A Recap Of My October Favorites

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Every time I look at the calendar I’m surprised at the date. How is it almost November already? And how is it even possible that it’s time for my October favorites? One day I’ll stop asking these questions but until then I’ll remain in awe of how quickly time seems to pass.

It’s been a bit of transitional month for me. My skincare is moving towards a more hydrating products. I’m opting for more baths and have been using tons of bath bombs. And I’ve been drinking loads of tea. So this month’s favorites is filled with things that reflect the colder weather shift. And I can’t wait to share them all!

A Recap of My October Favorites #saveeandsavory #octoberfavorites #beauty #wellness #eyecare


This is necessarily a new favorite. I go in and out of doing yoga. But this month I invested in an apple watch and re-downloaded the Sweat app. In the last few months, they’ve added in 3 other program options: stronger, postpartum and yoga. I started on the stronger path and then dabbled back in the original plan. But the other day I decided to try out the yoga plan and I love it. I’ve been using my Yoga Studio app for several years. And while I really like it, I’ve enjoyed having a progressive plan. I can always feel how it’s changing my body. Plus I can always use the reminder to get quite for a few minutes every day.

Apple Watch*

I mentioned in a vlog recently that I’d purchased an apple watch but didn’t go into too much detail. To be honest, I’ve not really be interested in them until the last few months. It always seem like just one more way to be connected and a bit too much. And I had a polar watch I felt like I wasn’t using enough to justify it. But after the very flash apple presentation this year and asking a few friends about theirs, I decided to take the plunge.

I’m planning to do a break down on choosing the best fitness watch for you. But for now, I’ll tell you why I love it. Firstly, it’s helping me be more active. I have several of my close friends added in the activity app and their activity motivates me to do better. It’s also helping me to be healthier over all. I’m using it to track my water in take and I love the friendly reminders. I’m also loving it with my Sweat app or for my morning walks.

A Recap of My October Favorites #saveeandsavory #octoberfavorites #beauty #wellness #applewatch

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

One of my favorite things about my birchbox subscription is that I typically get things I really want to try. For October’s box, I was able to select this oil to test out and it’s amazing. I’ve been using it as a finishing touch to give my hair smooth ends. It’s perfect for giving me the right kind of gloss after I’ve added in all the volume I want in my hair. I’ll definitely be investing in the bigger bottle soon.


Taking a morning walk is something I strive to do daily. And some times it’s not exactly a morning walk but the act of just getting away from my desk for a bit is helpful when you work from home. But one of my favorite things about my walk is listening to a podcast. They are such a great way to invest in yourself. If you’re looking for a new one, I’ve been enjoying The Skinny Confidential, Full Coverage and Being Boss.

Tropeaka Coconut Water Powder

I’m so glad I found this powder. I did a full review on the Tropeaka products I’ve tried so far that you can find here. But the coconut water powder is one my absolute favorites. It’s great to add sweetness into your smoothie or for a post workout electrolyte boost. I love using it in my smoothie bowls for that added extra bit.A Recap of My October Favorites #saveeandsavory #octoberfavorites #beauty #wellness #coffee

Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee

The chillier it gets the more I’m enjoying my morning tea or coffee. Mom and I went to our local farmers market last weekend and found a vendor with an incredible section of coffee flavors. We opted to get the vanilla hazelnut coffee. It’s been the only one we’ve been drinking since we got it. Plus, it pairs perfectly with my new creamer obsession that you’ll learn more about this week.

Eyebright Eye Make Up Remover & Treatment Oil*

One of my bigger skin struggle recently has been an incredibly dehydrated under eye area. The outer corners of my eyes were really irritated. It even got to the point where my actually eyes felt like they needed moisture. When I ended up staying in town this month, I decided to treat myself to facial to hopefully combat my eye issues. My wonderful esthetician suggested this product. It’s an oil based eye remover than can be used to take off make up or as a treatment. I’ve been using it nightly and along with my next favorite it’s done wonders.

Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb*

Also a very recent addition but a much needed one is this eye cream from Belif. During our shopping adventures last week, mom and I ventured into Sephora and I went on the hunt for a better eye cream. The lady we worked with guided me towards a few more affordable options and suggested this one. It’s meant to hydrate and deal with fine lines. I’ve been using it morning and night. And my previously dehydrated skins seem to be soaking it in and responding well. I will say I wish this was a pump instead of a pot but I have a little scooper and that seems to work just fine.

A Recap of My October Favorites #saveeandsavory #octoberfavorites #beauty #wellness #ouai #belif

Huda Lip Contour Kit*

I’ve had Huda Beauty lip products on my list to try for a while now. So many people rave about how amazing they are that I knew I needed to give them a chance. I love a good liquid lip. It’s my go to because I’m terrible at touching up my make up throughout the day. I wasn’t so sure at first about this product because I’ve been using Kylie Cosmetics for the last year. Huda’s products are thinner and can be a bit messier to apply. I make sure that I do the finger trick to clean up the lipstick from getting on my teeth because it will spread before it dries. But it lasts for hours and wears really well. I’ve eaten oil meals, taken a nap, had loads to drink and the color is still there. If you’re looking for a wearable lip that isn’t drying but will stay in place, I’d highly recommend it.

The Plant Paradox*

I feel like I’ve been talking about this book constantly this month. And if you’ve seen any of the videos where I’ve mentioned it, you’ll know I’ve been working to finish it so I could start adding it into my diet. I plan to do a full review in a month or two detailing how the program has worked for me. But the idea behind the book is that plants aren’t as helpless as we would believe them to be. They have ways of preventing predators from eating them. And a build up of the toxins they carry, lectins, can cause even bigger issues within the body. Dr. Gundry breaks down a way to eat plants and other foods and heal your body. It’s actually quite fascinating.


And there you have a very condensed version of my October favorites. There are a few that you’ll be seeing full reviews on soon. And if you haven’t gather by my instagram at this point, I’m loving everything pumpkin this month. I’ve rounded those items up here as well. I hope you’ve had a wonderful month friends. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’ve been loving.




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