturizer to mascara, I’m slowly making my way towards a clean beauty routine. But it’s definitely a work in progress. And with the recent sales & coupons, I’ve been able to add a few more items to my collection. So today I thought I’d chat through what I’m using, loving and still looking to try. Let’s chat all about my green beauty collection.

One of my biggest fears in making the change over was having products I would love as much if not more than what I was currently using. I never wanted to feel deprived. And while I’m still rotating in a few things like eye shadows and liners, I’ve tried quite a few things that I’m loving.


The first place I’ve been working to make changes is with my skincare. And the easiest and largest change has been my body wash. I’ve tried a few so far but the current favorite is from Alaffia*. It lathers well and doesn’t strip my skin. Paired with my Alba shaving gel*, my shower routine has been quickly transformed.  


Of all the categories I’ve tried so far, I think I’ve tested the most toners. And by most I mean two. I’ve tried the Odacite mist* and enjoyed it. But my favorite so far is the Indie Lee CoQ-10 toner* I’m currently using. It’s affordable and works well with my skin. Plus, it’s great for helping keep up the moisture. I use it in the mornings with a cotton pad and I’ve been loving it.


One of the things I’ve consistently noticed about skincare products is how expensive moisturizers can get. Recently I’ve invested in a few and I’ve also found deals on some. But for the sake of simplicity, I also have a few items group into this green beauty category. Currently in my collection you’ll find May Lindstrom’s Youth Dew* & Blue Cocoon* and Tata Harper’s Illuminating Moisturizer*. I adore Youth Dew in a way I wish I didn’t. My travel budget takes a nice dent when I restock. But it’s been doing wonders for my skin and is worth all the hype. 

And because I was feeling extra lush when I went shopping a few months ago, I also splurged on Blue Cocoon. It’s been amazing at helping to balance and replenish my skin. The Tata Harper moisturizer is something I happened to get when I did a Cult Beauty box order last month. It gives an amazing glow to my skin but I’m unsure if I’ll be repurchasing. In all honestly, I would love to find more affordable skincare but while I have these I’ll relish every drop. 

My Green Beauty & Skincare Collection #whatsavvysaid #indielee #maylindstrom #kypris #tataharper #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #spela #coola #lilahb #rms #burtsbess #w3llpeople
My Green Beauty & Skincare Collection #whatsavvysaid #indielee #maylindstrom #kypris #tataharper #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #spela #coola #lilahb #rms #burtsbess #w3llpeople


One area I think I’ll always invest in is serum. A good serum can guide your skin in the right direction. And I’ve found it’s the uncompromising staple in my routine. But as far as green beauty goes, I’ve only tried one: Kypris’ Clearing Serum*. It’s a bit thicker in texture and doesn’t necessarily need to be used all over. But if you’re struggling with acne, I’ve found that it helps with calming my skin. And because I tend to use it more as needed, one bottle has lasted several months. 


A random pairing but my collection is a bit more streamlined here. Ever since I ran out of my Belif Eye Cream*, I’ve been working my way through Indie Lee’s Eye Balm*. But if I’m honest, it’s not my favorite. It’s great for adding a light layer of moisture but it’s very much a balm. I’d compare it as something similar to a lip balm. If you’re looking for a thicker, hydrating eye cream, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Mask wise, I’m currently working through two clay masks: May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver* & a pot of the Aztec Indian Healing Clay*. My skin is still finding a happy medium with the Problem Solver mask. And it requires a bit of time to use it (30-45 minutes). But it’s great for doing wonders for my overall complexion and tone. I just wish it worked a bit better with the occasional cystic acne. However, I love using the Aztec clay for spot treatments. It’s affordable and can be used in a few different ways. So far I’ve only tried it as a mask but it’s a great budget buy!

My Green Beauty & Skincare Collection #whatsavvysaid #indielee #maylindstrom #kypris #tataharper #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #spela #coola #lilahb #rms #burtsbess #w3llpeople


With a few recent sales under my belt, the make up transition to green beauty is getting easier. I’m finding more and more products I love and want to use. And while I can’t quite do a full face of make up yet, I’m getting pretty close. 


Of the products I’ve tried so far, there’s only two I love enough to recommend. The RMS Uncover Up* is one of my favorite concealers currently. It’s a lighter coverage but it wears well and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I like to pair it with Lilah B.’s Flawless Finish Foundation powder*. It’s a finely milled compact that works well at keeping everything in place. Despite being a foundation powder, I’ve been using it strictly for setting my make up. But it’s well loved enough to land in my make up bag for travel.


Mascara is and will always be one of my staple make up items. So when it comes to finding ones I love and want to share, I’m extra picky. Thus far I’ve tried two and I’m only really in love with one of them. Pacifica’s Dream Big Mascara* is one of the first green beauty items I tried and it’s one of my faves. The wand changes sizes to maximize on volume & length. It’s priced between a drugstore and high end mascara and is one of the best mascaras. If you’re looking to pick one item to start with, I’d highly recommend trying this one.

However, I’m still struggling to find my same love for my W3LL People mascara*. I’ve shown it love before but I’m not feeling the same in the last few weeks. I’ve compared it side by side with my other lengthening ones and it just doesn’t wear like I’d really want from a mascara. Nevertheless, I’m going to keep working with it. It just happens to be an item in my collection that doesn’t wow me currently.


Over the past two months, my love of bronzer has grown. There’s just something about a sun-kissed look I’m loving. And along with it, I’ve been revamping my collection. The current contour include RMS’s Living Luminizer*, W3LL People’s Stick Bronzer* & Lilah B.’s Bronzed Beauty Bronzer*

Living luminizer is great for a subtle highlight on the cheeks. It might be too cool in color for some but they also have a warmer toned option. I love this for both no-make up and full make up days. I’m also obsessed with my cream bronzer from W3ll People for contouring. If I want a subtle bronze, it’s perfect and blends in really well. But if I want a bit more, I’ll add on the Lilah B. bronzer and embraced my inner sun-kissed goddess.


And last but certainly not least, we all know I love a good red lip. So when I started looking into cleaner beauty, I knew I would want something that would hold up to my normal standards. More often than not, I’ll reach for a matte liquid lip. It’s great for all day and it means I don’t have to remember to touch it up all the time. 

I discovered Spela* a few months back and never got around to ordering it. But I finally caved recently picking up two shades. One is a bit more orange and the other red. They wear well, have amazing pigment and look great on. If you’re concerned about a good all day lip, I’d highly recommend giving them a go.

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